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  1. LOTUSES SUCK AN THEY UGLY! GET A FORD!!1 Now those are nice cars! the best.

    i like shrimp
  2. -YAWNS-
    This car is not a Ferrari, but it can make a hell of agood use out of that V8. Lotus has showed that with less power, it can work. The Elise has an inline-4, but it would leave a trail of dead Ferraris on a slalom track. So what if it can't beat a ferrari on a straight. Some cars that can't beat it aren't bad, such as the Camaro IROC-Z. And, after all, most poeple that I have seen always are aking me how the doors open, so I guess it would work. (I own an old Lotus and a Skyline). And trust me, the Ferrari has never been a Bond car, but the Esprit has twice. Go Lotus, it-is-your BIRTHDAY!
  3. I'll bet 0-60 in 4.5sec is too much for most of the idiots trashing the car.

    Check the torque on the ferrari 355 and 360, then look at the torque on the esprit.
  4. Dont get me wrong ferrari is one of my fav car manafacturers but if i had to choose between this and a 360 of 575 i would go with this even over on of my favorites the 355
  5. You are such a #%$. Poor man's car? this is well over $100K. it has 350HP for 3.5L, which is a 100hp/L. how can you say lack of power, the engine is so small! And no, a Ford Focus would crumple at 6000RPM, and this car would take most american and jap cars to school. A camaro is nothin like this, this car's transmission alone would cover the cost of a camaro.
  6. I gotta agree man, this car owns all! I JUST bought one the other day, I've driven it once and it's already better than my dads 575 Maranello, I have great respect for Ferrari, but I'd take my Lotus Esprit Twin Turbo ANYday!
  7. I'm not very impressed with several of the posts on this forum. No one that owns a Ferrari or a Lotus talks (let alone writes) at a fifth grade level, unless the said individual is a rapper or an athlete (and you're not). Even if a Lotus is "only" $80,000, it is still expensive-a luxury that on your convenience store income would be all but impossible. So, Mr. LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO, it's ok to like these cars and not own one. And the kids on this site whose fathers buy them these sorts of cars (which I also don't believe, just for the record) should realise that either said father is trying to passively kill you, or he is an outright idiot. I wouldn't give an immature child a vehicle that can almost assure his death. And for the rest of the people on this forum that are just posting their opinions and don't feel the need to validate themselves by lying about cars that they don't really own, I must say that Ferrari and Lotus are very different roads to the same destination. People that say that this car is boring either have never seen one on the road or they live in Monte Carlo and see hyper-exotics every day. To say that a car that has been around for about 30 years is a copy of a modern Ferrari is simply absurd--spewing unintelligible vomitus like this should not be permitted on this site. These companies are both great, and it is really a matter of personal taste. Ferrari gives you panache, an unrivaled racing history, and that wonderful Italian symphony every time you start your car. But it also has the tendency to make others think that you are some indiscriminate rich snot that buys things because of the name. Lotus, on the other hand, is identified as the "alternative" brand. It is subtle (in the world of exotics, anyway)which is not the same thing as dull, and is the brainchild of the school of thought that "less is more." It, too, has a great racing heritage, but it has been the "David" in this classic matchup (Road & Track did an excellent review between the Esprit and the F355 a few years back. That same issue also had the Mustang Cobra vs. the SS Camaro, and the Boxster vs. the Z3, I believe) Personally, I love them both. I am a HUGE Ferrari racing fan (it is hard to spend a year living in down town Modena and not be such). One day, when I am very old, I may be lucky enough to own a Ferrari (give me a 550 Maranello coupe!), but I know for sure that one day I will be able to afford a Lotus. And what a day that will be!
  8. Just plain stupid, bordering on the offensive. No one here thinks that you have a Lotus, and no one here thinks that you are rich. Money and education typically go hand in hand (and it is obvious that you do not have that), unless you are an athlete or a rapper (which you are not, because if you were, you would know that "poor white people" are a pretty good market, and that it is bad PR to offend entire races of people). You are a racist, and i hope that your low income housing apartment gets condemned very soon. *****.
  9. Poor man's sports car? Wow, look at all of the homeless people driving their cheap 80,000$ sports cars! Seriously though, this is not cheap, so don't call it a poor mans sports car. And besides, this car is great. Its handling is superb. Me and my dad test drove it and it was AWESOME!
  10. lightweight lets it accelerate faster but it does not mean it will take turns better..being weighed 50/50 weight distribution is really important so when u take turns it doesnt roll..the elise slides when it takes turns cuz its about 2 lift off the ground. you cannot compare ferrari with lotus.. lotus doesnt have as much power. this car is straight up cool i have no problem with it. when i see the back i think its an old ferrari for some reason but this car is perfectly fine.
  11. i hate americans and there slow cars, yes this might be old but when it was first seen centurys ago it was like seeing a enzo
  12. u must hav ir head up ur ass 2 far u damn brit. the us has the fastest cars on EARTH. i dont give a shit bout ur damn McLarens. the Lingenfelter 427TT somkes that shit like bud and it dont even cost $200K. US PRIDE.. REPRESENT THE 703 (nothern va baby)
  13. Well I don't know what to say. My friend has a 2002V8 Esprit and I must say that it is very fun to drive and all. I have seen the 1999 model destroy a F355 and F360 on the track. I have also seen the Esprit beat the ferrari's in 0-60 as well run about 6mph faster the the F355 on top end but the F360 was equal or tid bit faster then the V8 Esprit. To me the Esprit doesn't look as elegant as the Ferrari but it does have a certain appeal to it. So I must say that I do not agree with the postings... the Esprit doesn't "SUX" but for the money will out perform pretty much everything in its price range and cause traffic problems when driving in the city.... Rubberneckers...
    If you want more information on comparing the Lotus to the Ferrari Motor Trend did a clip called VivaVelocity and the Esprit beats the Ferrari in EVERY event.. top spead, 0-60, slolum, skidpad, and breaking. The driver states that if the Esprit had a 6th gear it would be a 190+mph car. It is caught on film with all professional drivers.. I need not say anymore.. Sorry!
  14. i dont give a flying #$%#. this car sux, and those Ferraris suck 2. Muslce 4 life
  15. Both cars are fabulous in there own way.
    Lotus is a superb handling, lightwieght sports car, Ferrari is a luxurious grand touring brand name that performs well too.
    I have never seen a truly "sucky" car in all my life, all cars are good for something, and comparing 2 cars that are built for different reasons by different people is a waste of time.

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