Re: is this car street leagil?

Discussion in '1993 Ferrari F333 SP' started by Vantage7, Aug 10, 2002.

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  2. Of course it isn't street legal
  3. Why the hell is a race car on That is so stupid. Who the hell cares about race cars that you can't drive even if you had the money, and who the hell cares about the Merc Record cars. DELETE THEM PLEASE!!!!!
  4. its a pretty decent car i think....
  5. You are right!
  6. Ur a lil 11 yr old, stop saying gay so much, cars dont have sexualitys, saying somethings gay is just stupid.

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  7. This convo is pointless!!!
  8. Face it, you can't learn without asking questions. After all, a lot of race cars do have road versions, if only for homologation purposes.

    Also, asking what a biturbo is isn't that bad at all, as it's usually refferred to as twin turbo, and sometimes the name of something doesn't quite convey what it really is.
  9. In fact, the F50 *is* the street legal version- same basic engine, suspension, chassis and monocoque. You can trace the lineage all the way back to the 1992 F1 car. I beleive I may have heard something about a special street conversion, similar to what Koenig did with the Porsche 962, but have yet to see one.
  10. wish it was.... v12, 11,000rpm... imagine how that sounds!
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  13. could you post the picture please
  14. It's not a street legal car, but I have a question why this site never has all the information about this car (and others) THAT SUCKS!!! they should have ALL the information soo we can discuss all we want about all the cars on this site, I tell you THAT SUCKS!!!!!
  15. i tfink dhe kar iz ztsreetleguil iv jou cee ztreed az a razetracc!
    iem dizlektik too<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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  17. WOW!!! Only one post from you and you've already entered the "DUMBASS POST HALL OF FAME"! Cars like these ARE Supercars and they have a right to be here. Did you know that back in the 60's all the LeMans cars had to be street legal just to compete??? Well, the rules may have changed but these are the DIRECT DECENDENTS of beauties like the Shelby Cobra and Daytona Coupe, Ford GT-40, and numerous Porsches and Ferraries. Listen: SUPERCARS ARE NOT RESTRICTED TO OPEN ROADS. Whoever said they were??? These machines are the reason that various road-legal counterparts even exist! God you're stupid! Consider your privilage to post comments REVOKED.
  18. This car looks 5hitty.... did it cum out of the recycling factory? I neva nu that ferrari could make sumthin that ugly
  19. No, it is not street legal, but IMO it (along with the Toyota GT-1) remains the best car to have raced at Le Mans and not actually won the event.
  20. This thread should be closed due to drastic stupidity enveloped in its pages.

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