Re: I think this car is FWD no?

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  1. I think this car is FWD no?

    That was the case in the game GT3, it's an FWD rally car, good handling but slighty worse acceleration.

  2. Every GT game in the series has a flaw. Did anyone else notice in GT2 the ride height was measured in inches not millemeteres? But this isn't a game forum is it.....
  3. Every rally car is AWD/4WD, I think.

  4. its true the car is FWD. even still it does pretty well in the standings.
  5. Its an AWD, its in WRC class which means it has to be AWD. its not in F-2 class (F2= Front 2 wheel drive). If you want prove, check the picture which it shows its mechnical structure and you can see a rear-end. Only if they sell Citroen in North America, they got great cars.
  6. I do see a drive shaft going to the back in the cut-away picutre here on this site. So i guess it's AWD afterall. BUt then GT3 is wrong then?
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    This car is a AWD, 4WD, how do you wan't to call it. Citroen made a WRC for the season 2001, this years season, in 2000 it had a F2 class Xsara and they completed only in the tarmac rallies. And i think that in the GT3 is the year 2000 Rally Xsara. TheMadChigga was right, WRC cars has to be AWD. I know this, you could say that i'm aware of there kinda things. In the picture you can see that all the wheels are sliding, or how do you say it? spitting dirt? <IMG SRC="">
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  8. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Atreiu</i>
    <b>Every rally car is AWD/4WD, I think.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Nope. An good example is Renault Mégane.ItŽs FWD!
  9. The Gran Turismo version of the car is probably the older, none WRC model of the Xsara. The T4 is the new 2001 WRC spec car...<!-- Signature -->
  10. MadChigga and CaptainBMW are the only ones who know what they're talking about. Will all the other yuppies quit playing video games and actually get behind the wheel!! If you can't drive and don't know anything about cars SHUT UP!! For anyone else who is blind and writing opinions- look at the cutaway picture: a rear driveshaft, rear end, and rear drive axles along with drive axles from the transaxle for the front adds up to... hmmmm... 2+2=4.<!-- Signature -->
  11. Every WRC car is a 4 wheel drive, of course there are FWD rallye cars but they aren't WRC, like the F2 Kit Cars(2.0l engines, aspirated, +/- 285bhp), the Super 1600 category cars(1.6l +/ 200bhp), like Ford Puma's, Peugeot 206, Fiat Punto, Citroen Saxo, for example, there are a lot more of rallye cars that are fwd, but to be a WRC they must have 4wd as well as a LOT of more things.
  12. i know its not fwd because you can see the driveshaft and rear differential in the see through picture. take a look.
  13. you are right but if we donŽt have that picture, people may confuse it with the Xsara Kit Car, that was a FWD, an a main opositor to 306 Maxi and Megane Kit Car on the French and English Championship, but even so the xsara Kit Car had a diferent front boby.
  14. there are fwd rally cars. they race in a seperate class, at least in america they do.<!-- Signature -->
  15. And in Europe too.
  16. it looks like a good rally car

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