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Discussion in '2001 Ferrari 360 Spider' started by M360, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. well, theres the fact that it could be ya parents car but i'm not going to get into that..
  2. I just wanted to post the pictures for you, if you think their my parents cars, then thats fine. I just wanted to show you the pictures.
  3. thats cool, why did u sell the modena, or were u just renting it/test driving it cos it still had the anaheim ferrari plates on it.

    oh and you change cars like their going out of fashion, what happened to the ml55?
  4. the spider was 189 w/o tax, with the loaded interior and special filtering for the ferrari, and tax, it came out to 217,000. A person in beverly hills car dealer offered 250,000 so I accepted, the car was already at 560 miles, and they usually sell for 240,000 around 400-1000 miles, so it was a pretty good deal, so we made a deal and I sold it to him. Im staying with the sl, but i was looking at the lotus 25th anniversary edition, and it has pretty good specs for a 76,000 car. I was also looking at the 575m, but orders are impossible. The 456m is also nice, but its speed isnt to special, but it has a very nice interior, they made it better then any other ferrari. If they will take orders for the 575m, I would wait. The lotus you dont have to order, but people buy them very fast. The lamborghini L140, I suppose thats what its called, its a v10 and its very fast, but your looking at 2005. I will keep you updated on any cars I get, well thanks for your time ferrariking. I was wondering what car you drive, someone in a forum said you drive a ferrari, i was wondering which one??? Thanks again
  5. coolzer, cant wait for the updates, well i actually drive a bmw 318is with m3 addons, but no ferrari, that was actually my little brother who got on here and unknown to me started saying i own a ferrari or i know what u mean but no. i will be looking at getting one in the future however...but my bank balance isnt what i would like it to be, i think i will be buying a 308 gtsi and probably working the engine. thats all i need for now and that will probably be in the next few years <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> cant wait, i saw one the otherday for 45,000 AUS and my car i could sell for about 40,000 but then theres the running costs, so i might buy another cheap car to go with it.
  6. what a 308 gtsi???
  7. like this, i cant believe you dont know ya ferraris, its kindof a pre requisit to buying one
  8. i know what that is its like an 87 or something like that. you liek the lamborghini countach 25th anniversary???
  9. well sure its a nice car but i wouldnt buy one, its not my style, i dont really like the excesive vents, it looks tacky, but if i was offered one i wouldnt nock it back, i'd like to see the pics of the one you had, if you would like to chat, my AIM, MSN, ICQ and yahoo are on my profile
  10. You don't drive shit. You are a damn 10 yr old kid with nothing else better to do than to post on a website claiming you have cars you don't. There is a chance your parents have that car (doubt it), but theres no way in hell you own it. Don't even try to act like you to, its truly sad. You say you are 33 yrs old, no damn 33 yr old talks the way you do. You have horrible grammar. Grow up.

  11. very nice car, nice color, etc. one thing, iz it yours? i think someone said u were in Anaheim. all you probably did was dial up 310 Motorcars and rent this, and when you took tha picture u put your tags on top of 310's. You fake ass
  12. haha, yea I rented the car, seriously just drop all of this, because I personally dont care what you think, Even if you think you I dont have anything. You wrong, because I will be richer then you'll ever be, you sorry ass.
  13. i think that the 360 spyder is a great car, and if you truley have one then your a lucky guy, and to the rest of you, shut up and stop sayin something stupid like "show me a pictured of it" or something becuase your just jelous

    Ferrari is the best
  14. I believe you about your cars, and I dream to own some like that one day. What kind of job do you have to afford those cars?
  15. Thanks, unfortunetely, I listed that I have put the ferrari up for sell in beverly hills. It has been sold for, About 240,000, but I still have sl500, and I was thinkingabout the sl55. The sl55 said it has a limit of 157mph, but when me and my friends went to exoticar international, it had 200mph on the dashboard.
  16. Hey, I didn't say I didn't believe you. I just want to know if it really belongs to you.
  17. Hey, just for the hell of it, if you want to shut up the morons who think you're lying, what you ought to do is show a picture of yourself in that 360 spider of yours with a picture of your driver's license next to it (with all of the text and other personal info spot-shadowed over, of course). This site has more than 30,000 members on it, and there are many exotics around (although they are rare, don't get me wrong). You would have to be legally retarded to think that people don't actually own these cars, and even more so that there are a few that are owned by people on this site.
  18. Ok, like I said a week ago, I have transfered the 360 spider f1 to Beverly Motors, and they have sold it for me. The only car I have is the sl500, and I am lookin forward to many other cars. Although, when I get those cars, or the car, I will post pictures, or whatever you desire
  19. Quote

    ok whatever, you dont know shit ok, you could talk all you want, but i still wont give a shit what you think. dotn be jealous cause u #$%#ing drive a camry or sumshit, i could careless what u think, cause i know your like a 14 year old kid, and you dont know shit!

    2003 SL500's my ride
    Ferrari 360's my life

  20. this is has got to be... like goddamn... the most utterly, most horrendously pointless thread i have ever seen in my 2 years in this forum.
  21. U r A LOSER

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