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Discussion in '1989 Ferrari Mythos Concept' started by Burning Rubber, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. yea maybe but that guy is just bullshittin yo<!-- Signature -->
  2. I have 2

    but I don't drive them.<!-- Signature -->
  3. you have 2 brain cells and no you don't drive them....well said sultana,....<!-- Signature -->
  4. Good one <IMG SRC="">

    keep the faith<!-- Signature -->
  5. But in a way he is right u know... There's a sultan, don't ask me wich, but that guy really has two of them. And the sucker never drives them. Idiot...

    keep the faith<!-- Signature -->
  6. The Sultan of Brunei have 2 Mythos<!-- Signature -->
  7. and a mythos estate (was looking to YorIN (dutch televion channel) when it came by @ old dayz eve .. )

    cool car though ..

    a 2-seat estate Mythos ...

    eLec<!-- Signature -->
  8. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from alien workshop</i>
    <b>i have seen him in other forums saying he has 2 of everything but i bet he aint got 2 balls</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Another good one <IMG SRC="">

    keep the faith<!-- Signature -->
  9. since when can you own a prototype????
  10. Yeah, this guy, the Sultan of Brunei also has 6 custom-made 456M GT convertables and a few 456M GT sedans that we also custom made. He is some rich guy who has Ferrari build things just for him.
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  12. i know about the sultan who he is etc. and i can tell you this guy is a froad! i read an article in car and driver about him.
    i this dude wants to try and proove he is the real deal, he should tell me his favorite car.

    (by the way the real sultan speaks shity english!!) <!-- Signature -->
  13. The Sultan had a lot of cars that some of us can't even imagine.<!-- Signature -->
  14. Well well. I dont know what to say to that. Anyway I have a concept and I believe this concept will push a car far beyond 300mph with a great 0-60. But I also need to do more research and I need funding. So Sultan, if you actually do own the 1989 Ferrari Mythos Concept then you would also own the Mercedes Benz CLK GTR and I think eight McLaren's. A man with such a love for performance cars would truely want the king, prove yourself and fund me and I will deliver a car that goes at least 300mph and acceleration would match if not beat a McLaren's and handling superior to the Mercedes Benz CLK GTR with looks to kill. Up for it or what?<!-- Signature -->
  15. Re: Do all these have shift kits in them?

    0-60 in 6.2, impressive to say the least. what a #$%#in joke!
  16. Yeah, I have one too! Really, I do! I bought one of these 1:18th scale cars a long time ago. Yeah, I don't drive it either. Oh yeah, does anyone know if it actually has an adjustable spoiler? My scale model car's spoiler can adjust at the lift of the finger - literally, but I never rolled it fast enough to make it rise, just like the Porsche 911 Carrera. Have you ever achieved it, TheSultan? Oh yeah, I also have a Lamborghini Diablo, Ferrari F50, Porsche 911 Turbo, and a Toyota Supra Twin Turbo - they're all in 1:18th form, except one of them, which is 1:1.<!-- Signature -->
  17. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from TheSultan</i>
    <b>but I don't drive them.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    GUESS WHAT SHITSTAIN!!!!! Ferrari only made ONE working Mythos! The other was a JUST A MOCK-UP! You really screwed up this time you dumbfuk. And guess what else? They were never sold to anyone by Ferrari! Quit lying to us you little one-nut squealing piglet! You just got caught by someone who KNOWS your lying. Go back to your gay-butt-lovers websites and leave us alone!!!!!!!!! You really think you can outsmart all the good people here? It just proves that you're a lying sack of shit and you probably drive a Yugo. Suck me sideways.
  18. dude chillout it was pretty funny if you dont wanna hear what he has to say then why read it no one forced you to read this
  19. How the hell you got 2 when ther was only {{{one}}} made.
    huh tell me you lying piece if shit, how.How the hell you got 2 when ther was only }} made.
    huh tell me you lying piece if shit, how.
  20. Sultan of Brunei (the real one, not this geek) really owns two Mythos, because he's the richest dude on the Earth, so he convinced Ferrari (with tons of money, of course) to make two more cars just for him. Sultan is also owner of world greatset collection of cars, he owns between 2000-5000 cars, real number is not known, because they're all safe in climated garages, who knows where..

    see ya later
  21. Don't get all pissed off at "The Sultan." In practically every forum he has posted in he is just making fun of the sultan because of the many cars he has ad doesn't drive. I find it funny.
  22. Ok ok. I just HATE #%$gots who lie about things.
  23. i love those ppl who try to fool others its funny as hell oh and by the way i have 9 mclarens.
  24. A rich guy who has Ferrari build things just for him. Where I come from we call people like him losers!
  25. I agree!

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