Re: Diablo GT vs Murcielago

Discussion in '1999 Lamborghini Diablo GT' started by commendatore, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Of course.. it would smoke the Murcielago... it's a highly modified Diablo!Let's just wait till Lambo releases the GT ver. of the Murcielago!<!-- Signature -->
  2. In terms of looks, the Murcielago is nice to look at, it's got some clean smooth lines to it.

    But it loses the Lambo Heritage of exotic, agreesiveness, etc, you know what I mean? So both are "nice", but different kind of nice and I prefer the Diablo's looks, and I prefer the Canto over the Murcielago by far. (Canto is the car that is suppose to replace the Diablo)

    But in terms of performance, I prefer the GT, it's RWD, it's lighter and it's faster. AWD never beats RWD in performance, unless in rally of course.
  3. I love this car. I like the looks better than the new Murcielago too. Gimme Gimme!!

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