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  1. hold up big rob,what mods have you done to get 306 whp, just interested,the z28 has 310hp stock(not wheel)horsepower,so it probably has 250 hp @the wheels,i don't see many "tuned" camaros.
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    <b>hold up big rob,what mods have you done to get 306 whp, just interested,the z28 has 310hp stock(not wheel)horsepower,so it probably has 250 hp @the wheels,i don't see many "tuned" camaros.
    Holla</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    My camaro is bone stock minusthe strut tower brace. And here is my dyno sheet just because you do not believe me! Dont you feel like an ass you ignorant son of a *****. I have never said anything on this site or in the internet to ever make someone distrust me, and here you go doubting what i say. SOOOOOOO, here is my dyno sheet from when my camaro was brand new,just after the enginge was borken in ( before i bought it because ibought her used)and just before i bought her. There you go you unbelieving bastard. My Camaro without ANY horsepower inreasing modifications produces 306 Rear Wheal Horse Power!!!!!!!!!!!
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    <b>where do I start....Tuscani...thank your for what you said

    and holy smoking shit....528...does that mean 528 CI?...that is like frgging 9.0L ...shit that is a friggin huge engine.....that isn't hard to get 740 HP out wonder...

    there are turbo 1.8L engines running that kind of HP ...
    Rod Millens Pikes Peak Celica runs 1000HP with no NOS...out of 2.1L turbo....that is about 1/4 - 1/5 the displacement of your Mopar motor.
    And for NA...Lambos new car produces 580 HP from 6.0L

    and I know that engine isn't road legal...there is no way..

    gun who cares if you can't rebuild a NSX engine...what does that mean...there are mechanics that can do that...I can rebuild a civic engine....but not a Lexus engine...but my brother can he is a class 1 mechanic for Lexus....

    I am not bashing you...but I am saying that ALot of forign cars have much much more efficient engines....Honestly there isn't any American car that I can think of that can boast 100 HP\L

    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Yeah, Man!!<!-- Signature -->
  4. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from bigrob</i>
    <b>yes America invented mass production, wel Henry ford did, but he was american</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --> And as we all know mass produced cars suck<!-- Signature -->
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    <b>so yea for you domestic people out there that like to argue about imports vs domestic. well i have a alot of reasons why domestic isnt as good as imports. First off hp/l does matter why it shows how efficient a car is. lets compare a next generation skyline to a Viper. Viper makes 50 some hp/l with a 450 hp V10 8.0 liter made by lamborgini and built by mitsubitshi and designed by dodge. the skyline V8 4.0 liter making 450 hp. ironic huh a engine half the displacement can make as much power... Second the reason why domestic cars have such poor hp/l is cuz they are still using the same old technology they are using 30 years back how sad huh. For that they gotta make such a huge engine to produce such poor numbers. And cuz of big engines making the car heavy, that means taking away the handling of hte car. To make up for in domestic companys have to put such big wheels on it. Third a viper runs what? 12.5 1/4 mile with a huge engine and huge displacement with 450 hp. a 2003 NSX Type R runs 12.4 with a V6 3.2 liter making about 290hp. And the NSX can out handle the viper by... alot. and the Rx7 is one of the best handling cars in this world. Cuz of the light engine and light car. and yet that car can still run 13.8 down the 1/4 mile huh isnt that nice a 2 rotor car can do so much. and the Supra it pulls a 1g skidpad with stock wheels can a domestic do that? and plus if the domestic can compare there wheels to the supra now who's bigger? lol i know there is gonna be alot of bullshit post on this one but oh wells </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->well said!<!-- Signature -->
  6. Ok...lets talk about a few things here. I am a domestic person mysef, but I have seen some pretty fast imports. They all have their good sides as well as their bads. I love the sound of a domestic V-8 pushrod motor. But I also lie the imports for their fuel economy and how well they can get in and out of traffic. I own a 1986 Monte Carlo that has a 450bhp 5.7l V-8 (thats a 350) that is also running a 250 shot of NOS, thats 700hp total and it runs low 11's to hi 10's. The reason that the imports make such good hp/l is becaus they are small cubic inch motors. Any engine builder will tell that it is easier to get more hp/l from a smaller motor than a larger one due to the mass of the rotating parts. Also, the key to a good engine design is the balance of torque as well as hp, if you have a motor with amazig hp but no torque, it will go no where. Compare a Vipers (or any other american v-8 or v-10) torque ratings to the imports small cube motors. And you say that a domestic car doesnt handle well, look at the skidpad g's of a viper, vette and saleen s7. Those are pretty impresive numbers for a stock car.<!-- Signature -->
  7. Supra and 944 turbo..

    I feel the same way

    I think that people run their mouth about how good their american cars are......but they really just dont know...

    and then they criticize....that tells me that they really dont know
    if they resort to argument and criticism they obviously have no point to make...
  8. I love these arguements. No one is right, no one is wrong, and more than half of you are arrogant and ignorant. And If you think this applies to you then it probably does. What matters is the man- buy your imports, or your domestics. But if you have no idea how to handle your high performance automobile then you are probably better riding a bicycle. I don't car if you drive a Corvette, a Porsche, a Skyline, an RX-7, a Viper or even a Ferrari. If you match up with a vehicle somewhat in the same league and you have no idea what you are doing, you will lose. Despite all the crap that is being said in this forum, there are both imports and domestics that can run in the same league. Someone yells RX-7, someone else yells 2003 Cobra or Vette. Someone yells Skyline or Porsche, someone else yells Viper, GT40, AC Cobra or Z06. Someone yells Ferrari, Someone else yells Saleen S7. Then someone yells "McClaren F1", and that sorta kills the arguement. Of course, then some jackass will yell "Top Fuel Dragster", then someone else yells "The SST", and on and on and on.... until we reach the friggin Space Shuttle. Get the point yet? "Better" is totally objective, and the only reason you are arguing is because it somehow makes you feel better to dis someone (or something) else, even though no one is going to change their minds and no one is right or wrong. <!-- Signature -->
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    ROTORS HAVE ALOT OF POTENTIAL TOO, THE OLDER 12A's can make RX-2's do 9's have a look at what those 13bs put out!
    if you want pay alot of money for a slow car with more cylinders then hp, drinks more then 100 people at a house with free beer and not even weight watchers can help go ahead and by a domestic
  10. I personally have no perference over Domestic or Import cars. However, I would just like to make a point against a post which implies Domestics are crappy cars since they do not export their cars. Economics is one of my major study and the fact that Domestics are not exporting their cars is not because that they are crappy but it is because the American market (U.S, Canada, Mexico) is already big enough for income. Conversely, Japanese market is tiny as compared to North American market. This is the main reason why Japanese car makers must export their cars for money. In addition, it is not exactly correct to say Domestics do not conduct imports. Take for example, Ford Motors. Ford has manufacturing plants all over the world, like German Ford, Italian Ford, etc. Take GM for another example. GM owns enough car makers around the world, such as SAAB, Opel, etc. By the way, I do not think a car should be judged according to their "origin". A good car is a good car, it doesn't matter if it is import or domestic. For instance, all the Ford Focus made in America are built COMPLETELY by Mazda. Now how would an "import" lover respond to that? Love it or hate it?
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  12. HA HA HA, I just love taking up space<!-- Signature -->
  13. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 944turb0</i>
    <b>Why dosent America export thier cars? because they suck and no one in other countries wants them!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    EXACTLY.<!-- Signature -->
  14. BWAHAHAHAHAHA HP per liter, what a #$%#ing joke, the guy that posted this thread is a full blown ricer, I love his statements about the NSX running 12's. Too bad in Japan they don't race on full 1/4 mile tracks, jack off. How about this one, it was posted in the newest Road & Track, it stated that Honda = Big Fat Stinky Shit!!!

    Ricer?? this has nothing to do with the argument but you Yankees are racist as hell...dam

  15. You know in America everything is HP and 1/4 mile...

    When you go upto someone with a nice car what do you say?
    "how much HP are you making out of that engine?" think about it noone cares about anything else.

    but ever form of motor racing in the world (except BS nascar) includes braking and cornering....

    I think that a comparison should be taken on a road course...

    if a 1977 POS Ford , Dodge or whatever you think is so fast beats a import that you think is fair to compare it with....then I will give you all credit.
  16. This debate has been argued over and over many times before; there is no winner. It's all about preference. Imports are more expensive, look really nice, and have outstanding performance, but at an outrageous price. Domestics are the cheaper class, not as realiable, but they can still match up with imports.<!-- Signature -->
  17. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from SoupedUpSupra</i>
    <b>This debate has been argued over and over many times before; there is no winner. It's all about preference. Imports are more expensive, look really nice, and have outstanding performance, but at an outrageous price. Domestics are the cheaper class, not as realiable, but they can still match up with imports.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --> I agree. But on different points. <!-- Signature -->
  18. Ask anyone who KNOWS something about cars and they will say European cars are superior to domestic cars. Try to prove me cant <!-- Signature -->
  19. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from buttface</i>
    <b>HA HA HA, I just love taking up space</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Someone please ban this #%$got. Nothing pisses me off more then a #$%#ing 10-year old retard<!-- Signature -->
  20. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Joe Blo</i>
    <b>A car is unreliable if you use cheap parts and have poor designs. America is a money-hungry country and they'll do anything to save money. Using cheap parts and mass-producing is one way. The Japanese and Germans don't cut corners. They don't want their cars to be crap. Japan and Germany have complete different ethics in comparison to America. I guess the way of life models how people think, and therefore, how they build their cars. Alot of people don't hate American cars just because of prejudice. They hate them cause they know American cars suck. Besides, Americans shouldn't feel they should be the greatest in everything. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->LOL. And Japan and Germany aren't money hungry? Every country is! It's a matter of being top dog! And for the last time, American cars don't suck! Prove it! Are you saying Panoz sucks? Mosler? The Vette? The Shelby Cobra? The Viper? The Shelby Series 1? The Saleen S7? If you think all these cars 'suck' because they come from America, then you truly are not a car lover. <!-- Signature -->
  21. All this BS about how low the quality of American cars is, its getting too old. Show me some proof about the cheap materials used in American cars. Ill admit, they are rather cheap when it comes to interiors, but the mechanical design of American cars (most of them atleast) is pretty damned good. I get the feeling people say they are cheap because we know how to make great cars that dont cost $100,000.
  22. first of all, I like all cars as long as they perform. That said, most of the technology used in almost all cars around the world was developed in the united states. The over head cam engine was originally created by ford. And the reason they created the v engines was because they use less space then inline or even flat. A ford 302 ways less then an acura 3.2 liter. So saying they are heavy because of their big V-8 engines means nothing. Physics states that as size becomse larger the surface area to volume ratio becomes inefficient. Since in the past forced induction has been unreliable, american manufactures went with larger displasment for more power instead of turbos and superchargers. Another thing created by american manufacturing is the hemispherical engine which was created by you guessed it, chrysler. Its now used in practically every performance engine in the world. Sure american cars are not as technologically advanced, at least most, but it also means its easier to fix and costs less. I'll use the worst car ever made, the old chrysler mini vans. They went through tranny's like no other, but since their original cost was so low and the cost to throw in another tranny being only 500$ parts and labor it made it worth while, instead of paying 50% more for a different auto manufacturers van. That said, the RX-7 is one of the best looking cars ever.
  23. Bah... when it comes to imports vs. domestic, I just cant see myself ever siding with Japanese imports. Most of the ones that are sold in the US are far slower than their Japanese cousins, and the Japanese ones are usually illegal to import without adding the same restrictions. I dont wanna hear anything about reliability, durability, or quality, because upper class American has have all of that, and plenty of it. A nice fairly new Corvette (2nd hand ofcourse) can be found for under $20,000 USD with good condition and low miles, and it will smoke anything from Japan thats sold in the US, both in straights and around corners (a new Japanese NSX, RX-7, or Skyline GTR could probaly take it if the track was heavy on corners, but in that case you simply buy a Z06, and give them hell). And I dont wanna hear anything about efficiency or technology. If Japanese cars are such technical masterpieces, then howcome they are so easily beaten by primitive American technology? And why is that American cars with huge ass engines are getting better mileage than these Japanese marvels of efficiency? The only reason I could see to go importing is because theres alot more performance cars to choose from.
  24. OK, here is what I think (I'll go point by point)

    Styling - That is your own opinon. Varies from person to person.

    Technology - Actually, most of the so-called Japanese technology came from America. I really cant recall all of those off my head, but I think the Rotary came from America, and the assembly line renovated all automobiles. (No disrespect to Carl Benz).

    Performance - Ah, my favorite. People boast about effiency. What the hell does it mean when it comes to performance?!?! Sure a 1.1L TT can produce the same horsepower of a V8 NA, but remember, its kind of a double negative. Americans have to use big engines to keep up with more "effiecent" Japanese motors. Here is the kicker-What about the turbos?? Dont they increase horsepower?? So thats a big double standard. Cant bullshit on the hp/l, because using a turbo is the same standard. 50,000 Corvette ZO6 versus the 100,000 NSX. The Corvette beats it (According to Car and Driver). (Using American numbers because I am American). And to beat it all, American cars have just as must aftermarket potential as imported cars. Sure the Skyline can hanlde blah horsepower, the Corvette engine can handle all the horsepower street-legal (Ask Legend for the link). I give the notch to the Americans.

    Relability - American cars may not last as long as some imports, but that is because American cars are generally ran harder. So that means you can run an American car and give it hell and have it last or have an imported car that may last long under certain circumstances. You decide the winner of that one.

    Overall- Americans

    Please post facts, not just bullshit as I have seen a lot of.<!-- Signature -->
  25. All i got to say is the McLaren F1 LM would eat these all alive. She has a beautiful midmounted BMW V-12 which gets a bangin 110.16 bhp per liter and pumps out 668 bhp. She has a top speed of 225 mph and rockets from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds and 0-100 in 6.7 seconds. Shes the fastest street legal PRODUCTION car in the world and the fastest accelerator with 0-100-0 in 11.5 seconds. At 90 mph you could drive the McLaren upsidedown because the downforce is so high and it has fans under the car that help suck it to the ground even more allowing even higher speeds in the turns making it one of the best handling cars. Plus the mid engine mount allows for better stabilty. Her sister the GTR won the Le Mans her first time out. This is the best street legal car hand down.

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