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Discussion in '1972 Holden LJ Torana GTR XU1' started by Bandeirante, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Finally a Holden in the site but...

    where are the:
    -Holden Commodore SS???
    -Holden Ute???
    and the new Holden Maloo HRT???

    #$%#ing site...<!-- Signature -->
  2. There are not enough Australian cars on this stie.<!-- Signature -->
  3. If we keep asking for some, they may come.
  4. i agree, aussie cars may not be supercars, but we were the first country to supercharge + stroke the ls1
  5. And why, good sir, aren't Aussie cars supercars? HSV's, for instance, outperform most cars in their class that come from around the world.<!-- Signature -->
  6. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Gimme Fuel</i>
    <b>And why, good sir, aren't Aussie cars supercars? HSV's, for instance, outperform most cars in their class that come from around the world.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->


    dipshit of the year award goes to you.

    HSV do not outperform cars in their class...........stop thinking holden is so good.....the only thing they every made that was aussie was saddles.........well done.<!-- Signature -->
  7. Sounds like you either hate Australia or you're acting on your aggressively anti-Holden attitude. Just as an example, the HSV GTS scored better than the BMW M5 in road tests. I think that says quite a bit about HSV's performance. Sure, stock Holdens may not be as great as people make them seem, but first of all, I was talking about HSV. Second, why don't you back up what you say and stop talking smack about Australia before the dipshit of the year award goes to YOU?<!-- Signature -->
  8. Comeback of the month award goes to Gimme Fuel.....<!-- Signature -->
  9. Thanks.<!-- Signature -->
  10. The only reason thier aint any aussie muscle is because all the Americans,Euros and japanese people think that they are the only people that make cars when all Japan has to look over the back fence to see that we make qulity cars. Watch out for the AV Barra XR6 with turbos and 220 killawatts. Were the only people that put turbo MX 5's so thats gotta be somthing.
  11. yer we need more aussie cars on this site,

    they dont even have the new gts or gto monaros and they are hardly new any more

    !!more aussie cars supercars!!
  12. In the site suggestions or website discussions or whatevwer its called we should make a group post. Forget the Ford vs Holden battle for the moment, we should all strive for the Aus automtotive industries sake, and make our great country proud. I know im getting caught up in the moment, and patriotism is rife, but lets show the rest of the world what type of cars us Aussies make.<!-- Signature -->
  13. yer bloody oath

    and as big kev would say "I'm Excited!!!"

    nah the monaro kicks and the barra will be mad a good step forward with overhead cams in the V8s etc.
  14. I'm sorta jumping on the band wagon here, and am a huge Ford supporter, but agree that the whole fordvHolden battle can wait a few seconds..
    I mean the new BA Falcon will have a supercar. The GTHO or GT(whatever Tickford call it) will be the first proddy car to use the new 2005 Mustang DOHC 5.4 engine(info taken from page 15 Aug 2002 Wheels Mag). That in itself means it'll be a grunt machine, probably within the region of 300-330kws.
    Incidentally, a guy I work with currently has his XR8 ute at Herrods performance (in OZ) having some performance work done, and Herrods have been working on the new XR6 Turbo with Ford, and have easily pulled well over 300kws(400bhp), they will have to detune the car so that it isn't quicker than the XR8.
  15. Ok, I knw with my name how it seems like i am a big japanese car fan or something liek that but, my favourites are australian cars. Fords and Holdens are my favourite types of cars. It would be good to get them out and known. The Monaro is going to america, but as the Pontiac GTO. The Monaro is a beautiful car, but they change the front and put the famous GTO bage on it. It's good to see that the car is going over ot the states, but it would be better if it were going there as the holden monaro, still even sellign under the general motors name, but as the actual monaro woudl be a good thing. to get the recognition across that it is an australian car.

    It will be interestin to see exactly what the barra and VY come out like, and to see the whole range, i hope that they both do well, and get recognised for being great cars from australia.
  16. Although I am a big holden fan i was fairly disappointed with the exterior of the new holden VY range. And is not much different in performance to the VX commodores. Although the interior of the car is pretty awesome.

    I haven't had time to look at the new BA falcons though but from all the fuss they seem pretty cool, and its worrying with the new Falcon GT which is being released in April. Nothing that the HSV Coupe GTS cant handle or the new Monaro 427 being released soon.
  17. My first post woot.

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