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  1. Mate i'd love to but i dont live in america
  2. I think the clk gtr is better
  3. sweet ride!<!-- Signature -->
  4. CLK GTR or F50

    If you had the choice and money, which would you choose, this car or the Ferrari F50. Remember, both these cars are made entirely out of carbonfibre composite.


    Ferrari F50-

    PRICE: 480,000
    BHP: 520
    TOP SPEED: 202 MPH
    0-60: 3.7 s
    0-100: 8.0 s
    QM: 12.1 s

    CLK GTR-

    PRICE: 1,547,000
    BHP: 612
    TOP SPEED: 191 MPH
    0-60: 3.4 s
    0-100: 5.7 s
    QM: 9.4 s

    These two cars, based on these specs are quite close but not entirely of course. It's obvious that the CLK GTR has much better gears at the beginning allowing for faster acceleration and a faster quarter mile than the F50. However, the F50 is dominant in top speed topping 202, 11 MPH faster than the CLK GTR telling us it has better final gears. The CLK GTR also beats it out in HP but where the F50 dominates over the CLK GTR is clearly the price, being more than 1,000,000 dollars cheaper than its' competitor. Both companies are known for quality in their cars so it is not forgotten here in these two cars. The call is yours as to which is better overall. Me personally, i would choose to buy the F50, tune it up a bit to beat out the CLK GTR and still have enough money left over to buy a nice house.
  5. if i'm paying.. the F50.. if it's free (<IMG SRC=""> ) the CLK-GTR...<!-- Signature -->
  6. If I had the choice to get either one for free or to buy it I would get the F50. It has higher top speed, debonair looks, and all the heritage of Ferrari. <IMG SRC="">
  7. wait, the CLK GTR isnt street legal is it? well if it was i would pick that, but id rather have 3 F50's than one of these<!-- Signature -->
  8. I believe it is street legal actually. There's one for sale on this site i believe. I've seen a video of it being driven in Germany.
  9. It is indeed street legal, have fun trying to get one though, daimlerchrysler seized the last couple left
  10. i'm not trying to brag here however i do have enough money to buy one of these but i choose not to. i already own a 550maranelo, 360modena and an aston martin db7. the reason why i dont plan on buying one of these is the practibility of it, all the cars i own are practible to the roads, whilst not the best fuel savers they can be driven around (over speed humps). i do however plan on buying a f50 and hopefully tinker with the engine, maybe even get koenig to convert it to a 2x turbo like the one on this site, much cheaper than this car, also its semi practible. (2 seats)
  11. u are a rich guy...and buying a Ferrari is never practical... what more compared to this $1.5 million baby<!-- Signature -->
  12. Hey FerrariKing, your story seems untruthful. Do you have any ways of backing what you said up? Do you have pics of these cars with you standing by them, holding up a sign with your name and printed on as well? Because chances are, you don't.
  13. Well i do have a picture to back up my story it is of my 550, and no i'm not in the pics because well 'I TOOK THEM', the aston martin you can see in the background of the 2nd pic up against my house. the 35 is not mine its a friends from a ferrari club. i do have one picture but it is an inconclusive picture and is too small, you'll just have to take my word for it. you know when someone does say they have a ferrari the just might have one i know its not always the case like "sultan" who claims hes the sultan of brunai with all the cars in the world.

  14. well i'm definately a ferrari guy without the cash but if i had it i would buy the ferrari! no questions asked! 550wolves got the stats wrong though, the F50's 0-100 is 6.0 seconds (the fastest u can get on an untweeked stocker under $1,000,000) also look at the pinerferinna styling, it is beutiful! and everyone knows that to any1 other than us motorheads mercedes means i'm rich, ferrari means i'm rich and fast! case closed<!-- Signature -->
  15. 0-100 is 6 seconds flat? Where did you get that from?


    Those pictures could be believable but for all i know, you could have taken them from another guy's house. This might be a rich guy who you've taken the pictures from for all i know. It could be true though, don't get me wrong.

    If you can, get a picture of them with you holding up a huge sign saying 550WOLVES on it, printed or in another form. I don't care how you do it, then I'll believe you.
  16. AHHH!!! Those times for the CLK-GTR CANNOT be used!

    I think this is the one thing on these forums that I hate the most. That CLK-GTR was the racecar, not the road car. Being a stripped out car and having racing slicks makes it completely unfair to compare against other cars.<!-- Signature -->
  17. well i did what u asked kinda, i stuck this card with tape to the car with your name on it. the reason i am not in the picture is because i chose to remain an anonymous as i possibly could on the internet. (my own personal reasons)

    well if this isnt enough i dunno what is, i guess you gonna have to believe me. if ya dont well i dont really care it doesnt bother me too much.
  18. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from FerrariKing</i>
    <b>well i did what u asked kinda, i stuck this card with tape to the car with your name on it. the reason i am not in the picture is because i chose to remain an anonymous as i possibly could on the internet. (my own personal reasons)

    well if this isnt enough i dunno what is, i guess you gonna have to believe me. if ya dont well i dont really care it doesnt bother me too much.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    you wanna hook me up with a ride dude? cmonnn it'll be fun
  19. hey, ferrari king, well done, on your success, and the sweet pics of your cars.
  20. i believe u that u own those cars, but that picture is just edited by comps, first, what psycho would put tape anywhere near a ferrari!? also, the sign has no shadow. but i do think you own it, becuz of the aston martin. but tight car<!-- Signature -->
  21. Well here are the MBUSA reported real stats for the street legal variant:

    0-60: 3.9
    0-100: 6.0
    But, it's important to remember that the top speed listed is for a very, very low gear ratio used on some track in Germany (See Motor Trend June 1998). The top speed with a fatter ratio is actually close to 239 MPH. There's not much of a difference between the race car and the production (kind of) car. The slicks only help a little.
    BTW, I'd take the CLK GTR. 2 in the states. How's THAT for exclusive?
  22. well i can tell you that it isnt an edited photo, and the tape is fine on the paintwork i checked it first, its not real sticky, sticky tape, thats why i stuck it 3 times.

    i got another pic of the aston
  23. well FerrariKing, you proved me wrong. Kudos to you and your accomplishments.

    Now, can you tell me where you live?

    Just kidding.

    What other cars do you have? Favorite?
  24. first of all, thank you for believeing me, i know some still doubt me but i really dont mind

    Well i own a
    550 as u know

    and a bmw 330ci for normal road use.

    i dont plan on buying any other cars in the near future but maybe in a few years when i save some more money.

    as for fav, i dunno i'd say the 360 modena, just cos its Mid Eng where as all the others are Front Eng. and it feels more racey i guess.<!-- Signature -->
  25. To FerrariKing

    I know I am completely off topic here guys, but FerrariKing, I would like to join your Koenigsegg CC club if thats OK with you.<!-- Signature -->

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