Re: F-40 Vs. F50!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in '1987 Ferrari F40' started by Lone Star, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. F-40 Vs. F50!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The greatest Ferrari battle of all time. The Ferrari F-40 racing against the F-50. Since they're practically the same performance wise, it would prove to be the greatest Ferrari battle of all time!!! The only match that would be better between two Ferraris is Koenig F-50 on Koenig F-50, but that's another story. For now, the battle remains, F-40 Vs. F-50!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  2. I don't like the F50, it is just like Gogeta, overpowered and ugly
    F40=young gohan

    sorry for DBZ references, peace<!-- Signature -->
  3. F50. Nuff said.<!-- Signature -->
  4. Pansy boys go for F50, real men take the raw F40.<!-- Signature -->
  5. the F40 is much better, more racelike<!-- Signature -->
  6. F40 for tracks
    F50 for the week

    If I could...
  7. F40 for tracks
    F50 for the week

    If I could...
  8. The F50 it's a road F1 and it's got all of a F1.Not suitable for everyone...
    When compared with a real F1 as it showed in BBc's Top gear which i have i my archives, it almost got the 1990 Alain Prost F1.
    0-60 F1- 2,1 s the F50 3,5s ,top speed:F1-340 Km/h; F50: 328 Km/h.
    It's like having a F1 on the road.Everything is F1, but i would prefer a F40,if i could afford it.
  9. U people all think for some reason that the F50 is soo much better but in many ways its not.First of all in a sraight line the F50 cant even keep up with an F40,but on a track it will waste it.Thats because they were built for 2 different reasons.The F50 was built to be a road legal F1 and the F40 was built to be awsome and intimidating for its time.There are few cars today that can keep up with an F40,and by many means its a hell of a lot better car than an F50 looking at different perspectives.and like i said in a sraight line the F50 wouldnt even keep up...............Enzo.....the next great thing.
  10. i like the ferrari F-50 better cuz its just newer and less ugly but dont get me wrong the F-40 is an excellent car and should go down in history as kicking the sh*t out of chevys!!!
  11. the F40 is way better then the F50, looks tons better too.
  12. Less Ugly?
    The F40 is gorgeous. Most people will agree.
    Kicking the shit out of Chevys? What!!! The F40 was not made to compete with Chevys. It was made to compete with the Porsche 959.
    You are an idiot.
  13. the f50 is better performancewise..but the f40 shows love of the f50 wuld win the race..but the f40 wuld look more agresive durin that race
  14. I believe the F50 is faster on the race track, although not in a staight line. And I would take the F50 for its Formula-1 techology and its looks.
  15. F-40 Vs. F50!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the simple fact is that the F40 is well better than the F50,
  17. That's just the corniest match-up I have ever heard. Why would a new Ferrari race an older one? The F50 would probably win, because it focuses on engine performance, and aerodynamical performance, and ergonomics (which is actually quite important in a race).
    And what is up with all of these anime references, especially DBZ? If you've gotta geek this forum up more, at least choose a good anime, like Vampire Hunter D, or Ninja Scroll! I know, I'm a geek too, but you don't have to talk animation on this forum.
  18. For me f40 is better than f50 because it's more beautiful and:

    1)f40 is better in acceleration because Kg/CV=2,51 and f50 Kg/CV=2,56
    2)f40 has more torque than f50(576nm vs 470nm),so is more funny to drive also because it has the turbo.
    3)f40 is only 1200 Kg(f50 is 1320 Kg.)so is more easy and faster for sportdrive(and doesn't kill diskbrakes like the f50)and with the turbo and the better torque it accel better after a curve.
    4)f40 has been the ferrari carrecord in accel(0-1000m.)for 13 years!!!Only the newest ferrari Enzo can do better in accel.
    5)f40 is the last ferrari turbo.It's more performant with a smaller engine than f50.The incredible thing is that f40 is older.

    F50 seems an F1 car;F40 is the real ferrari.F40 for me is the best ferrari of the history....

    and the turbo is the best invention to have power and to enjoy drivers...

  19. F40 is not really much worse on the track. My friend has a F40LM that will waste an F50. Plus the F40 really is the most beautiful car ever.
    Classic lines, and classic performance. It is a racecar. Period.
  20. Ok,Nissan Skyline is a fast car....but......have you ever heard about the 2001 LOTEC SIRIUS?No?You can see the pic of this car also on your left,just under my nickname;with more than 1300hp(1334)and more than 400Km/h this car it's faster than a F1 racecar.Ferrari Enzo and Bugatti Veyron are not so performant like the can the dust!!!
  21. plus if we're going to talk about performance upgrades the f40 would surely win. By using simple computer upgrades you can get an f40 to waste even an Enzo.
  22. Yes,it's clear that if you upgrade the turbo pressure with a simply software,F40 become faster than the Enzo.All cars that have the turbo are easiest to upgrade.

    Tiger005 is a really beautiful gorgeous girl!Tiger,congratulations to your mother!
  23. I'd take the F40 for the better looks.

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