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  1. yea evilninja i think they might have been used i dont know i will ask the sales guy, Roush's go for cheap here, msrp is for the whole usa and well we get good deals here, and the roush 3 did the 1/4 in 12.6 by some tests but oh well thats besides the point...

    i checked on the s396 as well and nothing on the net, but i can remember a article in a car magazine mentioning it in a article about a number of tests done to over 25 "super Cars", it was 5 pages long and it mentioned the s396 as one of the contenders on the last page and the times i posted about it is wat the times i can remember, it was like 3 yrs ago,

    but i dont know it might have been a s351 and had a 396 engine put in just for this test and for all i know it could have been the only s396 out there but i get bet my life on its existence somewhere

    um...yea the s351 was a 99 i believe to the best of my knowledge had has had 5k miles put on it, i will check back tommorow for i go over there to pick up my car....god i love my car to bad it was in for a pressure plate malfunction :(, but its fixed now <IMG SRC="">

    yea the price i believe was either 39k-41k somewhere right in that range,
  2. Re: fords are faster

    I just read this message about John Force having the highest top speed in a 1/4 mile in a Mustang. How stupid are you? The only thing that makes that car a Mustang is the fiberglass body on top with a horse painted on the front. It being a Mustang has absolutely nothing to do with it. There are no ford engine parts in that car. Mustangs are pure shit. CHEVY ROCKS!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  3. i hate cock teasing cars, they should just make them, the internet u can find anything, yea right now there is a oxymoron
  4. all funny cars and top fuels all run 426hemi blocks there;s nothing ford about john forces car execpt the ugly mustang body

    so he can thank dodge for that record
  5. uhm im not on a side here...
    but I never see mustangs as beat up and run down as the camaros I see going around. Maybe its not that Chevy can't make the car hold together... maybe Mustang people are better car people. Either way, Chevy people: you're camaro isnt supposed to have red house paint on the driver door, primer on the passenger side, rust on the rear quater and the origional paint on the roof. It is supposed to be one color.<!-- Signature -->
  6. the red on the door from where i ran over your candy ass
  7. I bet this car can't turn.<!-- Signature -->
  8. My 98'Z28 gets 28 miles per gallon, and I have never lost a race thru turns to a civic, if they can do better maybe the drivers don't have the guts. When approtching traffic I let off, I will not put anyone else into harms way. The import drivers push on thru other cars. If this is the only way these little cars can beat American cars remember these streets are not for racing, old people drive there. If the lanes are open I Will win, if there are old or slow drivers please do not race around them. It is like a hostage to prove your little ugly car is faster. Check me out on the racetrack not the streets!!!
  9. How much is the civic? How much is ur Z28? In canada, a civic costs $16000, a camaro SS costs $46000. I think Z28 is even more expensive, think it's about $50000. If I spend the extra $34000, I can make my civic to have at least 400hp with racing tires and suspension.<!-- Signature -->
  10. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from $pitfire</i>
    <b>You stupid kids, every company has it's advantages and disadvantages...

    this particular car would break down if you drove it for more then an hour. With that amount of power..</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    true very true.........wehy don't yo kkids just accept the art of pure skillt and engineering...grw up man...i mean that sucks and thats better than this......if a company makes a car and its good ....say it...don't go ..oh its a ford so it sucks or a chevy or whatever.........its all about cars...rather if you're a true'd know what a good car is and wha a bad one is and not be biased by its company<!-- Signature -->
  11. I'm not a big camaro fan, but this one makes me drool...
  12. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from chevysbest</i>
    <b>bucknutz i take that as an insalt im 13 and i know more
    about cars then you email me and find out </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END
    QUOTE -->
    I'm 10 and I'm a car fanataic too I no more that my 44 year old dad who was a mechanic
  13. Hay Honda rulzs not to make you look stupid, but a SS Camaro is several grand more than a Z28, and stock it has ten more horsepower. And if I spent 46,000 on my Z28 you could be lucky to eat Z28 dust because you would be so far back no one would know we were racing!!! Hay stupid if I were to spend that much on a car it would be a Vette!!!
  14. And yes Hondas are fun to drive off a cliff!!!
  15. since 1966 camaro's are made for one thing and one thing only and thats stoplight to stoplight there not made to run the Fu(king leman's
  16. Odin, my Z28 will do 170 mph thats a very long stoplight to stoplight, and you sport the Vette logo did you not know that. What is wrong with you??? Do you have a Vette I think not. I know a Camaro can do better than a Seleen in any type of road race, and a Vette just kicks it's ass. What do you drive BOY?
  17. Car Craft early '01/ late '00, I'll go find it and post the date for sure.
  18. 2000 for a 11 second camaro? Gonna bother to make it turn? what .63 on the skids?

    Got myself a 404hp 96 Impreza RS, spent a total of 17k for car and mods, street legal, A/C, Reasonably tight soundsystem installed - 11.3 1/4's 0-60 in 'where'd that camaro go'

    AND I'll eat any chevy or ford of your choice through the slalom!

    Cheers displacement lovers!
    <!-- Signature -->
  19. 1. Try .94G's pal.

    2. Well I have a street legal Chevelle with 819HP and I just broke into the low 10's for WAY less than you paid. Pulls .92 on the pad.

    Thats why American displacement is better, don't try to beat me by the dollar or performance.

    F O R D
    I R E A
    X P I
    A L
    I Y
  21. RS, how about listing some of that 17K that got your car to 400 horses? My car is well over 500 horses and pulls 11's, I doubt your 400-hp car does.
  22. Mustangs don't suck. Did your friend race all 6-cylinder Mustangs? 'Cause blowing by somebody's mother on the highway doesn't count as a race...

    RS, you can't beat American performance for the money. Rich's 72 GTO has less than 3k in the motor and does 11's.
  23. a 572cu v8 can handle way more than 770, that's nothin for a 572 its a huge ass engine<!-- Signature -->
  24. Boss 427? You mean 429?

    And a 570-cube engine can make 770 HP easily, you're right; that's precicely why it WON't break down.
  25. Um.. I dont really dislike the mustang that much .. I feel some of their body styles are cool and stuff.. but performance wise.. yeah mustangs dont live up the hype.. I hope Ford gets its act together and makes a better stang.. im a Chevy guy.. so some might be asking why I want that... its because then Ford will make good cars.. and Chevy will have to make better cars..and so on.. and competition makes lower prices and most bang for the buck.... as for this being the last year of the camaro.. yeah.. its sad... But there is no doubt in my mind that it will be back.. better and badder than ever.

    Some Mustang Experiences:

    ON weekends I like to go to my local Street Drag races and watch the cars race... There are a lot of mustangs at the races every weekend.. Many jap cars of course.. and some camaros.. and some vettes.. some times.. Well anyway I would just like to point out that in this part of the US.. Mustangs are not Camaro Victims.... they are jap car victims.. and the Jap cars are Camaro VIctims.. and the Camaros are Vette Victims and thats pretty much the top of the food chain on street racing of course.. it is Drag racing... But isnt it odd that Mustangs are daily loosers at the Street races.. I will admit some cars are crappy and some are not.. I have seen a brand new Saleen loose to an old 1968 Camaro SS I couldnt tell what the engine size was cuz the camaro had primer on it and they looked like they were about to paint it.. he did however have the hood off and it looked like a 350 to me.. well as they take off the line the Camaro litterly Kills the Brand New Saleen Mustang... the guy in the mustang fakes a mis launch and ask for another chance.. they race again the camaro kills it..... he once again says he mislaunched... the third time the guy in the camaro actually lets the saleen launch first... then he goes and u know what? he still killed it

    MUstangs need to get fixed cuz as it is... there isnt enough competition for the Chevy cars.. therefore prices are good.. but they could be better if there was a performance competitor.

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