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Discussion in '2001 Ford Steeda Mustang GT' started by Rice Rocket 55, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Ok ford is best selling American car company? My are they 3rd in the stock exchange? Gm is 2nd and chrysler is first. When the gt40 comes out ford will be best selling car company? Well they'll have to compete with gm's plan for displacement on demand computer controlled cylinders. Now most people want erconomy and power i guess that means high gas guzzling v8s are out so displacment on demand could give you v6 economy with a 8 cylinder wihle running on only 4 cylinders. Then chrysler is making the hemi standard in all dodge trucks. so one car a gt 4 is not going to bring a whole company up, and u say the vette is the only car supporting chevy? Hopefully u ment now even though i see more malibus then vettes and mustangs. Because chevy ruled the 60s, early 70s, late 80s, and 90s.

    Regardless i hate camaros and mustangs over produced shit. only good mustang was 429 and gt 500, and the camaro ZL1 69 plus 99 and the 70 SS454.

    Regardless buy american #$%# this jap shit its only over here cause japan puts high tarrifs on our cars so we cant sell our stuff there and america doesnt put on high tarrif rates on jap cars here so they sell here.
  2. I completely agree with you. This is an excellent car. Oh yeah and whoever said that there were too many mustangs, then move to ^*^*^ng Japan with all of those other pussys with their froo froo options and crap. Muscle cars will always dominate.
  3. I love Mustangs. They are great cars. When people say they suck I just cuckle b/c at car shows I see more mustangs than any other car. At the drag strip for evenings at the strip I see more mustangs winning than any other car. All I saw was Fast & Furious 4 bangers losing to Stock GT's! And Jap 6 cylinder losing to Stock 6 cylinder mustangs!
  4. Steeda make some really good mustang parts and their cars are really good
  5. i love fords and think mustangs rule, i dont like jap cars, but some mustang lovers will diss australian fords even though were all on the same side
  6. agreed if US ford fans dont like are Falcons but it think thats more about that they are scared that The falcon GT will becaume another compeditor for the mustang when it should be the sadan performance ford in the US, that weighs more but has a more acomplished mill.
  7. actually, moron, they pay Ford to upgrade mustangs. They hafta get the rights from Ford, not the other way around. Try coming up with a better argument next time, peace.
  8. the reason that saleen and steeda have to tune mustangs is because the factory mustangs are crap. they are way too underpowered and too slow. honestly, 260hp from a 4.6L v8 is not a lot of power. even this car, with 437 hp is only about 2 tenths quicker in the 1/4 mile than a stock camaro ss, which btw has over 100 less hp and is naturally aspirated. plus, the mere fact that you are saying this mustang can beat any jap car is embarassing. you shouldn't have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a mustang to have it be better than a little import. but i guess that you have to compare the mustang to something it can actually beat, unlike the camaro which has always been and always will be better than any mustang.
  9. no, mustangs actually aren't crap. There underpowered, the SVT cobra gets 430HP, and don't argue thats its 390 because there underrated for insurance. This steeda mustang can probably do the 1/4 in upper to mid 12's, with the right tires, it doesn't do a 13.1 or .3, they say that, but it doesn't do that. The mustang is way faster than the SS, what are you kidding me. And almost all stock mustangs can beat imports, the stock v6 can beat a rycer, due to the low weight there not that slow, and dont tell me there heavy, they only weigh 3049lbs. People have tested stock cobra's and their quater was 12.43, which, is better than the Camaro, and the Z06, so, i guess the camaro's better than the mustang isnt it, ohh and even if it was, Camaro's are done, they have siezed production, they were rip-offs and didnt sell.
  10. Hoo-yah... Nice little post there, guy. And I just gotta ask all of you S2000 and R34 Skyline freaks out there... Have any of you found a way to boost those cars to over 600 horses for 10 grand or less? And whoever it was that said the Vette is the only thing keepin' GM alive.... You're absolutely right. GM has a bad habit of taking great cars (Nova, Impala, GTO, Malibu, just to name a few) and turning them into horrible little machines. The new GTO is an absolute disgrace to the title... The Mustang on the other hand, will always be what it is. A great American musclecar. Easily one of the best (if not the best) selling cars in America. Of course you haters see a lot of Mustangs driving around. They're great cars. If seeing too many of them is a bad thing, then what about all of the "super-Civics" and other Jap cars?
  11. I agree that GM has been ruining their cars. The Malibu and Nova were genuine muscle cars originally, and now the Malibu is a slow economy car. What happened? You never know--the Corvette might turn out to be another Aveo.
  14. Ok, where to start? Well I usually hate mustangs I like the specialized ones, cobras, saleens etc. and also ones from like the 60's but stock mustangs or Gt's i dont like at all there are way too many of them on the road and to be honest the same is true with the camaro which is a car i like, and even though all you mustang owners may not believe this it is true, I have a 1991 Chevy Lumina z34 completely stock that kills mustangs, I know you dont want to believe it but its true, (dont worry i kill camaros and trans ams too) but look the mustang isnt terrible its just not what its all hyped up to be without being a cobra, or saleen etc. Also a stock mustang or mustang GT cannot beat a corvette sorry to you all and please dont take this as an insult post or think im being an asshole its just the truth from what i have seen, but i will admit the 05's are looking nice I cant wait to see what someone does with that
  15. It is not necesarily that superchargers are evil or bad, it's just not normal American automobile tradition to slap on a supercharger. Notice each of the old school muscle cars were normally aspired, high displacement engines. People just want to see that in the newer cars, that's all. It's not always a matter of performance, with American is a matter of tradition and heritage.

    But it is not like these engines of Ford's cannot be highly modified to acquire tons of horsepower with forced induction. Because they don't need forced induction. For example one of the newer Jaguars (Ford owns Jaguar) uses a Ford V8 and managed to squeeze 500 some horsepower out of it with out the use of a supercharger or turbocharger. It is also more expensive than any Cobra SVT. Ingenuity comes at a high price, but if you have the money it is well worth it.
  16. Erherm....

    He never said that Mustangs weren't domestic, he said that he dislikes them but would sitll prefer a domestic over an import. Can we say "Reading comprehension" ?

    What else.... I would not claim the Cougar to be one of the Mustang's competitors simply because it WAS a Mustang. The V6 in the Cougar was the same as that used in the Mustang Coupe, and they shared the same frame and suspension...

    As for the other competitors, GM has this thing for making cars that will never make it. There are just too many branches under the GM wing, Buick, Chevy, Pontiac, etc.. that all want to some how incorporate the newest engines and platforms into their own variations of the same car. This in turn leads to premature release of cars and loss of sales. Not ONLY because the Mustang beat them in sales.

    I have a strong feeling that the F-bodies are going to come back with more of an uproar than you think. I imagine the commercial for their re-introduction is going to display two new beauties with "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leopard playing in the background....

    Anyways, compare Ford to domestic companies, not to GM and Dodge, you aren't helping the current import craze problem...
  17. I wish they would bring the Falcon here to the states. They are great cars, it's not even funny. They may be supercharged but they would be Suburu killers. Well the 2005 Mustang GT with it's 300HP V8 should take care of the STI without much trouble. Twice as many cyliders means same horsepower at lower RPMs = Mustang beats Suburu, especially on the drag. (and no one is going to race the two around a track so shut up posers who argue "Well AWD blah blah hoo")
  18. I do not bash people who have an S2000 as a daily commuter/fun to driver convertible. For that, no embarrassment taken. But for those who attempt to do just that, reach 600 are out of your minds. The funny thing about imports, is that expensive modifications increase power 10 horsies at a time (not turbo/sc). Whereas Mustangs aside from being underrated out of the factory, are performace potential monsters! Intake, exhaust, and headers on a GT will hardly lighten your pocket and give you a good 80 horses. Japan just can't touch this. Lose the toys and play with the big boys, buy a muscle car.

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