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  1. i can name you a car that's faster than a viper under 100k. its called a tvr tuscan R. i think cerberas are about as fast too. these are british cars and can only be imported to the states, but you didn't say in what country. the u.s. isn ot the only country to drive you know.

    settling along that, how about the ascari escosse. i think that's around 100k. pagani zonda c-12 anyone? ah yes and the skyline costs significantly less in japan. nismo 400R anyone? yeh so you see the viper only has that bang for buck if its

    straight line only
    made in america
    not imported into another country

    and to a certain point
    you must have slicks to let it acclerate otherwisie it'll just fishtail outta control

    that's a lot of uh requirements itsn't it.
  2. best car that you can by for the price. 2002 lingefelter corvette
    427 ls6 engine with two Garret twin turbos
    802 hp @ 4600
    866 ft lbs @ 3600
    6500 redline
    0-60 in 1.97 with mickey thompson STREET slicks
    0-100 in 4.33
    0-150 in 9.21
    0-100-0 in 8.75
    1/4 mile [email protected]
    top speed over 240mph (estimated)
    braking 60-0 108 feet (the corvette is one of the best braking cars in the world)
    skidpad 1.01g
    epa 15/24
    and its an auto for all you auto haters
    rossler 4l60-e auto
    it has airbags and a 3 year warranty, find tese things on in car that produces these numbers and all tip my hat
    the total package handiling braking gas miliage acceleration and topspeed and it has a warranty. all for 165,000 dollars. find me anything that is comparable at any price that any person can by.
  3. it does that on drag slicks. if you tried that with performance tires i'd fishtail outta control. it cannot handle well. that 1.01 G is not impressive since most performance cars can pull in excess of 1 G on the skidpad with fatter tires.

    o yes for 150K you want cars from other countresi that can match its performance. this should be fun.

    for starters this car. it has more hp, weighs about thes same. does 0-60 in 3 but tha's on street tires! haha. reeeaaally pointless of you to make that stupid arguement.

    i judge from this little comment the 800TT has been regulated to trash because the lingenfelter can beat it right? isn't that how all your american straight line accel only guys think?
  4. I would like to see all of these cars that pull over 1g on the skidpad. like the allmighty supra oh wait .98, damn not enough or what about the 300 zx oh no .91 not enough either no wait the nsx zanardi edition no .93 still not enough. which cars are you talcking about. and the slicks are street slicks like I said. made for the street. where is this car better than the vette.
    topspeed 240+ to 214 no
    0-60 3.0 to 1.97 no
    handiling I doubt
    braking ya right
  5. o damn add performance tires on the supra and you have more than 1 G. damn right? damn damn damn. the mclaren only pull 0.88G on the skidpad. DAMN doesn't that just throw all those stats out the window. crappers maybe the magazine testers got it wrong? you tink about that.

    damn teh saleen s7 only pulls 1 G on the skidpad and only runs 65mph through the slalom. according to these numbers it can't even best a z06 in handling.

    damn the gt-2 was tested slower than the 911 turbo yet it pulls a whole 0.3 G higher on a seperate test done in nurburging by a professional driver. SHIT doesn't that just suck that your arguement was totally meaningless as i dind't even menttion the supra or 300zx.
  6. i dont understand your post. are you saying the tests that they due to determine handiling abilites dont work or the professionals that due them are inconsistant. the zo6 corvette pulls 1g on stock tires.
  7. i am saying that. the z06 vette has much fatter tires than a supra or 300zx. it is not really fair to say a vette has better handling than such a car because if that was the case than the saleen s7 would be a total waste of money, as would the mclaren. the supra and 300zx's lateral accel can be easily improved with new fatter tires. this is the reason why i post this. it has nothing to do with suspension really.

    in addition i beliveve that they do not take some of the cars in certain magazines through enough runs to find a true number, or have enough experience. in motor trend you'll notice they take the lingenfelter vette for what 5 runs? the gt-2 for 1 run. it makes zero sense that a car with less horsepower nad more weight (the 911 turbo) should best the gt-2 in everything. NONE, especially when the overhwhelming data from other races disprove this.

    does the z06 vette handle better than the saleen s7?
    i only need one example to counter your arguement.
  8. yes in road racing the z06 does.(its brother the c5-r) you know this if you watch lemans racing.
  9. the c5r is a vast improvement upon the z06. you know in the beginning before more vast funding of the c5r, it was not the competitor that it is today.

    i said STOCK z06. not c5r. i can guarantee you that they are different as the c5r costs much much much more.

    stock saleen s7 against a stock z06. the description given in the motor trend interview was ultra precise handling. yet according to statistics this is broken down and consummated as the saleen s7 is acomplete waste of money and utter garbage.
  10. true.true. maybe its not all its cracked up to be. longer overhangs crate worse handiling.(thus the reason the mclaren f1 has very small over hangs) the corvette is very small and nimble. the s7 is very long. not saying if the zo6 can or cannot out handle the s7. u have to remember the race model s7 is a vast improvment on its road car as well.(and has done very poorly in lemans)
  11. not too badly. it made a 1st place in 12 hours of sebring and 2nd place in lemans .i'm not sure how it did this year though. i did watch alms and it made like 7th which was kinda bad though. all i mean is that our firm trust in easy statistics proves wrong a great many times.
  12. hehe actually i live in illinois. chi-town!
  13. thats not to bad. I live in cincinnati ohio. If you want to email me and give me your number maybe we could talk and work something out. I have nothing to do untill Aug 20th when I go back to college. I am done working now too.
  14. yeh actually the same here. i'm staying with my parents here until i have to go back to college later in august. my actual residence is in california.
  15. I don't like japanese cars.

    With those mini-engines, they should be called micro machines. Amercan cars have huge V8 and V10 engines, most of all, and European ones have V8 and V12.

    Why does people likes this car too much? Like we say in Mexico, "no tiene chiste ni gracia", a small engine, body like all japanese cars (yea, all jap cars has the same body, or at least it can be easily confused), in two words, "no personality". Right now you should be thinking I'm a crazy man who thinks that cars has personality. You're right. When I see a Mustang (any year) I inmediatly recognise it, but if I see a Lancer or a Skyline, I don't find much differences...

    Have you ever seen a japanese car which is a "legend" like the Mustang or the Corvette (and I can name more)?? I haven't. If you know about one, tell me, please, I would like to laugh.

    That's why I don't like micro machines. Please, please, I don't speak English very well, be comprehensive ;). Thnx.<!-- Signature -->
  16. this engine has the ability to handle up to 900 horses on stock parts. in japan there is a general unwritten law that the car manufacturers cannot produce a vehicle that is above 280 horses. for this reason the japanese do not produce very amny v8's and v12s although i guarantee you they exist. toyota is debating whether or not to create a successor to the 2000GT using a v12.

    first of all i'd like to point out that the japanese have not been making vehicles for as long as america or europe. the japanese took an american product (kinda like camcorders and all that) and basically made it better.

    what the hell is the point of increasing the displacment of a vehicle if you haven't made the most of what you already have? european vehicles gneerally have larger displacment engines but include many high-tech features to keep their efficiency high (not fuel efficiency, thermal)

    current american cars retain their use of old pushrod engines which essentially because it is a way to create cheap power. this is why american vehicles with good horsepower are relatively cheap when comprared to that of other countries.

    why do people like this car?
    it is notorious for the durability and easiness of modifying this paricular engine
    innovative awd system
    a 280hp version of the r33 skyline beat a stock viper around nurburging
    banned from australia for winning too much in one of its racing series
    has attained the record for highest top speed on a PUBLIC ROAD (216mph)

    and generally what you consider to be legends in america are refernece to straight line performance. the gt40 and shelby were the only two to have a TRUE international racing heritage.

    of the legends
    plymouth is now dead
    camaro and all f-bodies are gone
    this really leaves us with
    shelby 427sc

    you could probably only afford two of those cars. you complain about japanese styling? what is the vast majority of american cars?

    cavalier? aztek? rendevous? questionable styling of the CTS sedan?
    how about the current impala taurus? the fishhead car? pintos? eagles and talons aren't even american....are you proud of the focus?
  17. OMG i did not just hear u say that all jap cars look the same! name 1 car that looks like a skyline! give me 1. who cares about american cars they SUCK all i can say about them. thats why ford cars got recalled so much. like my friends 00 mustang. and my other friends focus. i had my GT-R for 2 years and nothing happened to it. it runs like a baby. If all u american say that GT-R sucks. Then why do lots of americans want GT-R to be sold in America? Beacuse they know GT-R is better then a ShitSTang.


    00 GT-R
    92 300zx Turbo
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    BTW u say that a Lancer Evo looks like a GTR. for 1 GTR is 2 door and Evo is 4 door. GTR is longer and Lower then a Evo. Evo has a intake in the hood and fog lights. GTR has no intake and no fog light. Even the spoiler looks diff the Evo is higher and bigger then the GTR. GTR has 4 round lights at the back. EVO has none.
    I know this shit coz i work at a garage in HK moding up jap cars.
    here is my web site where i work at

    Before u start talking shit about Jap cars get the facts straight they dont look the same. ill take a jap car before any American cars.

    Jap car all the way BABY!


    300zx turbo
  19. If you live outside the US you will know that the following cars are considered legends by most countries that can import/buy them. And the impressive thing is most of these cars have been made in the early 90's.

    Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32, R33, R34, even the R31 gets a mention)
    Mazda RX-7
    Nissan 300zx (now 350z)
    Toyota Supra
    Honda NSX
    Subaru Impreza WRX (including Sti's)
    Mitsubishi Lancer EVO I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII

    You know the other day I watched a Nissan Pulsar GTI-R with a sr20det 2.0l engine beat a Dodge Viper RT10 down the quarter, and that Nissan cost about $30k less than the Viper did.

    You could add some motors to the legendary list as well, Nissan RB26DETT, SR20DET, FJ20DET, VG30DETT, Misti 4g63, Impreza EJ20, Toyota 2JZ-GTE, etc

    I think the measure of a real car and engine is the power per litre ratio and the Jap's are winning that by a long way.
  20. Hey blaze4eva, If you want a real efficent car with a small engine with durability and power you would be interested in a Dodge Spirit, of course you think it's shit, don't you? And there's a lot of American cars like this.

    Yep, the most of the legends are dead, if they weren't dead, they weren's legens, or not? This legends are past, but there are some recently born legend, like the Viper, or renoved ones, like the GT40.

    I think I won't convince you that Japanese cars aren't as good as you see (even if it's real)... "arbol que crece torcido..."

    Well, you can buy your japanese car, but with my american car, I'll always kick your ass. Sorry man.

    "You know it's sad but true..."
    Metallica (American singers are better than japanese too!)<!-- Signature -->
  21. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from ThE DaRkStAlKeR</i>
    <b>Hey blaze4eva, If you want a real efficent car with a small engine with durability and power you would be interested in a Dodge Spirit, of course you think it's shit, don't you? And there's a lot of American cars like this.

    Yep, the most of the legends are dead, if they weren't dead, they weren's legens, or not? This legends are past, but there are some recently born legend, like the Viper, or renoved ones, like the GT40.

    I think I won't convince you that Japanese cars aren't as good as you see (even if it's real)... "arbol que crece torcido..."

    Well, you can buy your japanese car, but with my american car, I'll always kick your ass. Sorry man.

    "You know it's sad but true..."
    Metallica (American singers are better than japanese too!)</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    You'd like to think so...

    The GTR and EVO are radically different....much more so than the Corvette and Camaro or even Firebird. You might as well say all cars are the same as different as they are.
    You probably haven't ever seen an Evo and a GTR....
  22. Of course I have seen them, I only talk about things that I know, and not like other people does... don't you think the same?
    Yes, the Camaro and the Firebird are similar, almost the same engine (but no the same body)... but one is Chevrolet and the other is Pontiac, both are made by General Motors. Are Mitsubishi and Nissan part of a single company? I think not, please correct me if i'm wrong.

    Are that all the examples that you have of the similitudes of American cars?<!-- Signature -->
  23. I'm not talking solely on the basis of similitudes of cars. I don't think you have seen these cars in person as they look completely different. One is a high rounded vehicle with a number of ducts, vents and four doors, the other is a longer, lower, two doors, wider...etc. Do I need to put two of these cars next to each other to show you? They are as different as the Mustang and Corvette....if that analogy helps......
  24. Well friend... I respect your opinion, and I'm only giving mine, an I think Japanese cars sucks, and American, and European cars are better than this crap. I won't change my mind. You won't change your mind. But even if you don't like it, American cars are better, and so much people think the same as I.<!-- Signature -->
  25. how the #$%# is the viper a legend. if the viper is a legend then there are quite a few japanese cars that are legends and sr20deth posted quite a few of them.

    do you realize that a ferrari f355, 360 modena, F50, and the new enzo are considered efficient engines you dolt. thermal efficiency (judged primarily through hp/L) is how much output you get from the potential energy (gasoline/air) that you put in. many european cars in this respect are quite efficient, including a vast number of v8's and v12's.

    do american cars have this? no. why? because that's hwy american vehicles with high horsepower are chepaer than their european equivalents (although in some respects this is hardly so)

    besides like i said there are probably only 5 legends as you call it in the first place. how many american vehicles exist? more than any other lineup by any other car company. so really most american vehicles do suck in their respective categories.

    only idiot increase displacment of vehicles first becuase they dont know anything about engineering and therefore cannot generate any more power with what they already have.

    most japanese vehicles are indeed superior to their american equivalents ( in their respective categories). americans buy what they view to be the best why is it that the big 3 lose money on their cars on their own soil, only to make profit through suv's and trucks.

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