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  1. well, damn it, the enzo is a real threat for lambos, it even has moreHP than Murci ( 660 to 580!!!) man, I dunno, in the end , I'd choose lambos, they are jewels!
  2. I have Proof that the Ferrari F50 is better than this particular Lambo, F50 0-60, 3.7 Lambo 0-60 3.8 F50 0-100 6.7, Lambo 8.0 w/ highly tuned gears. Top speed is the same. Ferrari Looks better and is better.
  3. you are wrong there becouse Ferrari is not better that is your opinion but here we are not going to count it. The diablo is clearly better looking and we don't care if a ferrari can beat it, Lambo is still better.
  4. It seems this forum is back and fourth all the way. In my opinion, Ferrari wins, hands down. Lets not forget that Lamborghini is a tractor company; Try to imagine buying a "John Deere" supercar and that's what a Lamborghini is. Don't get me wrong, I like the Diablo very much, but it holds NO ground to the passion and prestige of a Ferrari. Another thing: No other exotic company has made more wonderous models than Ferrari has; Porsches all look the same (particularly the long-lived 911 series) and Lamborghini makes ONLY ONE type of car at a time for years on end! The Countach was introduced in the mid-70's to 1989, the Diablo replaced it until 2002, and now it's the Murcielago's turn to take the reigns for ANOTHER decade. The new Gallardo makes the first time in the history of the company to my knowledge that Lamborghini will be building two cars at the same time. At least Ferrari always produces at least 3 models at once and come out with new ones every 5 or 6 years.

    By the way, when it comes to the Enzo, Ferrari told Pininfarina to design something "out of the box"; NO EMPHASIS ON IT BEING PRETTY. They wanted something FUNCTIONAL (a PURPOSE-BUILT F1 car for the road. If they had wanted it to be pretty they certainly could have made it pretty. Anyway, the Enzo eats all the Lambos alive, with the exception of the GTR's.

    Not bad if you ask me. GO FERRARI!!!
  5. Lamborghinis are basically for people who want to go fast as hell and love attention. Lamborghini's all have good 0-60 time and a really high top speed. Lambos are basically fast exotic cars that scream for attention.
    Ferraris are a bit different, they're more track-oriented. Ferrari has a long and proud history of racing. Ferrari works on handling and braking more than Lamborghini, not just top-speed. It has been proven that Ferraris handle better than Lamborghinis.
    The question "Diablo VS Ferrari" is too general. If we're comparing the VT 6.0 (best Diablo, tuners don't count) VS Enzo (best Ferrari), the Ferrari clearly wins. F50 could also beat it because of it's handling and acceleration. The Diablo VT 6.0 VS Ferrari 575M is a better comparison based on price. I'll say Diablo wins that one.
  6. sum ferraris r faster than this lamb...and in my opinion lambs r ugly and ferraris look i think ferrari is better
  7. i like lambo
  8. I'd take Diablo over Ferrari anytime
  9. Diablo
    NO Doubt
    NO Question
  10. i will take Ferrari
    cuz most of the Lamborghinis are over weight
  11. i'm trying to get it right here, u r asking to compare one of lambos to any of ferrari, well there's no doubt that one of ferrari's better than this diablo, but anyway, i would still take Lambo anytime
  12. My personal choice would have to be the Lambo. I respect Ferrari F40, F50, and F60, for what they are, track oriented cars that force other cars to follow its tail lights. But the Diablo is just raw unabashed power that can still put up a decent fight with a more eye pleasing body.
  13. Maybe Ferarris R faster, but I still luv Lambos.
    Ferarris seem to have a high RPM whine, and it seems that Lamborghinis have much more muscle.

    Also look much cooler.
  14. Diablo is just one car and you are comparing it against the entire company
  15. diablo against ferrari in what comarison... deiblo is better looking then any ferrari... i think... the f50 and the enzo are faster. but i dont think either one are better looing.. i also think the enzo is ugly as hell. the f50 is beutiful piece of work but the diablo looks better... hands down...
  16. you can see where they got some of the lines for the murcielago from this sexy beast. there is something more raw and supercarish abbout a lamborghini diablo. purebread. would have this car over any ferrari except the f50 and the enzo.andee
  17. Ferrari, all the way. I prefer just about every Ferrari over this Lamborghini, for a lot of reasons but if you just want the opinion there you go.
  18. I like 'em both and my opinion changes every day.

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