Re: how do u feel about the new direction of cadilac?

Discussion in '2002 Cadillac Cien Concept' started by impreza-guy, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. how do u feel about the new direction of cadilac?

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  2. they used to be an old person kinda car but with the escalade they've changed. it's good
  3. I don't really like GM carz. They all look crap. I'm sad that Cadillac is part of it. The carz of the early 90's were very charismatic you know. With those thin taillamps...
    What i'm sure is that their design is going to a wrong direction. They're just simply following the vogue. Non of them look like Cadillac nor do they look nice. The new cadillacs they're showing are all -too- edgy. They look like a broken egg rather than a solid lookin form. But they think it looks solid. How could you be convinced that it's solid if it already looks like it's broken? Cadillac designers should go over to Ford(who created this design technique) and ask for a lesson.
    Oh, and they should also stop that old American habit simply chunking in a big engine and advertise that it's high performanced just with the output figures. <!-- Signature -->
  4. What do you mean you don't like GM? Do you know how efficient and economical these cars are compared to your precious prosche. Do you own a porsche? Do you know how difficult and expensive it is to repair those pieces of crap? This car would kill a porsche. Do you know anything about cadillac, or are you just mad they made a great #$%#ing car!<!-- Signature -->
  5. LOL!!! hahaha...das so true.
    Porsches are not fuel efficient.
    Surprisingly, GM makes very efficient V8s =)
    I believe the figure are bout the same as the 911 or even better.
    Also they are much more sturdy. As proven how the C5-R whooped everyone's ass in it's class @ LeMans, and even managed to creep into the GT1 class =P

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  6. Id like to know the weight and proformance stats for this car. I think the company direction is good from a marketing point of view. Cadillac can no longer afford to make cars that are big, heavy, and have a big but not to powerfull engine under the hood. Their new focus on saftey, technology, and prformance should help them. We should be able to see there sales increase in the next few years as people with money in the u.s. will stop looking to forign markets.
  7. Cadillac's new design philosophy is uniques as in it is original. You can garuntee the car wont be mistaken for some other marque. To me, generally, I like it. The Evoq looks really nice and so does the Escalade. The XLR and CTS are both borderline good and the Cien is a show stopper.
  8. It's hard to say, I think a lot of cars will start to go with that "sharp" and "edgy" look over the next few years. Cadillac is really going all out with it though. Take for example the 2003 CTS, it looks very radical, but i don't think it will look so extreme a year or two after it's release. I still like the competition's looks better for now.
  9. You can't beat a car that you can view a v-12 through the back window. Damm, how cool is that. I think it's a good direction for them, if they continue to make the other cars that their good at, and along with them make a couple of crazy cars like this.
  10. I like the direction that Cadillac is going because they are prototyping cars that I am acutally interested in. However, I think that it is a big mistake for them. This car, as well as some of their other prototypes, are up against some extreamley stiff competition. I can understand their desire to change their image, but I think that they are trying to go too far too soon. I mean, for the price that I'm sure these cars are going to go for I could probably buy a Viper, Porse, or maybe even a Lamborghini or a Farrari! Why should I put my money and faith in a performance Cadillac? Lets face it, they have built their reputation making luxury cars driven by old people.
  11. Hmmmmmm..actually nope.
    If you look into the history of Caddy, they were mainly a luxury performance car running V12s, V-16s and eve V18's.
    Amazing eh?
    This was ay in the old days..Capone age..etc.

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  12. I definately think cadillac is taking a turn for the better. 10 years ago the only people that bought caddies were people over 60 years old cause they had enough room for a iron lung! but seriously the designs are looking good, and if they can manage to turn out a sportier car than a catera then i think they'll be doing even better.
  13. Hmmmmm..well the CTS is more sporty =)'s basically like a Lexus IS300, but bigger, roomier, lil more power/torque, and alot more German incentives.
    cool thing how BMW uses the 5 speed auto from GM eh?

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  14. LOL..not the Escalade..
    The Catera was first, the Escalade, then CTS, and hopefully this next.

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  15. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from SRB The Punisher</i>
    <b>LOL..not the Escalade..
    The Catera was first, the Escalade, then CTS, and hopefully this next.

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  16. i like the caddy's new look. doesnt look derivative to me and it does stand way out. i cant hink of another manufacturer besides ford that had this look. and ford only had it on a concept or two. if caddy can consistently apply this look to their whole range they will be very well off. they just need to work on build quality now...
  17. The Cien is probably the first Caddy i like besides the escalade. It looks really nice and sharp. One thing I have always liked about Caddys, however, is the northstar V8 and now the Northstar V12.
    I think they are GMs best engine, and the only one that is worth a look at because all other GM cars suck.

    And no they GMs are not economical since their efficiency, HP per liter sucks.

    That is my opinion, no angry hostile responses please. <!-- Signature -->

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