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  1. i was going to make a reply to audisportusa, but lets just ignore him and continue with the discussion:

    stock vs. stock
    supra turbo wins in 1993-1996, but not in 1997
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  2. I don't care if the Vette is more expensive. If you like cars then your wallet has to be able to carry that kind of cash. Not that i am saying I have a wallet like that but you should catch my drift. I still think the corvette can beat it.
  3. which corvette though? essentially the Supra didn't change (power-wise) from 93-98, while the Corvette evolved more. the Supra started out as a Corvette killer among other things but of course now 10 years down the road, with the Supra now out of production in North America the new Corvette will win the comparison.<!-- Signature -->
  4. I am talking about the new vettes.
  5. Corvette vs. supra.

    Corvettes would tear up a supra bad.<IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  6. the corvette would win, but lets face it the losers with nos would use it and beat it. a vette would beat a turbo anyday.<!-- Signature -->
  7. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from bmwmpower24</i>
    <b>the corvette would win, but lets face it the losers with nos would use it and beat it. a vette would beat a turbo anyday.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->How true.<!-- Signature -->
  8. Yep, you will never have a faster car then the next hard core racer out there.People could be holding back and not use nos, then hustle you. The only way you could possibly be top dog on the roads is if you had something just as fast as the ZL1 Camaro and it is street legal on roads. It all depends on how much money you have in your pockets.
  9. Youre comparisons are unfair and in complete. Youre comparing a car design that came out in 1994 which one that came out in 1997. Compare a 1994 vette with a 1994 supra then youd see itd make a very good run for its money. Now what about tuneable oppurtunities? put 1400 on mod on a supra and it will kill the vette. yes Kill it. Im talking about et trap speeds of 122 mph. the 1400 bucks on the supra will up its power ratings from the stock 320 hp to 460 hp That means it kills all stock c5 vettes and beats yes beats a Zo6 vette. Ohhhh IM comparing lightly modded supra with a stock vette how unfair of me! Youre comparing a mid 40,000 car with a mid 30,000 cars in price.

    What about tuning potential? We have street legal supras of excess of 1000 hp. The fastest street legal vette reached 212 mph. The fastest street legal supra can reach near 240 mph. Also theres 1200 hp engine kits you can buy shitloads cheaper then lingifellters 7 liter engine kit. All while doing this with a 3 liter engine vs 5.7 liter engine.

    now heres something im cooking up since im 18 yr old freshman in college I cant afford avette i like the vette ( i like the new supra even more becuase its much more tunable for the price) but i dont know i dont have 45 grand for a 350 hp machine. I could manage 6 grand. SO what do i do? Buy a 1989 supra turbo, Ok your 350 hp 2003 vette will kill my 232 hp supra turbo but theres more supras are cheap to tune I can buy kits for it more specifically a 375 hp kit. So in turn ill have a car that cost me less then 10 000 and be able to beat all stock vettes in accelaration ever made except the Zo6 and ill have a ride that will beat all vettes in top speed except maybe a Zr1 from last generations vette and maybe even in top speed i could tie with Zr1. all for 10 grand. how much is your vette again? <!-- Signature -->
  10. Even though I love the Supra, the Vette would dominate an un-modified Supra. Oh yeah, Camaro is a fu<!-- Signature -->
  11. Even though I love the Supra, the Vette would dominate an un-modified Supra. Oh yeah, Camaro is a fuking POST WHORE!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    I can tell that people even in this forum respect the Supra whether they like it or not. the last gen. Supra (4th) was released in 1993, ten years before this particular Corvette, yet still, we are comparing it to the Supra! this Vette would most likely take the supra with little difficulty however, let me point something out.

    1993 Chevrolet Corvette: 0-60: 5.3, 1/4 mile: 13.9
    1993 Toyota Supra Turbo: 0-60: 4.9, 1/4 mile: 13.4

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  13. hmmmm....this is a tuffy supra over corrvette nos or nethin...Sorry to inform you but corvettes suck...their shitty cars made by a shitty company which is also owned by a shitty company..American cars suck their powerless hunks of heavy steel that need original designs not a compisition of stolen #$%#ing idiots...god damn you need to relize that AMERICAN CARS SUCK!

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  15. here we go again. this is the same ole shit dog, it just never ends. why do you assholes keep comparing these type of cars which are in a totally different league. this shit goes on in every american "supercar" forum and i ask my self why. look at the cars engine wise. supra 3.0l 280hp inline 6, corvette 5.7l 350hp v8. how the hell do you put these totally different cars in the same league please tell me. if you wanna try to compare a corvette with a japanese car, try a nissan r390gt1, that'll put some fire under ta ass.
  16. ...*sigh*


    If American cars suck... then why are you looking at special versions of American cars, and then actually taking the time to write about them? Seriously now... that's just ridiculous.

    Listen, I don't have an opinion either way about American/Jap/German/Whatever... I really don't care. I don't have the money for any of them. I've owned a Nissan and I've owned a Chevy. I like the Chevy better, because I'm 6'3" and it's easier to fit inside the damned Chevy.

    So, seriously... what's the big f*ckin' deal? It's not as if anyone's going to respect you more by saying "CORVETTE IS AWESOME," or by saying "AMERICAN CARS SUCK NUTS...." The whole debate is just retarsion.

    Utter retarsion.
  17. Actually, the lingenfelter has an estimated top speed of 240 mph. Do you have any facts to back up ANYTHING in that post? What is this 1400 USD upgrade that'll give you 140hp? Which Supra reached 240 mph? Where and by who was it tested? Was it a one-off or sold to the public?

    Also, remember that supras are about 400lbs heavier than Vettes and have much less torque, and nearly no power down low. Driving one of your 1000hp supras on the street would be terrible seeing most of the power would be at nearly 9000 rpm, which is never seen in street driving.

    I highly doubt a 375hp supra could out accelerate even a convertable Vette. The weight and lack of torque is enough to keep you a good second behind. As for top speed, not even close. The new vettes have a very low coefficient of drag, as well as a wide weel base for high speed stability. Your supra has neither, and combined with 80s tire tech and mechanical failures that you neglected to fix in your effort to stay on budget, your supra would fall apart before you reached 150.

    Please, bring some stats for these 1000+hp supras you keep talking about.
  18. You can also get cheap used vettes u kno, and U can get Them into 10 seconds easy with a cheap procharger, And the check out the sledgehammer, the real worlds fastest street legal car.
  19. About the Super Supra. Why even bring up a car that you have no legit stats on. The whole: "This one car went real fast, that one time at that one place where that one guy saw it...". No one cares. Show me a link or a press release that confirms your 1200 BHP Supra and I'll believe you. If you talking about a 1 of 1 car then we can go look for some 1 of 1 Vetts too.


    Oh yeah, why shouldn't we compare the two? So what if they are in different classes. They are not that much apart from each other and no one here would argue that it would be a race that they would like to watch. I know I would. How about this one. A 96 NSX running 14 Lb boost via supercharger vs. a 87 GNX running 12.5 lb boost from the stock turbo charger. The NSX won, but the front bumper of the GNX was at the NSX's back wheel. It was one of the best races I have ever seen and they went three times all three where about the same. As for you #'s guys I don't have any, it was an illegal street race. The NSX said that he ran low 11 at the strip
  20. Well i dont like the Supra's styling,bu its a better car than mr. plasctic taco shell Corvette.The Supra might not beat it,but it will beat it in realiabilty.
  21. Actually, the fastest street legal Vette is the Callaway Sledgehammer, with only around 700 some hp and it went 240+. They drove it to the track, tested it and drove it back to the shop.
    With your $6K, you could buy a 1989 Corvette, which is quite tunable (for less than $4K you could have a solid 383 stroker kit and a supercharger if you so pleased, I've looked into it) turning over 400 hp and 450 ftlb of torque. Chevy engines are very tunable, its just that much of the tuning involves more work than bolting something onto the car.
  22. I love matches.
  23. Well a Corvette is better for Top Speed if you get a regular Supra but if you get a nice Supra... 1997 Gullwing the Supra would do no less than completely dominate the Vette. The 1997 Gullwing 7th edition has a Top speed of 206. I think it could beat a Corvette. Dont get me wrong i dont like rycers i love american cars but this Supra could beat this Vette.
  24. 1994 Supra I6 T = Vinny Tens Supra did the 1/4 mile 8.10 @ 165mph

    2002 Ligenfelter Zo6 V8 TT = 1/4 mile 9.7 @ 150 mph

    ill go with the Supra....
  25. Well some Callaway Vettes are a whole lot faster than Supras.

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