Re: Hyundai cant design cars for shit

Discussion in '2001 Hyundai Clix Concept' started by jkboi27, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Koreans should stop copying us
  2. Hundai cant make cars worth shit, but there STILL better than any damn Ferraari! GO NASCAR!!!
  3. I think this car look like a Nissan 350Z or the infinity. But it doesnt look as good, its tail lights are silver, not my type. But it still looks bad from the front.
  4. Whaddaya mean pieces of shit? Hyundai deliberately makes weak engines maintain the low price of their cars, even below $15K. That 300 hp I-4 will kick every inch of your ass.. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  5. Oh, I forgot to mention Hyundai's UNLIMITED MILEAGE warranty that beats Mercedes and that awesome 6-speed sequential.. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  6. HOW MUCH?

    Hyundai Tiburon: $16,000
    Hyundai Sonata : $15,000

    Ferrari Enzo : $670,000
    Ferrari 360 : $150,000
    Ferrari 456 : $220,000

    I bet you couldn't and would never be able to buy a Ferrari. Much
    less even a base Modena.
  7. want me to kick ur ass?
  8. I think we've had enough.
  9. haha..that crap u just said was the exact opposite of what hyundai is. its what i refer to as my version of jap crap. the car rattles at 70mph..the car is 4 luxury posers. real luxury lovers wuld buy a bentley. this hyundai will never be made. they dont have the heads 2 make it. and if they did..u can 4get about that warranty!
  10. the tiburon is the only hyundai that catches my eye.
  11. This thing is still going? I refer all instances for hyundai being unreliable to JDPowers.. Hyundai is ranked number two.. tied for Honda as the most reliable cars in the US right now.
  12. I bet the half of u 'hyundai haters' own a celica or an rsx. The other half ur dreamers who dream on having a ferrari someday (no way), so u compare every car with a ferrari like F KOENIG550.

    PS: get over it man!
  13., im suprised they buy that shit
  14. Yeah, as long as they steal everyone else's sh*t, they'll be ok.


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