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Discussion in '2000 Lingenfelter 650 Corvette' started by D Viper, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. that is excat american muscle rules
  2. alright a porsche could kill both ferris and lambos and aston martins but the porsche is almost the same as this lingingfilter
  3. it depends of which porsche ya take.
  4. word... european cars are unstoppable on the course!
  5. i don't think so.
  6. absolutely and a profoundly said NO!
  7. thats the smartest thing ive ever heard anyone say
  8. "What european sports cars can you get for 50,000 dollars. all you can get is crap like a M roadster or and slk something or another AMG. And if you had done you rhomework you would have known that all three of those have been beaten by the corvette, not the Z06, not the hard top, but the convertable. Also the BMW and merc were beat around the track by the camaro SS which cost 20,000 less. Also the 2001 Z06 (before it's power went up to 405) beat the BMW Z8 the porsche 911 turbo, the merc. sl500 and the ferrari 550 marenello. THe vette still beats the 575 marenello to 60, it was won races against the 360 modena. And then there are cars like the saleen S7. It could take on your lambo or ferrari. As for the AM, well it hits 60 in 5 seconds, thats a whole second slower than a Z06. Som eof you import people are really ignorant, and you dont do any reasurche, you just make stupid statements."

    lets see proof!
  9. in europe 50,000 cars are junk, (except TVR)
    I'd take a car that was really quick over a BMW or Porshe badged rycer anyday
    what do you got a Porshe Boxster?
    a BMW 330?
    Jag S-Type?
    mercedes clk430?
    Volvo S80?
    damn those cars are overpriced, and underpowerd
    Camaros will take these cars
    Z06 will dominate these cars
    why can't europe make descent cars for average income? please, I'd like to know

  10. because we are prestige and luxury car makers in europe. u cant just compare price to speed other things need to be taken into account. i mean if u want to just compare price i would go for a caterham superlight r it costs 30,000 and does 0-60 in under 3.4 sec and over 140mph aswell as only weighing about425kg it has brilliant handling
  11. lincoln and cadillac aren't prestige brands? ya should be very narrow minded. who does alston martin and jaguar belong to? answer they belong to ford an american so it is stupid to say that american luxury doesn't exist. american luxury and prestige exists since 1903 with cadillac and since 1922 with lincoln. What about jap crap i don't know any prestige brand.
  12. " What about jap crap i don't know any prestige brand. "
    try Lexus, just as good as lincoln or cadillac and dont go on about jag and aston martin being american just cos ford own em. its still brits that controll it yeah and you have lincoln and cadillac
    europe has BMW, Mecedes Benz, Audi, Bentley, Rolls Royce Jaguar Aston martin, Ferrari TVR , Laborghini and at the moment I cant tink of anymore.
  13. ok i agree but don't ya forget that lambo and bugatti belong to volkswagen. so they aren't italian cars they are german even if their name is italian the companies are controlled by german hands ya see what i mean
  14. yeah but the designs nd manufacture are by italy or the respective countries. just cos the ultimate decisions come from elsewhere
  15. i already knew that
  18. NICELY SAID!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!
  19. the gt40 was never giventhe name ferrari killer!
    there are plenty of companys that have been very sucesfull at lemans.
    pulled off a 1.9sec but not on proper road tyres just look at the pics of it doing it!
    u dont know that nothing has gone faster.

    "this car and the gt40 both would destroy any car you throw at them" yeah of course there isnt anything quicker than the GT40! stupid! hundreds of cars are quicker. and on road tyres running no nitrous skylines have run sub 9sec quarters!

    its only really in america that people tune jap cars with nitrousoxide. if you look to japan very few people use it as they tune things properly.
  20. exactly, the Porsche 917 was a far better, far more powerful, much faster car than the GT40 ever was and won LM in 70 and 71

    in the 60s Ferrari used 3.0-3.3 litre cars at LM, ford used 4.7 but later 7-litre cars and u wonder y they won?

    ive seen a video of a skyline-engined 200SX on drag slicks do the quarter in the high 7s so who cares whether a 427TT can do it in low-9s? soon as u put slicks on a car u have to compare it to a whole different category of cars, and here the Vette loses - badly

    30 years ago a Porsche Can-Am car did the 1/4 in 7.3s and u'll find that most racing cars can do 9s with less power than the 427
  21. you ent the only one
  22. See all i have to say about all of this is that corvettes are the best cars. Porches are nice and extremely fast yes. And so is Ferrari and all the rest but the price difference is so big that there is almost no competition there. And besides that...american cars are the best cars. You cant beat their sound, their power, and especialy for the new Lingenfelter Corvette.... their speed. Not much else to say about that.
  23. Re:

    Chicane, you'll excuse me if I offend you.

    None of you can seem to make up your minds. It's either "All Americans care about is going fast in a straight line, who cares" or "American cars are slower than European cars, Japanese cars..." OK. Really.

    Ha, fastest street legal car in the World, '57 Chevy, mid-6's (6.55).

    Fastest N/A Street Legal car in the world? 7.81, American ('67 Camaro). Ouch.

    Need I quash the drag slicks arguement again? M/T ET Streets, DOT approved, cornering friendly. You can pull the front end with 'em, seen it done.

    Oh, and the GT40? WAS known around the world as the Ferarri killer - for beating them at LeMans two years in a row. By the way - Shelby A/C Cobra did the same thing - two years before the GT40 did.

    What, need to build a bigger engine to go faster? Well I don't see any Hondas beating my Big Block Trans Am, so it must be working.

    Why are both BMW and Toyota NOW starting to build V-8's? Well, I guess the rest of the world is starting to get that good-'ol-American jones for speed after all.
  24. nothing baets good old american muscle imports are way too expensuve to ever compete with american cars

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