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Discussion in '1995 Porsche 928 GTS' started by Matthew4300, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I have heard that some of the last GTS'es had 375 HP. Does anyone know if this is true?<!-- Signature -->
  2. Hey, I'm not sure about the later GTS models having 375 hp, but I can rest you asure that 345 hp is plenty of power. My car only has around 250 hp, and it hauls ass. I cant even imagine a 928 with 345hp! That'd kick ass!
  3. On the 928 GTS, the latest model had a 5.4 liter 350 bhp engine. <!-- Signature -->
  4. Hey Porsche-Freak do you have a 928? If not what kind of car do you have?<!-- Signature -->
  5. the few, the proud the Porsche V8 (or not...the turbo flat-6 porsche has is 600HP...)<!-- Signature -->
  6. Hey im looking to buy ether a 944 turbo s, 928 s4, or 1975 911 twin turbo with the 3.3 engine what do you guys think is beter for performance handaling looks reliability all out power and all that I would like to have your point of view thanks
  7. hey if you have the money get the 928s4 it has the best styling and the most horsepower for your money. it also has the best handling by far i have driven all three it is the best. if those are too expensive go with the 944 turbo S they have a lot of horsepower and are very fast.
  8. i would take the 944 turbo s, those cars are very fast, and handle very good, but again the handling depends on youre likes, i prefer the 944's handling because it doesnt provide to much oversteer, but the 928 on the other hand it has got so much torque, that if you take a turn a bit to fast you will spin right out of control, yes the 928 is that powerful.
  9. Hey I am too.

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  10. Hey this car is kinda good. So is the 944 Turbo. Uh and the Dodge Viper is good to.
  11. I was leaning towards the 928 but i heard the 911(930)turbo is an all around better car but the price tag is a bit higher then the 928 what do u guys think about the 75 turbo
  12. The 928GTS had 360bhp.
  13. To: TurboPorsche

    Hey, how could you have been dreaming of an 2001 Porsche since you were born? Unless you're only a year old!<!-- Signature -->
  14. 5.4L 345 hp V8

    Horsepower 345

    Torque (lb-ft) 369

    Displacement (cc) 5400

    Turbo/Supercharger No

    Bore X Stroke (in.) 3.94 X 3.38

    Compression Ratio 10.4

    Fuel Type No Data

    Fuel System EFI
  15. All I know is that it looks incredibly sweet in black, with fat rear tyres.<!-- Signature -->
  17. Quote shefx: Enzo Ferrari had a dream, and Dr.Ferniland Porsche crushed it!

    OMG, please tell me you just can't type! And if you can, please stay of this site!
    Who the F*CK doesn't know it's Ferdinand Porsche and is active on this site!? There are to many stupid people on this site!
  18. Re:

    The 928 GTS is just totally wicked and looks sooo nice, my naighbor's got the 1994 edition in yellow and looks so good. I jus went in his ride, he was taking roundabouts at a 100 km/h WICKED!!!
  19. hey guys, he install 4 this car on nfs5 dosen't work. Have any of u guys got nfs5 and have downloaded it sucessfully? (same with the 911 GT3, i got the 959 and the 911 GT2) I u do, please email them 2, thanx
  20. No, not 190. 911 Turbo does 190 because it has a lot more bhp than this.
  21. no, I don't think so. Why would they change a perfectly good car?
  22. "Hey im looking to buy ether a 944 turbo s, 928 s4, or 1975 911 twin turbo with the 3.3 engine what do you guys think is beter for performance handaling looks reliability all out power and all that I would like to have your point of view thanks "

    I didn't know Porsche's came with 3.3L engines back then, but regardless i would go for the 911, give it a '88 930 Body and you are set for looks aswell IMO. It is undoubtably going to be the quickest around a track.

    But ive grown a likeing to the 928 S4 lately because it is so damn cheap, can't say the same for 911 turbo's. And also, the S4 has a fine arse.
  23. You can't go wrong with any of the cars but the 944TS has the most HP, Speed and handling potential for the price. I have had an 81 911 SC, 88 944TS and a 87 944S. The 944's were much better handlers and the 944TS was by far faster than the 911. You can put about $5K in to a good TS and get 500+ rwhp, 1+g, and a top speed just past 180mph not to mention the 944 is much more stable in corners and at high speed than the 911 (my sc had a whale tail). I don't know much about the 928 other than it sounds really good.
  24. The 928 is a much better car than the 944 overall, and whether or not you "spin right out of control" has a lot to do with the driver, because this car has excellent handling, as well as the Weissach axle, which is exactly specifically designed to eliminate lift-throttle oversteer by allowing the rear suspension to actually adjust itself during cornering. So, have you actually driven one of these cars or not?

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