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Discussion in '1999 Lamborghini Diablo GT' started by WorshipTheMclaren, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. TyGT: Just curiously, what kind of cars do you have?<!-- Signature -->
  2. Diablo GT vs Murcielago

    The GT is better. Although it has less HP and Torque, it is considerably lighter because its RWD, which is what a true super car should be. The new Murcielago, although the stupid AWD system can indeed improve the handling of what otherwise would be a beast, it does not improve performance at all. In fact, AWD even hinders cornering ability on the track, and plus the extra weight...means the RWD GT is faster, as the stats tell you. The GT's engine, although slightly weaker, is more efficient (HP/liter).

    Hopefully there will be a Murcielago GT that's RWD. That should have no problem beating the Diablo GT.

    (see "RWD vs AWD" topic under Mitsubitshi LanEvo VII)
  3. No doubt we will see a Murcielago GT & GTR. Just give Lamborghini some time.<!-- Signature -->
  4. I'd rather have the Murcielago than the Diablo GT. '99 Diablo's were still quite unforgiving cars.
  5. I think the Diablo GT is one of the finest true sportscars Lamborghini has made in a long time and I hope they continue that GT trend in the Murcielago model. The Murcielago is too sophisticated (mmmm Lamborghini, sophisticated, didn't think I would ever say that)
    a GT model would give it the raw edge it needs.
  6. The GT is better. I think that after a year or two though Lamborghini will improve the Murchieago to equal if not top the GT.<!-- Signature -->
  7. I don´t understand why anybody is comparing the Diablo GT with the new Murciélago. The Murciélago is to be compared with the Diablo VT6.0. And this no real match for the Murc.
    But even if you do compare the Murc and the GT, the Murciélago will win. It has improved handling through a lowered center of gravity, more hp, better torque curve, a 6-Speed manual transmission and more efficient aerodynamics.
    Topspeed doesn´t make a supercar, at least not in Europe where real supercars have to perform on the Nuerburgring Nordschleife racetrack.
    And if you aren´t stisfied with the Murcìélago then wait till there´ll be a SV, SE or GT version. No doubt,then you`ll be happy!!!
  8. It is expected that the diablo GT will beat the Murcielago as it is the top of the line Diablo while the Murcielago is just the most basic model of the Murcielago range...juz compare it to the original diablo..with only 492bhp compared to 580bhp..GT is faster coz it's already race tuned for the road.<!-- Signature -->
  9. <center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote>
    <b>Audi is killing the Lambo after launching the audified Murcielago... The new Murc lacks drama and it lost the real characteristic of a Lambo. Just think about the Countach, it may not look beautiful,as what we defined. But it's just something that truly shocking when you see it on the road. That's what I think a Lambo should be.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center>
  10. concerning aspects of the Diablo, there are many many optional
    tune ups out there for it that make it definitely able to
    be the domineering car between the two. Diablos out there with
    800 hp(extremely rare, but out there) with twin turbos in those
    babies, so, who's one to say that there's competition anyway?<IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  11. personally i dont like the merc's looks, with all the moving wings an flaps theres bound to be hella amounts of problems. it looks too breakable an kinda flimsy. i hope they keep makin the diablo once the it starts production. now if only they looked back to the countach design...
  12. For the ppl who think Murcielago is faster than the the GT, think again.

    Yes, as I said b4, Murcielago have slightly more torque and HP, but the GT is considerably lighter. Plus the GT is a race-tuned road car, and it's RWD, so it will have no problem beating the Murcielago on the track.

    The only way the Murcielago might win, is if it's raining.
  13. GT is truly a supercar, but the fact that the Murcielago has AWD doesn't make it worse
    its only .1 seconds behind the GT, and having AWD, it'll burn it on the turns...

    BUT.....what ever happened to the diablo VTTT ?!?!
    that's one hell of a car
  14. i am not a big fan of lamborghini. i believe any car you have to add fins and spoiler all over the place to make it work right shouldnt have been made in the first place. but i do like the diablo better than the murc just cause its rwd. but i like the murcs looks a lot better. i dont mean to push anybody's buttons or start a debate on look but this diablo looks kinda wussy.
  15. Styling

    I hear people saying that it the murcielago lacks styling drama. Well if it was following you at 100mph along an autobahn, and then suddenly accelerated hard, so the rear cooling "wings" opened, and then swooped to one side and blasted past you, it would be like a jet preparing to take off, unfolding its wings, and then screaming past you at a distance of 5 feet.

    Seeing the wings open and it hurtle toward the sunset is possibly going to be one of the highlights og this car.

  16. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from sketchas</i>
    <b>personally i dont like the merc's looks, with all the moving wings an flaps theres bound to be hella amounts of problems. it looks too breakable an kinda flimsy. i hope they keep makin the diablo once the it starts production. now if only they looked back to the countach design...</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    uhhm... hey do you realize that ...there's a design-wise continuity in Lamborghini, I mean look at the Countach... then look a t the Diablo and ...then look at the Murcielago, its the same basic design yet they keep updating them... I mean its been 30+ years sin ce the Countach was unveiled right?

    and the Murcielago is as clean as the original Countach, devoid of so many spoilers, air vents and fenders of the latter Lambos... it looks ultra cool to me.

    ANd if the stock Murcielago couldn't beat the Diablo GT count on Lamborghini on making the future Murc even faster....

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  17. Of course.. it would smoke the Murcielago... it's a highly modified Diablo!Let's just wait till Lambo releases the GT ver. of the Murcielago!<!-- Signature -->
  18. In terms of looks, the Murcielago is nice to look at, it's got some clean smooth lines to it.

    But it loses the Lambo Heritage of exotic, agreesiveness, etc, you know what I mean? So both are "nice", but different kind of nice and I prefer the Diablo's looks, and I prefer the Canto over the Murcielago by far. (Canto is the car that is suppose to replace the Diablo)

    But in terms of performance, I prefer the GT, it's RWD, it's lighter and it's faster. AWD never beats RWD in performance, unless in rally of course.
  19. I love this car. I like the looks better than the new Murcielago too. Gimme Gimme!!

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  20. there is no way the murcielago is ever beating the diablo, i cant understand how audi did that to the marque. the murcielago may outperform the diablo, and i mean the original one, but itll never make an impact like the one the diablo made. i am just waiting to make myself of some money to buy one.
  21. That what ppl mean when saying the Murc looks bad compare to the Diablo. They don't mean Murc looks ugly, but it certainly lacks drama, agreesively, exotic-ness, you get my idea. Audi have totally destroyed a prestige marque, and made it into something that's totally non-unique and boring.

  22. its only a matter of time untill Lamborghini come out with a Murcielago GT Car. I bet that it is already under construction ( if not already made and being tested ) Lamborghini's are amazing cars, i'd love to have one although i would be scared to scratch it or dent it. TERRIFIED.
  23. Sure, the murcielago might have more torque and horses, but in every other respect, the Diablo GT ahem... shitkicks the Murcielago. It is considerably lighter, is very, very fast and quite frankly, has a way nicer body than the competition. I think that if Lamborghini wants to call the Murcielago a replacement of the Diablo they've got another thing coming. I think they have to get their act together and at least change the looks of their future cars so that lamborghini fans will not always have to look to the past for the company's best achievements.
  24. i dont see how anybody can say this isnt faster and better then the murcielago, although the murcielago is pretty cool.
  25. This is the top of the range Diablo. The current Murcielago is only a 'base' model. So you can't really compare them. It would make more sense to compare the Murcielago to the Diablo VT.

    The fact that the Murcielago entry model matches the Diablo GT for horses is pretty special, imagine what a Murcialgo GT would be like. Can't wait!
    Now if only i had a spare half a million bucks lying around somewhere...


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