Re: how did callaway get a tt v8 to go so fast??!!

Discussion in '1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette' started by El Jefe, Aug 9, 2002.

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    <b>comon IT IS A F***EN TT V8 254MPH?
    BULL CRAP!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Not hard at all. 880 hp + low drag body parts = ~250 mph. John Lingenfelter did a seriously built small block chevy for a land speed record car with a Pontiac Trans Am body that made ~1400 hp and ran 294 mph at Bonneville.

    Speed costs money, how fast do you want to go? The Sledgehammer had a Bowtie block, Brodix billet aluminum heads, 4130 crankshaft, custom ground cam, twin custom turbos, custom intercooler, custom radiator, etc., etc. I don't think it would cost anywhere near $400,000 to duplicate it, but it still wouldn't be cheap.
  2. Da Bomb, have you ever heard of changing gear ratios? It is very easy to do especially with almost 900 hp.
  3. This Corvette was designed only to go fast. It was a twin turbo charged V8, with custom everything as El Jefe mentioned. The EFI system was actually designed from a Tunnel Ram intake, with individual injectors placed near each intake. This was completely out of the box for that time period...and is actually still an exotic setup for today's standards.

    Every scoop you see on the body, and several you can't see in the pic above, was designed as an intake or exhaust for some system in the car. Air was channelled through the vehicle to cool the oil, transmission, brakes, superchargers, and to reduce drag. I think the tested ratings on this car (according to the Hot Rod Magazine article of 1988) was around 16 Mpg. That's pretty amazing for a nearly 900HP car...expecially during the late 80's.

    I saw this car (there is only one), in the Corvette Museum several years ago. It's an incredible piece of history, and a very, very powerful supercar.
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  5. think gear ratios. and it makes it fairly easy at 880hp. the wonder is not how he got so much speed it's how he got so much power! according to those numbers the new bugatti 16/4 thingy should get like 2000 of someting! try unleashing Callaway to do his best on one of those things.<!-- Signature -->
  6. IT'S A CORVETTE!!!!!!!
  7. very observant...
  8. Who lives where you can get to 200+?

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    <b>Who lives where you can get to 200+?

    Germans</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    There are plenty of roads in the US, especially in the western US, where there would be plenty of room to get this thing up to 200. But, it would take quite a bit of, uh, fortitude to do it. Also bail money if you survive but then get caught.

    You might be able to do this on the Autobahn, too. Anyone from Deutschland wish to comment?
  10. As for previous postings asking, "Where could you go 200+mph", everywhere? I live in the suburbs of detroit, 5million people in 3 large counties, and no I didnt do it in the city, but I got a regular run of the mill 2000 Corvette Coupe to hit 170. It was 3pm on a saturday in the middle of the state at about 3pm, and I got up to 170 with no trouble at all. Next summer im trading my vette for a 2003 viper RT/10, with any luck that has a max speed of 200mph+, and I fully intend to do that.......the best time is in the summer just after sunrise(so you can watch for pigs with radar) at about 6am in the boonies, at that time, on the right roads, you can max out any car(including this callaway). Even in a state with 8million people.......just wait till I get out to montana ;)

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  11. Nice to know somebody else is from Detroit. But actually the AutoBahn does have a speed limit but its so high there might as well not be one, I think the limit is 170, but the cars over there hardly go 170 unless its a supercar so they say it is not speed limit. Now, Ph00lish I dont know what kind of Corvette you have but all my peeps and mine say 205 on the dash but as all cars (excuse me, good cars) do can go at least 10 mph over the dashboard speed so we can hit 215 given the chance.<!-- Signature -->

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