Re: In top fuel a V-8 has 3000 horsepower!!!

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  1. But then It wouldn't be much of car if it had thousands of hp.
  2. Talk about a lack of knowledge...
    Ok newbies...
    Top Fuel is 90% Nitroglycerine, 10% Methanol = Nitromethane, and they only use 86% Nitromethane as fuel. Blown, fueled engines used in the NHRA Top Fuel class produce an estimated 6000 horsepower.
    The reason that the engines are torn down every 1-2 runs is because of the fact that Nitro is so caustic. Like acid, Nitromethane is liable to eat through heads, blocks, pistons etc.
    DO NOT use liters when discribing the displacement of fueled big blocks. For the top fuel class, 500 cubic inches is the limit, and the team can use a company block (for example, chevy, ford, chrysler, etc.) but HAS to use hemispherical heads.
  3. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from z28infront</i>
    <b>Do 3000 horsepower, NOT A CHANCE!!! </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Do you even know what top fuel means moron. It means the engine runs off nitromethane, which is way more potent that gasoline. It's just plain stupid to compare a tiny little rotary, which is still pumping out 550 bhp, and runs on normal gasoline, to a huge V8 that runs on nitro (not nitrous, NITRO).<!-- Signature -->
  4. wtf does a rx need 3000 hp for?
  5. The mazda 787B has 700hp. It won the lemans 24hour race, so I guess they could push the engine a lot more if the endurance of the engine is not important. But if a V8 can have 3000hp for a few seconds a guess mazda would be able to do the same with a rotary engine, if they bothered. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  6. my rx 7 has 800 hp, non nos. im a streetracer, im racin every night. i love my car, its the best car ever
  7. In responce to the 4000hp integara, I have seen this car,this is no integara. It is a slightly smaller version of a niro funny car.
    Oh and honda did not build the motor. It is the brain child of an american who has why to much money. He machined the motor completely out out billit alluminum and it is some 300+ c.i.(big american 4 banger)
    It has its own fuel mapping system, runs on nitromethane and alcohol,
    w/ two huge turbos. The Itegara body is a lift of carbon fiber replica.Now listen I work on fuel cars in the N.H.R.A. and can tell you there are what we call rules and restrictions. If I had free rain to build the fastest top fuel car ever I would have a 1500lb chassis,
    800c.i. duel over head cam 4 valve per cylander v8, w/ a screw type super charger, a computer fuel maping system and 100% nitro, but then you have to get it to stick. I can only estamate about 13,000 to 14,000 hp and 3.90 e.t.s @370 mph. We have no choice but to use 500c.i. puchrod all alluminum v8 hemi's with roots type blowers, and 90% nitro,we still get 6,000 to 7,000 hp.Oh N.H.R.A. does not allow computer engine management systems, it it all machanical. REASEACH THEN SPEAK.
    nitromethane is a propane base,methonal is from corn and added via NHRA rules at 10%
    for safety reasons.Methonal only helps the nitro ignite do to its extreamly high Desity.If you have seen a fuel car at night there are flames from the header pipes, this is because nitro is still burning out side the combustion chamber.I dont recomend it but you can hold a lighter up to a puddle of 100% nitro and it will not ignite. that is why these engines need two spark plugs per cylander and two 44amp magnetos to ignite this chinise cleaning agent of yesteryear.
    And disasembly of the engine is after every 1/4 mile pass!!!
    Every time you start it you replace a case of 70w racing oil because the nitro breaks down the oil rapidly. Goes in dark brown and comes out light carmal just from a simple 2min idle
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    Im happy you at least recognize the fact that the Rx7 is a supercar. But consider this there has been a 17, 000 horsepower rotary used in in boeing concepts thats goes 24,000 Rpm. SO please dont discuss maximum horsepowers for engine types. Rotary Engines are simply far superior to typical combustion motors. It goes Rotary Flat Inline V.A rotary engines is always moving not depending on chain reactions it is lighter smaller and can be better placed in the car to acheive perfect balance eg (Real race cars need handling, thats why flat ranks #2) Also i think it would be good for u to look at two things 1) Mazda 787B NA 700 Hp rotary <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> 2) look up rotary engine.

    maybe I will have made u learn something new I hope.
  10. Ok first off ur a Rotary Noob. 2 Rotor has seen 800 horsepower. 3 Rotar has seen 1300 horses. 4 Rotor is 700 Horsepower NA and Boein Rotary Powered Large Machine engines are 24,000 horses so Rotary OVER ANY COMBUSTION ENGINE !!!
  11. rotary's kicks ass! They rev so encredible high!
    And this version of the RX-7 looks great, like the muscules design really cool!

    (id love to get ahold of 1 of these)
  13. Ha. Some people. The ignorance in this forum. How was it said.. Anymore bullshit and this would be a farm. No kidding. So since we are compairing apples and oranges. Lets compare the Toyota Tercel (93hp/89tq) to this car right here. JUST PLAIN DUMB TO DO! And who the f00k CARES about top fuel dragsters? What does this have to do with the car? It's amazing how one idiot can start a mass grouping of idiots behind computer screens and get them to argue over such stupid 5h1t. I know, it's amazing what top fuel dragsters can do. I used to love going to see them. I never saw a car like this there tho.

    To the person who said something about an F1 engine.. BMW spend how long designing that? Spend how much? and the United States tried to do the same when?

    and I must say... I HATE IT when people compare Muscle cars to Imports. I used to own an import before my Camaro SS and I would stay away from V-8's. The normal import racing a normal muscle gets eaten alive. As it was said many times. Put 20k under the hood of an import and do the same with a V-8, see what happens. (Under the hood is a broad term meaning on the vehicle which can include but is not limited to: Drivetrain, Suspention, Body.

    AND FOR ALL THOSE THAT KNOCKED AMERICAN CARS. TAKE A LOOK AT THE 2004 FORD SVT LIGHTNING. Supercharged V-8 pushing 500hp and 500 tq with the handling to back it up making it THE WORLDS FASTEST PRODUCTION TRUCK. Now go ahead everyone. Compare that to a 6000hp Dragger or Compare it to your 100-200k sports car. Everyone can always use another stupid topic to go off on.

    This RX looks awesome. Simple as that. Would be fun to own and drive.

    Warning: This post contains sarcasm. The Surgeon General has determined that sarcasm can cause confusion and/or bewilderment. Please do not read if you are pregnant, deranged or lack a sense of humor.
  14. SO WHAT?

    here we are talking about rx7 banzai

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