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Discussion in '2000 BMW X5 Lemans Concept' started by fizzle, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I agree with some of your views, and ur view are pretty unbias, which is good.

    I think the following:

    if you want performance = BMW
    if you want performance and comfort = Mercedes
    if you want cool, aggressive styling = BMW (but some of them is ugly and it's getting uglier)
    if you want nice, handsome styling = Mercedes
    if you want technology, innovation = Mercedes
    if you want a compact sedan = C class over 3 series
    if you want a mid size sedan = 5 series over E class
    if you want a luxury sedan = S class over 7 series
    if you want a coupe = CLK or M3 are both good
    if you want a roaster, convertible = SLK over Z3
    if you want a hatch back, compact = C coupe over ti
    if you want a touring car = SL over 8 series
    if you want a super car = SLR over Z8 BY FAR
    if you wan a SUV = you are stupid

  2. ummm guys..
    hope you know the ML55 is already suped up! =P
    it's AMG!!
    this X5 is just playing around...if they do this it'll be a hell of alot more powerful and handling would even be better cuz it'll be worked over by M!!

    Also, AMG is very constricted for rear room seating..
    I mean..i'm only 5'8, and I had to sit with my knees @ almost 90degrees..and my back was straight, and every lil goddamned bump resulted in my smacking my head on the roof!!

    The BMW is built with so much more in mind for it's customers.

    But all you MB guys...remember the ML55 is modded by AMG...and the X5 is not modded by M...even this concept isn't..imagine what will happen when they do.

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  3. Look Davut, MB's are kings when it comes to luxury and comfort...Hell they'll make a car that'll suck your *#$@ man, but I have to disagree with you on the performance and design, BMW makes V6 engines that'll perform like V8's, while not ignoring the tasteful elements of design all Bimmers have; they don't rely on mods to embarrass cars that are modified in one way or another.

    They pay attention to every single detail: performance, design, suspension, handling, but overall customer satisfaction.

    And please man, stop comparing modified cars with ones that aren't. Most Mercs your comparing to Bimmers are modified by AMG!!!!

    If you want to fight a fair fight choose equal engines, aerodynamics, etc. Afterall would it be fair if I fought an unarmed man with a shotgun, THAT'S NOT stop making comparisons of tuned cars against cars that aren't just to say that MB's are better than Bimmers.

    PS: Even up the odds and stop cheating.

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  4. Jeez! Merc's are so #$%#ing ugly, so that your grandparents drive them. Bimmers take 'em in everything. Style, Shape, Luxury, technology, performance and most of all comfort. Mercs suck ass
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    MB had to buy AMG so that they can manufacture better performance cars, but BMW didn't have to buy anybody because they can built high performance cars on their own with their M division. And, all AMG cars had to have bigger engine displacement or use superchargers to compete with BMW M cars. For example, AMG C32 had to use the supercharger and E55 had about 500cc more than M5 just to compete and still they couldnt put out 400hp even with bigger engines. Just imagine if BMW were to match engine size as E55 and I'm pretty sure 500hp sounds realistic. Before there were CLK GTRs there was Mclaren F1, which by the way, its engine was made by BMW.

    I dont hate MB nor am I a BMW lover. To tell you the truth I've got no money to buy neither cars but if I did, hell, I'd close my eyes and pick one from either brand and I'd still be overjoyed.

    The truth is MB is copying BMW so that they can make better performance cars(i.e. AMG cars), and BMW is copying MB so that they can built better luxury cars(i.e. BMW had to delay the launching of the new 7-series since they had develop similar air suspensions like the ones in the S-class).

    At the end of the day though, when it comes to performance I'd still stick to BMW and if when I get fat and rich and want a nice luxury and comfortable car to pamper my fat ass, I'd get an MB.

    Man, we should stop fighting and give peace a chance. Let's give each other a HUG! Aww www...*sigh* Isn't that nice ;)
  6. If someone would come to me and say: choose an Lemans X5 or an F50 for free. I'd take the F50, sell it and go buy an lemans X5.
    I'll tell ya all benz lovers, that ML 55 sucks like a monkey.
  7. Ya, i think this is the SUV I would buy, too bad its no where near to be a production engine.
  8. Some of you made some good points.

    Mercedes trying to built better performing cars to compete with BMW.

    BMW trying to built better overall cars to compete with Mercedes.

    But I have to disagree with some of the points.

    BMW have better technology than MB? Hell no. Take a look at the MB F400 concept, look at the SLK with the convertible hard top. Look at the active body control that BMW is copying on the new 7 series.

    I agree that BMW makes more efficient engines. But again, if I can't stress this enuf, Mercedes has a different target market.

    Who makes better cars? Bottom line, look at the sales figure.
  9. BMW's valvetronic is really high tech compared to the mercedes engine line-up
  10. Yes, BMW have double Vanos, valvetronic, etc

    Mercedes also has VVT, twin spark, etc

    I agree BMW have better engine tech

    but Mercedes have better tech elsewhere
  11. First of all, I'm a BMW fanatic since I was still in my mothers womb but I also like mercedes, nissan, jeep and even holden.

    But the thing with Davut is.. you always want to win in every aspect and every views. Sometimes you agree that Mercedes is better overall cars and BMW is better performing cars, but then again, when it comes to technology, you defend Mercedes and saying that it is better then BM. You just don't want to admit it that your merc has to lose sometimes. Japanese cars also have a lot of gadgets and they're really good at it. Mercedes is not into technology. They're more into tradition, comfort, refinement, appeal and image.

    You disgrace the new seven but do you know how many 'world-firsts' that the new seven will bring into the automotive world? when the new seven comes out do you still prefer riding your "1999 world's best car" S-klasse???

    To conclude this, i am sick with your "unbias" view and your "counter argument.." I've seen all your replies and it seems that you just never want to lose an argument. I love BMW and i always will.. but when I have to choose cars from "3 different categories" for say: audi, bm, and merc, I'd choose an A4, 5-series and S-clas.. because each of them is better than the others, but soon they will also be overtaken by the next generation of their competitors.
  12. X5 has a much better look than the Mercedes ML, I think X5 has much more tech... stuff than ML55, and above all I don't like the ML.<!-- Signature -->
  13. hey guys did you know that till the year 2001, the ML did not have an A/C system in the rear, and DID YOU KNOW THAT THE X5 4.4 BEATS the ML55 AMG in the 1/4 mile. DID you also know that the people in the last row should have no legs. CMON GUYS THIS IS AN SUV IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE COOL AND ROOMY FOR DUNEING!!! Guys there is only 1 S.U.V that has the potential to take out the BMW X5 and its the Porsche cayanne.
    thats all i wanted to say. take care now <IMG SRC="">
  14. This car is much better!
    Even the ML BRABUS is faster then the ML55.
    And it is't a proto!
  15. Davut, you have absolutely no efficient arguments, PERIOD. SurfRat proved you wrong, PERIOD! i can assure you that no Magazine has ever recorded 5.5 seconds 0-60 for the M3. and why are you comparing the CLK GTR to a McLAren F1? one is a race car, one is a performance car. you should be comparing the CLK-GTR to the LMR V12 which is a more superior vehicle. the reason why the E55 is so fast is because of the Torque factor, which is higher than the M5, and no to mention, the E Class bodyframe is lighter than that of the % series bodyframe. the ML55 is no longer the fastest production 4x4. the X5 4.6is is. 0-60mph in 6.4 seconds and even with speedometer manages to reach 155mph. even the X5 4.4i is relatively close to ML55 performance (0-60mph in 6.7 seconds according to Motor Trend and Road & Track) McLaren Chose BMW to make the Engine for the F1 because its smaller, and naturally Aspirated unlike the 7.4litres supercharged AMG engines Mercedes uses for the Pagani Zonda C12-5. if your so interested about prototype Performance, compare the MB C112 Concept to the Nazca C2. And also, you cannot use the fact that Diamler started the Mercedes-Benz Legacy as your defense to prove that MB is a bigger company than BMW. it's all about the Profit, and most results show that BMW is 15% more successful in sales than MB is in the US. and for all you MB bums who would take the ML55 over the X5 LeMans, go ahead. i can understand your jealousy of this vehicle. and n e wayz, even if you were to suck 300 dicks a day, you won't be able to own this car...EVER!<!-- Signature -->
  16. I'm being bias, but the Mercedes ML55 is goat urine. I don't like the shape. It's designed for wimps or soccer moms. That or the buisness man who aren't automotive enthusaists but know that Mercedes is supposedly a "better name than BMW". Again I'm being kind of biased because I really don't like its shape. Egronomics is pretty good though, good use of analog controls. <!-- Signature -->
  17. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shutup man....number one have you ever driven a high powered benz and a high powered bmw? I have...I've driven an S55 AMG and i've driven an M5...the M5 is far superior to the 55 AMG in terms of power, handling, and its all around more fun to drive. I've also driven an ML55 AMG, and ive driven an X5 4.6iS, the ML is terrible compared to the X5...and the X5 is far better looking...and this BMW has a 700 horsepower v-12, so how can you even compare an ML55 to this?! You probably haven't driven any of them anyway. LEt me tell you that there is a reason why car & driver always has BMWs on the 10 best list and not benzs. Now dont get me wrong, i love the S55, its a great car, but dont compare an ML55 to an X5, especially not this lemans one with 700 horsepower.
  18. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from SurfRat</i>
    <b>BMW X5 4.6is. The rightful owner of the title "Fastes Production SUV in the WORLD."</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    The new bimmer can run circles around the mercedes. 340hp, 0-60 in 6.2s and it still cost a little less than the ml55. and atleast the BMW isn't butt-ugly
  19. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Davut</i>
    <b>Haha, go check out the specs of a M3 and the new AMG C32, and see for urself who's faster.
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    the M3 cost 15k less. Compare the new m3csl and the c32amg. that will probably make you cry.

  20. hahah! the BMW X5 is butt ugly, especially from the rear, it's butt... Aha! but AMG has a new engine ready to roll, a 457hp monster... The X5 4.6i won't be holding the title for too long. Oh, don't even mention the LeMans Concept, it's not road legal.
  21. yo davut!

    ur really stupid, the X5 isn't even an SUV, it's an SAV which is not intended for off road use, so stop using off roading to defend ur ugly ml class of mercedes.

    also: X5 4.6 is alot faster then the amg!

    and do the hole world a favor, shut up
  22. ok this is how much ml55 suck, the x5 4.4 stock, is faster then the ml55. showing how amg competes with m, the x5 4.4 should compete with the ml430 not 55, amgs are good, ///M are better
  23. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Davut</i>
    <b>Unfortunately, you haven't made me cry yet. X5 4.6 is faster than a ML55? Okay, maybe that's true, but you know why? Cuz the stupid Bimmer SUV can't even go off road, it's a SUV designed for the streets (ironically), which defeats the whole purpose of a SUV (go read the "Why do ppl like SUVs" forum).

    You want performance, then why the FU@K would you buy an SUV.
    Okay, but the X5 4.6 is faster. Fine. I take that.

    But Bimmers always faster than Mercedes? Haha, go check out the specs of a M3 and the new AMG C32, and see for urself who's faster.
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    lol, yeah just like a Ford fan to get into straightline comparos. The M3 unmercifully kicks the shit out of the C32 at the Nurburgring and any track for that matter and M3s with SMG usually get better time straightline times than the C32 anyway. Besides, the C32 is equiped with its pansy-ass auto.

  24. I have read now all your comments on the BMW MB subject and let me tell you a story of my own. I have worked for a company doing R&D for braking systems for all major car makers also for BMW and MB. I personally did develop and drive tested a Proto type Braking system for the SLK AMG, and why did they want this brake? Because the Z3M was allready out and therefore MB needed something to compete. well here one obviously sees that MB is behind BMW concerning performance. But please make up your own mind on this subject.

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