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Discussion in '2001 Ferrari 360 Spider' started by M360, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I dont get it ferrariking, you say you believe me and then you dont, what is this??? If you dont think i have the car, then let it be, just shut up and forget about this chatroom, you just wasting yours and my time, bye!<!-- Signature -->
  2. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from X360MoDeNaX</i>
    <b>I dont get it ferrariking, you say you believe me and then you dont, what is this??? If you dont think i have the car, then let it be, just shut up and forget about this chatroom, you just wasting yours and my time, bye!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    dude why dont you answer my question, here it is

    why havnt you replied to my email i sent to you, at that site you gave me,

    let me guess you didnt get it, would you like me to send another one. if you dont answer this question, then its proof ya jus avoiding me.<!-- Signature -->

  3. x360Modenax, why don't you just take a piece of paper write on it and tape it your steering wheel, take a picture of it, post it here and be done with it. Okay.

    But then again you can't possible do that, becuase you obviously don't own the car.

    So either give proof, or shut up and let this stupid thread end.
  4. Exacly what i said, ok ill put an end to this if you like, ok i dont have the car, forget it, yea and im not an architect, Just stop wasting your time.<!-- Signature -->
  5. yah finally, although you said that sarcastically to sound like your just getting us off ya backs, but i'm still wondering where that email went............<!-- Signature -->
  6. I dont Run the site, I have no idea who runs the site, The reason I gave you the site, is because you asked for it. If I was WebMaster of the site, obviously I would respond to you
  7. Altough You guys say I have no knowledge of being an architect or something else in that class, I can prove to you I have the new sl500, if you want me to prove to you that I have the car, tell me what you want me to put in front of the car, no adobe photoshops or anything, i wont trick you guys, i will put whatever product you want me to put, only if i have it.
  8. ok here ya go

    a bottle (squeeze bottle) of tomato sauce (ketchup) and some fruit (any)
    oh and a can of coke on the dash inside

    and could you please make the a bit better quality that those shit pics you posted before which you could only just make it out to be a car.
  9. ill post the digi pics tomorrow
  10. ey the dash board is slanted, so ill put a pic of the bottle on the cup holder
  11. whatever dude, aslong as its all there and we can see its the actual car, its all good, when do you think they will be ready? are the digital pics or film? just wondering. oh BTW if it isnt any trouble could you get a pic of the engine, i havt seen one yet <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  12. haha sure i have to make the pics smaller then imma go take them now.
  13. each one of the pictures are 2400 the biggest pictures i tried to submit them, why wont they accept????
  14. WOW it works, ill do it one by one then, HAAHHA!!!
  15. This is the launch LTD. Designo Edition for the sl500. HEre are your pictures, I included some extras. The Ferrari pics were taken in the same house, but anyways enjoy these pictures!!!
  16. Remember, the v8 engines for mercedes are all the same, This one is just faster then them becuase its lighter, but this car also has the roadster sound once you put your foot down on the pedal.

  17. I've got a few questions for you, here goes:

    1. Why doesn't the vehicle have a license plate? Isn't it illegal to drive with out one.

    2. Why did it take you 3 days to post the pictures? I can take pictures with my digitally camera, hook it up to my computer and have them posted within minutes.

    3. Why haven't you bothered to photograph your Ferrari 360 spider in the same way as the SL500? that would be more impressive you know. Especially if it had a license plate.

    4. What is the Vehicle next to the Mercedes?

    Having a friend or relative owning one of these vehicles is very likely, I my self have a near by neighbor who has a black one and who I bet isn't on the internet right now trying desperately to prove to bunch of unknown people that he in fact owns it.

    Once again I wont deny the fact that this could be in fact your parents/relatives/friends car, but this sure as hell isn't your car.
  18. 1.It is legal to drive witout a license plate, only if you havent got it. This car is still brand new, and I havent gotten the license plate yet.
    2.I was Busy
    3.I sold the ferrari from a dealer, dont believe me if you dont have to
    4.The car next to the sl500 is a TRD edition toyota altezza, also known as the lexus is300.

    I will keep you updated on any cars i get soon. Im trying to put an order in for a 575m but those are impossible to order right now, but i crossed by beverly hills ferrari, and they had a brand new red 550 barchetta, but offering 400 grand.
  19. Ok it isnt my car, its your opinion, I personally dont care if you don't believe me.
  20. OH yea, and purple blue green, what do you drive??? thanks you
  21. And honestly, I dont know how stupid you are, but why would i go to my neighbors house or anyones house to put tmes on their car and take a picture. that is stupid, and so are you.
  22. It seems FerrariKing is satisfied, and you still wont be quiet, because I dont know what your trying to prove, but your honextly wasting your time arguing with me.

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