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Discussion in '2001 Ferrari 360 Spider' started by M360, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Damn, i wanna see those pics
  2. To mr X360%&%^*%X

    First off all, i dont give a XXXXXXXXX if you have a ferrari or whatever. Why youre so arrogant, there are many ppls who work hard and deserve a ferrari. So youre not special at all!
    Youve had a ferrari and drive only 500 to 1000 miles with, damn what crazy you are. True ferrari lovers drive them and not stare at them,what a pity!

    But whatever, i dont care what you do or.... , i can buy a ferrari also, but its a stupid investment, and i recommend ppl when buying such cars to consider wisely! I spent huge amounts of money on cars like mercs and bmw. And after all they were toys man! If you are a architecture man. pres, or what the hell!. You should have knowladge
    about the economics, and the economic is poor,
    I bet (if its true what you tell) you get BROKE and bankrupt in very short of time, with such a character!!!

    Oh yes BTW(i have more money than YOU and im 25)
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    To x360modenaX

    By the way, YOUVE PAID 210.000 dollars for that car!!!!!!
    DAMN man youve been #$%#ed, hehe!
    i can buy a low milage f360 spider for around 135.000 euros.:p
    Tax-free around 110.000 euros,which is around with the valutas today euro/dollar 1.00/1.045 aprrox: 115.000 dollar. And these are ASKING prices, so real prices are lower. So YOU are a bad CEO! hehe,because a real manager has knowlagde about prices and you dont,but if you like
    i can sell you a'" cheap" 360 spider. for around 135.000 us dollars, exclude your vat and lux taxes and shit whar i un know.
    HEHE NOT!! i better spare my time.

    By the way check this site, ONE of the MOST EXCLUSIVE CAR DEALERS IN EUROPE(VERY MUCH BEAUTIFULL PICCS)damn, itz amazing, you never seen such thing

    greetz folks
  4. .....if you didn't give a shit about what other people think then you wouldn't even reply to them. Dumbass. Ferrari owners do NOT say stupid things like you do. Believe me, you must have style and class to drive a Ferrari. It is obvious that you lack both.
  5. By the way, ACTUAL Ferrari owners DO NOT boast about their cars. Ferraris are normally kept secretive to prevent even the most remote possibility of anyone trying to steal them. You seem to want the whole world to know. Dumbass.
  6. how the hell do i see all those "pictures" he put up? i have no clue how to see them

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