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  1. I hope this car is running an LSD between the front wheels, coz I'm betting the torque steer is going to be brutal if it hasn't got one.
  2. I like this car.
    Ive always liked the GP series.
    280hp is quite a lot on a FWD system, I definately agree that integrating a RWD system would be much wiser. Mabye they will release a 2 door coupe RWD version???
    I do like the style on this car tho', much more aggresive.<!-- Signature -->
  3. FWD???wtf? are they trying to scare ppl away. i mean this car i pretty cool but i'd have to say RWD is deinatly the way to go, and it's got quite alot of power for a V6, yer put a V8 or turbos, supercharger then it would be awesome aswell, over all it's a good car, but FWD nah mate!
    later<!-- Signature -->

  4. This car has major potential to be a true competitor with a RWD system. 280hp is pretty damn good. <!-- Signature -->
  5. Its in a FWD configuration because the Grand Prix is meant to be in the same class as the Altima, Maxima, Accord, Camry, etc... That class segment would of course benefit from RWD, but FWD sport sedans are very popular, and the new G-Force is a fantastic addition...<!-- Signature -->
  6. Man, this is the best GP I think. Even over the other GTP's. The styling of the line has gone from horrible to pretty good in a short tie as well, bravo Pontiac. But I think this should be a FR layout. They can not push the FF layout much farther than this I think.<!-- Signature -->
  7. Even Cadillac is moving from the FR format. GM should do this with Pontiac as well. I said it before, ditch the V-6. Put in the wonderful inline 6 and hook it up with the rear wheels. And for those of you who say that 280 hp is a lot for an FF layout, check out the Cadillac line. 2 cars throwin out an even 300 hp at the front wheels. The only reason they are switching (which I applaud them for) is because an FF can't handle the "sport" end of things.

    Give it the I-6 and Rear Wheel Drive, and then I will take mine in black please.<!-- Signature -->
  8. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from metaleric6</i>
    <b>Needs more power???
    What's wrong with you guys, look at the segment of the market that the grand prix competes in, the maxima is leading in it right now with 255hp, i think the next grand prix more than has it covered. Why does it need a V8? Isn't a supercharged V6 good enough, people like it in the current grand prix, I'll bet they like it in this one.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

  9. GM has neededsomething to actually compete in this segment for a while, i think that this is it. I do believe that even the non supercharged version will sell well, it is a beautiful car.

    But i do agree, this entire segment needs to shift to front Rear setup, but i htink that that is too much to ask from some of the competitors.
  10. I think it would be positively STUPID for Pontiac to NOT pursure this. This is a sweet car and an agressive design. as for HP, heck people, the Mustang GT only gets 265 on a good day, and its gonna get spanked by a V6?? Oh heck yes. I love the idea of Pontiac getting more into the performance works. Actually I'd love it if the US auto makers would...

    1) start building cars IN the US instead of getting parts from all over the world and finishing it here...

    2) Open their eyes to the ever expanding "small engine" performance market such as 4 and 6 cylinder sportscars and Sportsedans.

    3) Get past the dinosaur designs of the past ans wake up to the new ideas and methods of hp building.

    I think that the G force does just that.

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    there are many grand prix pushing over 300hp to the wheels. none of the are have bad torque steer. of course there is some, but not bad at all. there are also some very good aftermarket LSD's out there right now.

    Check it out at its just another message board with grand prix enthusist.

    also Bob Lutz had been talking about your converting the w bodies to rear wheel drive(grand prixs, buick regals, and a few others, i forget) He said it is finacially possible and he would like to see it get started soon. What they are considering is putting the w-bodies on the sigma platform, the same one used in the new cadilac cts.

    should be an intresting few years for GM

  12. 280hp is plenty!
    go test drive a ford focus ZTS 5 speed or the ZX3, they have 130hp and they are peppy lil things! almost a blast to drive, can't wait for the SVT.
    same wit the echo...ugly car, dissapointed when i got it for my loner car from the shop, but it had some good go to it.
    focus and echo are 4 cylinders so i'm not comparing, but just saying bout the whole HP issue.<!-- Signature -->
  13. If American Manufacturers ever streay too far from the large displacement 8 cyl motors i will be very disapointed. Going towards the smaller disp. motors will limit over all hp available reliably and and easily. Some of that is great, for this segment and the compact economy car segment, but the day that the vette gets a 6 or a 4 cyl motor is the day i shoot myself in the foot and swear off driving for the rest of my life. Also that will be the day that the moon will fly out of the earths gravitational [pull and the tides will go so crazy that tidal waves will cover the entire globe killing us all
  14. I'm pretty sure V-8s will never be completely dropped. Although for the economy/family car market, a V-8 is not really needed.

    As for the I-6 in a car... Well, inline engines tend to be very long, in this case that 4.2L I-6 would be about as long as a 8.4L V-12. This V-6 on the other hand is only as long as a 1.9L 3 cylinder. Now, the advantage of having a shorter engine is that in a front-wheel drive car, it won't need an excessively long wheel-base. Yes, "wider is better"-- but to a point! Now, with a rear-wheel drive platform, you would have a little more room to work with, but in some cases they would still have to stretch out the length of the hood.<!-- Signature -->
  15. You know what one of the worst things about a V6 or V8 in a front-wheel-drive configuration is? Changing the sparkplugs that are towards the firewall. That's not much fun.
  16. BMW does it, so can GM, make a smaller displacement I-6, GM doesn't get it that it can build smaller powerful engines. I mean for Christ sake (Forgive me father for I have sinned.) No matter what anyone says, I just don't like the idea of a V-6 in a car. Even if it does throw out a lot of hp. And why the hell isn't the short bus here! I'm ready for school.<!-- Signature -->
  17. I know I6 is the preferred engine choice here and I love them too..especially the Nissan RB26DETT in the R34 =) WOW =)

    But look @ the reality guys. US cars are famous for torque right? if you make the displacement smaller to fit it in the car...the you'll love the torque. OHV also provides alot of low end torque, which is why it is quite unusual to see a SOHC or DOHC car from the competition prouce the same or more torque @ lower rpms then a OHV =)
    OHV also more reliable I find.

    but I would love the see like the 4.2L I6 get shrunken by 1/2 =P
    then stuck into the GP.
    Screw the RWD..since GM owns Subaru now..I say bring on the AWD =P

    DA PUN<!-- Signature -->
  18. I love rear wheel torque. It makes you feel like you are pullin a G.<!-- Signature -->
  19. Yeah, but it also #$%#s you over in any country were you get a lot of snow..
    like Canada =P

    DA PUN<!-- Signature -->
  20. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from SRB The Punisher</i>
    <b>I know I6 is the preferred engine choice here and I love them too..especially the Nissan RB26DETT in the R34 =) WOW =)

    But look @ the reality guys. US cars are famous for torque right? if you make the displacement smaller to fit it in the car...the you'll love the torque. OHV also provides alot of low end torque, which is why it is quite unusual to see a SOHC or DOHC car from the competition prouce the same or more torque @ lower rpms then a OHV =)
    OHV also more reliable I find.

    but I would love the see like the 4.2L I6 get shrunken by 1/2 =P
    then stuck into the GP.
    Screw the RWD..since GM owns Subaru now..I say bring on the AWD =P

    DA PUN</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->i say awd is great too but as for the i-6 it is good but i prefer a v-8 like in the grand prix g8 it is awd and has the awesome ls1 to motivate it
  21. Yeah, I totally forgot about the G8 concept, they threw in an LS1, they should be able to do it with this. And I didn't know that GM now owns Subararu! Is that true? Because if it is, I will be sad as the only person at GM who knows what they are doing is Bob Lutz. I wish GM would just try to concentrate on making their current cars better as they all pretty much suck. Except for the Corvette and the Camaro, and Trans Am. I'm glad to hear that Bob Lutz is bringing back the Impala SS, and it won't be the current piece of sh*t Impala. It will be (if you didn't already know) Holden Commodore SS. If you didn't know, it has the Corvette Spec 5.7L V-8 (350hp), a six speed manual transmission (praise God), ABS, and a LSD (sweet titties, I already have a boner in my pants). And it has looks to boot. I hate the current Impala, I am so glad they brought back the FR format to it.<!-- Signature -->
  22. GM owns 20% of the Fuji corporation which owns Subaru. That's why that Borrego concept used a Subaru engine. The Solstice concept is also using a part or two from a WRX.

    As for before... Yes, GM can make a tiny engine that makes tons of horsepower, but that's not what America wants. The target market here prefers large displacement torque-y engines.<!-- Signature -->
  23. True that. But I think alot of Americans, especially the younger generation including me would prefer an engine that is small, yet powerful. Sure we all love torque amd HP, but if gaining those sacrifices light weight, handling, and reliability..then no.

    I'm not saying that V8 is bad. Hell I love the sound of the LS6 and LS1, but putting an engine like that into a family based sedan is the dumbest idea I can think of. I mean, V8 is so big, and the power is only so so, and it fills up too much of the engine compartment to actually do anything. A smaller V6 or I6 would be my preference..even a H6 engine. The reason why is that it can crank out some bad ass power with less tortional forces acting on the engine and mounting, it weighs less, and strap a turbo on, and you'll have a clean burning, low emissions, kickass, powerful killer car =)

    If you need an example..
    WRX =P
    especially the STi version =)
    Or how bout the Audi S4..has a 2.7liter biturbo. It's not even maxed out @'s quite untuned.
    I've seen VW Jetta and GTis with VR6s...2.8L that are pumping 400hp with 1 single turbo!

    Sure I love the V8s, but they are a dying breed due to high gas prices. The V8s should be made even better to put into a special breed of cars. The American and German high performance sports cars and sedans. It's not like other car companies have not proved that 6 cyls are not good enough. I mean..look @ the new 3.5L VQ engines from Nissan. The lowest output is on the new Altima 3.5SE...and the low is a 240HP!! The damned Altima out accelerates a freaking Mustang GT with a larger engine. That is not all, The Maxima with the same engine is 255hp, and the newest addition to the proud Nissan line, the 350Z has 280+HP from a NA 3.5L V6 =)
    Other examples of awesome 6 cyl is the 2.6L I6 TT from Nissan's R34 Skyline =)
    Umm..even 4 bangers like the Audi TT are getting 225HP from a turboed 1.8L engine.

    If GM can make their 4.2L I6 to a 2.0L I6 or a 3.0L I6, then do some awesome tuning..or even turbo it, then I bet a hell of alot of the ricers now would buy GM. Why? Quality, performance, and all for a low price.
    Unlike the imports...mainly ACURA RSX Type S...costs bout $38K CAD without taxes with some options. That's nasty!! At least the WRX is only $35 CAD.

    Small displacement engines is the way to go now.

    DA PUN<!-- Signature -->
  24. Well said, I do applaud small displacement engines that have a lot of power, but nothing will ever replace the sound of a big cube engine. Especially the 427 Vette. There are actually a lot of really sweet sounding engines. Porsche has an incredible sound. And God, do I love that M3 engine. Give's me shudders.<!-- Signature -->
  25. LOL!! The M3 does not give your shrudders..the Z06 does =P
    The M3 is too smoothe..and quiet quiet..until you punch it =P

    DA PUN<!-- Signature -->

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