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    I'm in the market for a faster car, been driving a BMW 328Ci for the past almost 2 and half years....trying to choose between these 6 cars.
    1) Mazda RX7 (1993) touring edition OR the Spec R
    2) Mazda 3000GT (1996)
    3) Honda S2000 (2001)
    4) Porche Boxster (base: 02)
    5) Acura NSX-T (1993)
    6) Corvette - Z06

    Been reading alot into the older classics alot, and into the Rotary. Seems like the rotary motor has to be replace every 100K clicks? I found with everything replaced but lacking a turbo timer. Everyone's had major length of repair history, but yet they love the car. Any one up for an advice which is the most logical choice consider speed, torque, reliability, looks?

    Any advise would be much appreciated, since i need to place the order for the porche if i go for that. I'm sick of bmw's, so any one from the list i prepared
  2. although I am one of the biggest Rotary addicts you'll ever find, I'd have to say buy a NSX. Those cars are extremely nice.
    And try to get I think its 94 and above. They have a bigger engine etc etc etc blah blah blah.
    But anyways NSX's get my vote if you have the money<!-- Signature -->
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    eww www.... nooooo, don't get an NSX, they're insanely overpriced. I love my RX-7, it's a good choice, very cheap, and very nice. But I think that the Z06 is the best car for the money. But hey, i'm cheap, if you have the money to buy a Boxster, Knock yourself out! <!-- Signature -->
  4. Rotary,Rotary,Rotary,Rotary !!!
    No, I Just Love The Sound Of That But u See If I was u I would tryly go for the nsx - Or any car that comes from the japs.

    Go with your heart take the nsx.
  5. For me it would be a toss up between the zo6 and rx-7. nsx is too much and the rx7 can out handle it, boxster is nice but i'm not too sure what the availiblity for aftermarket parts are like.3000 gt is just too heavy.the s2000, well, its a honda, i'll just leave it at that. Now i dont see anything wrong with the z06. If it wasn't for its lack of torque though, i would most definately go with the rx7.<!-- Signature -->

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