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  1. Nice Joke, Not Funny, Next Time Try Harder
  2. i think to make it a fair race you have to bring the cars up or down to there air induction levels for it to be a fair race ..... (supra TT and naturally asperated vette) give the vette a supercharger and then they both have forced air ...... supra has no chance
  3. actually that's called stock vs. tuned which is not fair. nice try, we all want our favorite to win, but it can't always happen.
  4. In responce to Bmwpower24, A Supra Would Shit kick a corvette, the turbos continue its acceleration even at high speed, my friend has a Supra with an full exhast kit and it killed a top end corvette, hah take that, shows what you no
  5. why are you people so ignorant. you keep on comparing two cars that are in very different leagues. but still that doesnt even matter because the topic was more related to the 50th anniversary corvette rather than the z06 that everyone is referring to so the corvette can have an extra edge. the supra has 320hp and has a 0-60 time of 4.9 secs and a 1/4 mile time of 13.4. the 50th anniversary corvette has a 0-60 time of 4.9 secs and a 1/4 mile time 13.4. last time i checked, those numbers seem to be somewhat equal, and that supra is a 93' model. ya corvette has 10 years more experience, ten years more engineering, ten years more technology, and still its 0-60 and 1/4 times are still equal to the supras so please, do some studing before you knock on a supra for no apparent reason. and oh yea before idiots say i have no proof of this, check then make your comment later.
  6. Some people in here are the one kid who was talking about how his friend has a Supra...and the Turbo allows it to continue accelerating at high old are you? 12?

    First off...tuning potential. You say the Vette has worse potential than a SUpra b/c it only has one kit, that's over 100 grand. Here's a tip: DON'T BUY KITS. Many times, tuners will opt for parts aimed to increase peak horsepower...all they care about is the number, not the power curve throughout the rpm range. They know that high horsepower figures sell more kits...they want to make money, not make your car as fast as possible. You would find that parts for a LT-1/LS-1/LS-6 are a lot easier to find, and a hell of a lot cheaper than those for a Supra. So if your talking about modifying the cars, the Corvette would have a huge advantage.

    The 93 Supra was faster than the 93 Vette, although the '93 ZR-1 was faster than the Supra...although to be fair the ZR-1 cost $55,000, whereas the Supra cost around $45,000. As far as comparing it to the C5's are concerned, the Supra is far behind performance wise.

    I see a few of you have also pointed out the Supras superior efficiency. "Efficiency" HP/L means absolutely nothing about is completely useless unless you live in Japan(where there are taxes on higher displacement engines)....using a higher revving smaller displacement engine to produce the same horsepower is nothing new...neither way is better.

    Torque X Rpms
    _____________ = Horsepower


    You don't have to be a mathmetician to see that torque and the rpm at which the torque is made are equally important factors in the horsepower equasion. EQUAL can have a smaller, higher revving motor, makes less torque, but at a higher rpm than a large displacement engine making lots of torque at low rpm.

    Both motors make the same amount of power....both are good. Neither is more efficient.

    Here is something to think about....
    Take an NSX. It has a higher HP/L ratio, and a smaller motor.

    But, the ZO6 uses a much bigger motor, with a lower HP/L ratio.

    The NSX should be more efficient right?

    It's not. The Z06 gets 2 mpg more than the NSX....what's more efficient? The small motor that uses more gas to make less power, or the large motor that uses less gas to make about 50% more power?
  7. very evenly matched race, the driver's ability would determine the outcome most definitely, i still like the supra more than the vette, how toyota did it with a 3.0 is pretty mind boggling
  8. I pity the people who compare a car to one that is ten years older and much cheaper!
  9. The Supra and 50th Anniversary Corvette are about equal, the corvette might have an edge considering it higher output, but we must remeber that the supra is about 10 years older. Nice try Toyota.

    There is one car that could leave a Z06 gasping for breath though,
    The TVR Tuscan R. There is not much info on this site, but it is around the price of a corvette in the UK were it is sold. O-60 in under 4 sec.
  10. Sorry about that this car is almost double the price, so it is more comparable to a ferrari 360, or viper. It's a real looker though, cheak it out.
  11. Dude, it isnt even a comparison. A Supra TT VS a C5 Vette? HA HA HA! I think we all remember who pushed the Supra off American shores in the first place, the C4 Corvette LT-1 and ZR-1. Only a stupid rycer would make a comparison like this, and only in a rycer's mind would a Supra win.

    First of all, the Supra is no longer sold in the united states so it immediately looses the price war considering how much it would be just to get a new one over here. Base performance is also an automatic win. 276 ponies in the Supra isnt enough to top a Vettes 350 or 405 depending on what model youre going for. The only way a Supra ever "beats" a Corvette (Im not completely sure) is in the top speed department. The Corvette tops out at 175, while I believe the Supra appraoches 190. But for the near $100,000 price of the Supra (assumin it costs about the same as a Skylin GT-R to import), you could almost buy a Lingenfelter Vette, and I would take that any day.
  12. Actually the official record for the most HP is 3000 on a 1955 Chevrolet Sports Coupe and im sorry to say, its in australia ^_^
  13. corvette would beat a supra like me having a race with a snail
  14. corvette would race the supra no problem its just like me racing against a snail
  15. Once again I have found a set of moron foriegn car freaks who don't understand the fact that the Corvette is not, nor was ever, intended to be a 'drag machine'. Its all about the independent rear suspension. Compared to a straight axle, IRS can only supply about 1/4 of the antisquat (ability of suspension to counter the tendency of the car to settle back on its rear tires), which means it transfers less power under straight acceleration. However, IRS nearly eliminates camber change in corners, giving it an amazing advantage over straight axles on the track.
    Since Corvette has had IRS for its whole life, I find it difficult to believe it was ever truly meant for the American Grand Prix (drag racing).
  16. Originally posted by Will938

    The lingenfelter costs something like $125k right? It's also a complete package w/ engine, driveline, rearend, suspension, interior, ect. ect. It goes 0-60 in 1.9 seconds. What does the Supra do?

    Titan Motorsports T Supra did 8.67 @ 169 mph

    2002 Ligenfelter Zo6 did 9.7 @ 150 mph

    now come on you pay 125k just to get that much power lol how much you have to pay to make it go 9.5 150K more? for the supra you can buy a top of the line kit for under 50k and the car will run atleast 9 sec and under........

    i stick with the Supra
  17. Your lieing! a Supra that runs 9s will hit well over 65k plus time and labor.
  18. The corvette did not have IRS for its whole life.

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