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Discussion in '2002 Honda Civic Type-R' started by chevy freak, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Almost everyone here is stupid... First of all who cares about grammer? We are ona car forum, and the point was to talk about this paticular Civic. I personally think the car sucks, but that doesn't mean that I don't like Honda's or Jap cars... Cuz I do like them. I have owned American, European and Japanese cars. They are all great. Where would we all be with out cars. If you had enough money, theoretically you could make any 1 car faster than any other car. I have seen a Civic Si beat a Viper... Who cares? I race for the fun of it. I don't give a shit if your car is German, american, Japanese, Italian, or whatever. They all make sweet as hell cars...
  2. OK this Domestics Suck Imports rules shit (and other way around) is pretty lame. Lets all talk about something intelligent now. Cause frankly you all sound like 13 year olds. Just admit all cars have advantages and disadvantages. its not like some countrys have magic powder to make all their cars cool and fast and other places dont.
  3. Relax, we're just having fun when we give bullsh*t comments. Lighten up. By the way, this car sucks.<!-- Signature -->
  4. has honda heard of styling
    appearantly not
  5. Honda knows nothing of style, nor speed.<!-- Signature -->
  6. hey sorry if i accused you of that on the other forum i must have typed that on yours by mistake. but the only argument that is uneducated is that a 4 cyl isnt half the motor that an 8 cyl is. did you just get what i said a 4 cyl vs. 8 cyl, logical math that we learned in the 2nd grade obviously tells us that 4 is one half of eight.
  7. IF you wanted to waste your time you could say that every car sux. There will always be a better car, no matter what you drive. Get over it. You will never be the fastest, nor the best looking. All cars have advantages and disadvantages. Thats so that everyone can find a car that they like.
  8. It's all good, Good In '87 (is that what it's suppost to be? What car?). But here's the thing - yes, you could say an engine with twice the displacement is twice the sice. But the energy it takes to create horsepower increases on an exponential curve as the horsepower itself increases. It takes four times the output to produce 400 horses as it does to produce 200 horses, etc. So specific output doesn't really mean all that much.
  9. Here's my lame input. I say it all depends on people perspectives, I really don't like F.ix O.r R.epair D.aily very much and I've had a lot less problems with imports than ford's or gm's. But I've always said, it depends how you drive the car and maintain it. If you drive the crap out of either car, your going to dig it an eary grave. But if you drive it properly and maintain the car, either one should last a good while.<!-- Signature -->
  10. you know why red one cause they both suck
    the stang, don't get me started, and the civic
    some are fine but the hatchback is kinda ugly
  11. the whole goodin87 thingy is just a joke between me and my friends from a long time ago you do raise a good point but i just dont see how people can talk about comparing a mustang to a honda. i like imports because to take an engine that only has four pistons and make it run in the nines is just amazing.
  12. 94FORMULA
    your a jack ass.
    my 88 5.0 has hit 220 in 4th gear at 4 grand
    Quater mile when it was stock was a 14.4
    Power shifted and modded now will run high 13's and lower 14s
    what does your formula with a LT1 vette motor run ( why does ur car come stock with a vette motor) becasue they were slow!!!

    in the 80's fords #$%#ed up the chevs big time!!
    New cobra R vs Z06... the same #$%#ing car

    maybe Ford might put a COBRA R motor in there GT!! not
    <!-- Signature -->
  13. Its funny that you put them in the same catagory. But I guess I understand why, they both suck.<!-- Signature -->
  14. What do all you guys have? Kia? I bet you do because all of your cheap cars couldn't beat any of the cheap car's out there. bye the way my name is cheapcarhater and your guyses cars suck so just drive them and your yellow teeth and dirty hick scum off the biggest hick bridge you can find ok! P.S. Ha ah ahhha hah ah hah ahha hah hah aah a ha haihh ahaha ah ha!

    Honda Civic Type R ?? HEHGEHEHEH
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHRH #[email protected][email protected]$!$#@#@%^!

    Stop and take a look at this shitty little car for a minute. How the hell can you believe something like this would ever be capable of pulling 9s ? And still be at least 50% actual honda ?

    What a total load of shit. You can buy any old shitty car and completely convert it into a mutant aftermarket machine which is actually a mongrel consisting of thousands of performance part brand labels.

    Hondas ?? All I have to say is HEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  16. i dont see how any one could compare a little civic to a huge 5.0's are fun to drive but if your in to racing then a mustang is the way to go.
  17. you guys are just jealous

    History tells us that civics can pull 9 second runs

    look at the numerous CRXs that can do it

    keep your stupid uneducated comments to yourselves
  18. Stangs dont suck man. Neither do the cars you like. What about the Muatans Cobra R' that scored just as high as the corvette on the skid pad ???? uh huh thats what i thought... and yeah that guy you were bitchn at that doesnt know anything he has no clue what thehell he is talkn bout
  19. all ya'll are #$%#in idiots...its in trucks...not cars....not little shitty little civic, that high center on pebbles, but big trucks with 12 inch lifts and 44 inch tires and 102 inch dual whips, and gun racks in the back winder, and a 12000 lbs winch for pullin civics out from underneath.....yes im a hick...from way back in the sticks..and by the way all your cars look like shit
  20. 4 Piston VS 8 piston suck my cock! honda still win i dont want your grandmother stang suck her tits man!!
  21. okay i like domestics better than imports, but what the hell was bleak 7 talking about in his post. obviously a mustang is faster than a civic but you made no sense at all i doubt you even have a drivers license your probably 14 years old the way you wrote that post
  22. Stangs are better but.....

    Hondas suck but bleak7 bring your cheap mustang to me and how can I say it ill smoke you to hell!! I'm a proud owner of a Saleen Mustang S281 supercharged it no match against your pony <!-- Signature -->

  24. There is no way a pile of shit like this little rice burner can even compare to a mustang, or any other american car for that matter. The only thing i have to say is that this car no honda can compare to an American car for the same price.
  25. No stupid rice rocket or Stang would touch my 390hp vette
    here 2 pics of it<!-- Signature -->

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