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Discussion in '2001 Ferrari 360 Spider' started by M360, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Man, I beleive this guy. Thats a wicked Ferrari, and if he wants pink rims on them, I don't give a crap because its his 150 000 G's. Be happy for him, don't be a bastard.<!-- Signature -->
  2. yea, listen to this guy, like i said, if u dunt believe it, then dont, its not like a care, as long as i can drive the car, im happy. Is the f-1 faster then 6 spd, cause i have f1, and i dont know which one is faster?????????
  3. Here are soem of the cars i have, the clk gtr isnt mine, one of my firends took a picture of it in san francisco.
  4. ok, heres one for you, discribe the layout of the centre console between the seats. there are a few buttons there, tell me what the function of each one is moving from the back to the front. finally, in the display behind the wheel what is the guage in the bottom right hand corner.

    prove your self<!-- Signature -->
  5. first of all, i have a life, i dont go aroudn asking people if they really have good cars, anyways, liek i said i dont give a shit if u dont believe me. i will say it anyways, and if u ask one more stupid question, i will gladly ignore it.

    You have the paddle shift and the auto, in the front, behind it, your can adjust your side mirrors, left or right, and then u have your hazard light on the side, and u have your convertible button, and on the side of your speedometer, there is a meter that tells you how mcuh gas it is.

    Please if u dont believe me, then dont, cause i could careless
  6. nah i believe you man, i was just trying to prove it (cos i dont believe every dickhead that posts i have 3 mclarens and a castle .....)
    <!-- Signature -->
  7. hmmm, like i said though, im not trying to prove anything, just trying to keep my word, not lie liek other low lifes! haha, ok
  8. That is a great car and it is pretty #$%@in' sweet if you really have one, but like the others posted, anyone can lie and post a picture.<!-- Signature -->
  9. if you look at the top of the page, the pics, im pretty sure u wont think im lying, but liek i said to everybody, if u dont believe me, then dont, but some of these people believe, so i mean, you can say i dont have it, and i wont really care......
  10. Ferrariking, you claim to have some Ferrari's as well don't you? Where are you from because I know where the pictures of "your" cars are from.<!-- Signature -->
  11. hey X360MoDeNaX, if you can afford a ferrari, cant you atleast buy a nice camera, some of those pics a pretty sucky.
  12. Hey you guys !
    Can you describe the interior of the 360 from this pictures ?
    I don't say he is not the owner of that car but what he said is not enough to make me belive him.It would have been so simple to make some more photos.<!-- Signature -->
  13. hmm nice transmission, reciever, dashboard, and key. i bet your dumbass doesnt even know how to star the new ferraris, u take the key you put it in, u hold the button for 3 seconds, and then u start the engine, hmm i dont have a ferrari.
  14. sorry, cameras dont really matter to me
  15. hey godfather, u can seriously kiss my ass, cause i dont give a #$%# if you dont believe me or not ok, i have a life, you should go get one
  16. where did you get the money for a ferrari anyway?
  17. i am a manager in a Architecture business in newport beach, and i am also a land owner
  18. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from X360MoDeNaX</i>
    <b>i am a manager in a Architecture business in newport beach, and i am also a land owner</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Well for a "manager in a Architecture business in newport beach" you have some serious spelling issues in some of your previous posts.

    Anyway I won't deny the possibility that this could infact be your fathers car, but there is no way in hell this is your car.
    Anyone who "doesn't care what anyone thinks" wouldn't have wasted 20 posts trying to prove to a bunch of unknown people on the internet that you infact own this car.
    Sorry but you don't meet the profile of a person with enough intellengence to earn the money required to purchase this vechicle.

    I don't believe you, I never will so stop posting your bs on these forums. Your making the few select indiviuals who actually own one of these exotic supercars look bad.
  19. ok whatever, you dont know shit ok, you could talk all you want, but i still wont give a shit what you think. dotn be jealous cause u #$%#ing drive a camry or sumshit, i could careless what u think, cause i know your like a 14 year old kid, and you dont know shit!
  20. ok, i type really fast, and i dont give a shit if i mispell words, it doesnt really matter. Im not like you, i dont give a shit about these useless things!!!
  21. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from X360MoDeNaX</i>
    <b>ok whatever, you dont know shit ok, you could talk all you want, but i still wont give a shit what you think. dotn be jealous cause u #$%#ing drive a camry or sumshit, i could careless what u think, cause i know your like a 14 year old kid, and you dont know shit!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Oh sorry, it appears you've suddenly proved your superior intellect, with your fabulous post. My bad, your obviously a well educated and hard working gentlemen with a taste for fine cars.
    Please disregard my last post.
    Full apologies.
  22. sup X360MoDeNaX,

    you have a sick car, i saw the first pic posted with your new rims on the axis site earlier today, i think you shoulda gone with the 19s like the yellow axis modena, but the 18s still look sick.
  23. faster in acceleration or top speed?
  24. I think the 0-60 is 4.5, top speed is like 185 or something like that. I have never pulled the car over 130, It is only at 950 miles, i dont think ill be driving it that much, because i might sell it.

    The Ferrari in the front page isnt mine, its my friends, i said i have that car, but not the one in the picture, u can tell it has that ferrari emblem on the side, and mine doesnt. I have maranello rims on mine, i think ill stick with those for now. I am looking forward to putting the regular 360 rims back on, i think it fits the 360 better, but i will get chrome
  25. Sorry, theres no way in hell I believe you. Purple was right, with the amount of knowledge you have (close to none), I highly, highly doubt you drive a Ferrari. I highly doubt you even have a license.

    For someone trying to prove they have a Ferrari, you sure disregarded the challenge of taking a picture with you in it. If you did have a Ferrari, I don't think you would go to the Ferrari forum and announcing to everyone you have one, with virtually no proof, except a few pictures of the car in a driveway.

    You can swear at me all you want. It just shows your intellect. Go ahead, I could care less. The fact remains, your just another kid trying to prove to people you have a car that you don't.<!-- Signature -->

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