Re: ELISES NEED A BALLS (TURBO) and they would rock

Discussion in '2002 Lotus Elise Type 72' started by 1q2w3e, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. What happened to the old girl which could kick 300 bhp with flat 4 heads ?<!-- Signature -->
  2. ah good old raw V8<!-- Signature -->
  3. gee, ever hear of the sport 190? just asking and besides with that weight, i doubt that your car could keep up with it and besiedes, i forget who but part of their name says it all, it goes something like this:

    as the ferrari passed the elise on the straightaway the pit manager said watch out when it passes you in the corner.......
  4. That quote was me<IMG SRC=""><IMG SRC="">

    The driving instructor said it<!-- Signature -->

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