Discussion in '2001 Honda Dualnote Concept' started by deuginthesky, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. HOLY MOLEY!!! EVERYONE'S GETTING ALONG! Something's not right here... hahahahaha! ^_^

    I KIND of agree... this car could use a makeover, but if you look at the charictaristics of the shape, you can see where the engineers are making the fast-moving air go, making for less drag. There's style, and then there's science... too bad the 2 sides never agree on anything... :-/. My guess is that this car will do at LEAST 165MPH... probably closer to 180, do to design and power alone. My '91 Accord EX with poor aerodynamics will do 120MPH at 5,600ft., probably something closer to 125-127 (I had a few RPM's left over, and it's a 4-speed auto [yeah-yeah... make fun of the automatic all you like.. it's pretty good bang for the buck when you pay $0 for it!]) at sea level, and it's only got 145HP (no, it's not stock, and no, it's not fast.). This 400HP ride shouldn't have any problem reaching 165, unless ur out of gas and you've got 10 minutes of 100HP left... haha... that'd suck...

    My FAVORITE thing about this car: The wrap-around 'cockpit'... DSM's were my favorite, but no more and I havne't even SAT in one! LOL, now THERE'S an interior design! I love cars that you can't just drive, you have to 'wear' them! ^_^

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