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Discussion in '1993 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe ZR1' started by BMW Freak, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Best Corvette ever made is it?
  2. Yuppers, she is. Even though the 2002 Corvette Z06 improves upon it in every performance aspect, this car has just achieved too much to be placed 2nd. In it's day the 911 and Viper didnt have a thing on this car, and the NSX was just a very bad joke. I especially like that power key idea. I cant imagine why it hasnt been ressurected.
  3. IMO-yes, the ZR-1 is the best Vette ever. The Z06 may be faster or handle better (even thats really a matter of individual cars and conditions), but it lacks the presence of the ZR-1. I've been the passenger in a ZR-1, and not much can compare to the feeling of hearing that 32V small block wind out to redline. Those wide fenders and huge 315 rear tires (1" wider than the Z06), combined with the svelte C4 body, and the rumble of the LT-5 engine-oh my what an incredible vehicle, indeed.
  4. The ZR-1 is a great car. I don't know about best ever . . . what about the L88's or the ZL1? Don't get me wrong, I would take any of them and I think after a Z06 I would take the ZR-1, but hell, I would really want both.
  5. Hell, I'd want all four that you just least.
  6. Yeah I would want all four two . . . good luck on either of us getting all four. I think one sweet Corvette would be the Z06 with the LT-5 in it, and still weigh in at the same weight of the Z06.
  7. The best Corvette of all time is... the 1963 Grand Sport. They're legends with the speed, quicks, and handling that killed many opponents at Daytona. That is the greatest Corvette of all time, no doubt about it!
  8. mmm C4

    The Corvette ZR-1 is probably the best Corvette ever made, despite its porkish curb weight. I wish someone had told me that GM made the LT-5; you can't mess with that engine. This car is a true gem. I see Z06's flying everywhere, and the people who own them treat them like shit (God i need to go pound some old guy into the ground for putting dirt on the *****). Not a lot of people own this car. I wish I had one. This is probably the pinnacle of DOHC performance for GM. So I'm an overhead cam freak, but GM still does a good job at making OHV engines. Oh yeah and the car handles like a dream, or so I've been told. I love this car. You can't mess with the ZR-1...
  9. I'd say the '68 L88 Corvette is the best in the world.

    The ultimate corvette that was never meant to be. This option on the 1968 corvette was an almost secret offering. Chevrolet actively discouraged L88 orders from dealerships and the public. Just what was all the fuss about? The L88 was capable of 170MPH sported more than 550HP! This car was devleoped for the track - never intended for the road.

    Of more than 28 000 corvettes sold in 1988, only 115 received the race & road ready L88 package. The upgrade to the aluminum-head engine cost $1032 dollars. Little did people realize that this would be the one of the most powerfull road-legal corvettes ever sold. This was mainly due to false power figures offered from Chevrolet. For insurance and other reasons, Chevrolet rated the L88 at 430hp, the same as the L71 engine. At the time this must have seemed unusual as the L88 option was twice the price of the L71. Dealerships and the press listed the car as 430HP in keeping with Chevrolet's release information. Had anyone accually stuck the L88 on the dyno they would have been in for a surprise. Estimates calculate the actual output of the engine to be anywhere from 550 to 600 HP!

    The one thousand dollar L88 option included the engine and bubble top hood. Amenities like power windows, power steering and radios couldn't be included. L88 engine featured an aluminum intake and heads with a 850 CFM dual feed Holley carborator. In addition, the upgrade was only sold with an aluminum radiator, heavy duty brakes and the Muncie M-22 transmission.

    Going 170 MPH in the Late '60s? WOW.
  10. i know there is under 500 L88's out there but how do i get my hands on one?
  11. and don't get to down about the ZR1 not being around anymore...chevy is saying during the C6 era it might be revived....i wonder is their still gonna use the Z06 package for the C6's???
  12. sorry correction only 250 were made 500 were ordered the rest were cancelled
  13. The LS6 is more efficient and cheap than the LT-5.

  14. Yes it's the best vette ever, much better than the others really
  15. Absolutly the best Vette. It was my dream car the day I saw it. And now I finally own one. If you are a Vette fan I highly recommend looking into one. Very hard to find in good shape. I paid alot of money for mine but it was well worth it.
  16. This car was way ahead of its time. I would switch to a business major to own one of these. give me one in Spectra Blue Mica please.

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