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Discussion in '2000 Ruf 3400 S' started by 383roadrunner, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. its still just a boxster

    i dont particualy like boxsters and this is no differnt i think this is a cruising car and nothing else....i still have respect for all the other Rufs<!-- Signature -->
  2. Have you driven one? How can you pass judgement on it? There are htings that stats don't cover. You should research your shit a little more buddy.
  3. Hmmm, just a boxster, with a bigger engine, better brakes, and bigger engine. No, its not still just a boxster, like there is something wrong with that.
  4. no, it isnt just a boxster.
    and even if it was it would be one of the best cars in the world. just because it doesnt do 0-60 in less than 5 seconds it doesnt make it a bad car. it is widely acknowledged as one of the, if not the best handling cars in the world, so kindly stop talking shit
  5. I see where you're coming from in that you don't like Boxters... they're not that powerful, and kind of awkward (ex. tail pipe), however this is more than just a Boxter. It has a much bigger engine, around 75bhp more than the Boxter S. And that's something to compliment Alois Ruf on, especially considering it was one of his first works with a water cooled engine, and its normally aspirated too.
  6. Hahaha, FUCKRICE, I clicked on your image to see your profile, and right above where it says "I hate all imports" there was a Skyline GTR pic <IMG SRC="">

    As for the Boxster hater....
    Culture and class, if you were gifted with them, would tell you that the reason Porsche's are so beloved is due to tradition, beauty, and handling, not neccisarily wether or not it will fling you out of the seat when you get on it (not like 310bhp is something to laugh at).

    Maybe one day when you get some class you will realize that, until then, keep thinking about how all-important horsepower is to a car's overall worth.<!-- Signature -->
  7. HA, Your a dumbass! That Skyline is above everybody's profile. Chalk one up for the unobservant and inexperienced.<!-- Signature -->
  8. I m a porsche fan ,but i drivin the boxster and well it does nothing for me,same as looks.O and i love the Weight figure lol it weighs 6305lbs.<!-- Signature -->
  9. You obviously have not driven a boxter and made square corners then. Get out of the city and really drive it.

    Porsche is not a street racer, its an endurance racer through the hills of germany, and any long curvy road.

    like i said, make square corners in any porsche at 80-90mph and you will tend to like the workmanship behind them.<!-- Signature -->
  10. As a TRUE Porsche fan and have driven a couple ones, i still believe that Boxsters arent on the same caliber as the rest of the Porsches. Nothing to say about Porsche but, Boxsters really don't do it... They arent sport cars, they don't handle anywhere near the powerful 911s...
  11. It's still funny that the GTR is aboove it wether he oput it there or not
  12. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from oytun12</i>
    <b>As a TRUE Porsche fan and have driven a couple ones, i still believe that Boxsters arent on the same caliber as the rest of the Porsches. Nothing to say about Porsche but, Boxsters really don't do it... They arent sport cars, they don't handle anywhere near the powerful 911s...</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->i can halfway agree with you. the when you turn a corner in a boxter, you dont get that usual porsche feel like you do in a carrera. HOWEVER, the boxster s is a different story. i think the boxster s was a very smart move on porsches part. it actually handles better than the carrera. the boxster is just a poor mans porsche which many high-end car companies such as jaguar, lexus, and mercedes have been doing. but the boxster s is a car for those who cannot afford a carrera, but still want that classic porsche feel while cruising through valleys.

    in response to the thread, IMO the 3400 s is a 02 911 carrera trapped in a boxster s body.
  13. the boxter s is a great car that has great looks and handling. dont diss someting because it doesnt have over 400 hp!

    I love Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!<IMG SRC="">
  14. How can u say its just a boxter. why do u think RUF did something to it?
  15. It may be just a boxster, but is the best fuc.. i mean damn boxster that exists on the face of the earth.
  16. This is the best modded boxster ever, don't you think?
  17. ha boxter on roids, i like. besides a viper gts-r is still JUST a viper, a saleen sr is still JUST a mustang- so in a duh kinda way yes this is still JUST a boxter.


    ML55 Sucks

    BMW X5 4.6I is a mabe.............. emai lme
  19. You are a dumbass. Why the hell did you post that here?
  20. Um let me ask you a question... can you read? it's NOT A DAMN BOXTER! for one it IS true that RUF turned the tables on the Boxter for improvement, but it wasnt just improvement, it was for a change. It's not a different kind of Boxter, it is its own car made by RUF...the 3400s, not Boxter 3400s version, just 3400s, and THAT'S IT! The 3400s is one of the only RUFs that is actually its own car. It's like saying the Carrera GT is the new 911 Carrera, but it's NOT.
    The Carrera GT is just the new big brother TO the 911, but they wanted the Carrera GT to be the new 911, but they were planning on making more new 911s down the road, so, they changed their minds and just left it at the fact that it's its own car MAINLY because it has a bigger engine, it's specs are higher, it's perspective design is larger and so-forth. From there, the Carrera GT became its own car. Just like the 3400s. The first intention WAS to make their own Boxter, but, they changed that as time went on debating the same situation as you are now reading. They finally concluded that it is its own car. NO KINDA WAY is the 3400s JUST a Boxter, just supped-up. It is STRICTLY just the 3400s and nothing else, Boxter included here; and that's final.
  21. Never judge a car by its looks or style, b/c finding out the facts before opening the whole that spits out the crap I have to read and defend for the sake of facts and figures will save you a lot of trouble.
  22. i wouldnt be ashamed to have "just a boxer" considering the boxter s is one of the best handleing cars in the world behind a noble M12, lotus elise, and a ferrari enzo. the boxter had a faster slolom speed then a saleen s7 in R&T, and was only very slightly behind an enzo, which is a $600,000+ more-then-super car. now pack one with an assload of hp and you have yourself a monster, specially cuz ruf even has better suspension.

  23. has anyone ever seen a porsche boxter gt? i saw one the other day, they are #$%#ing mad! they kick the shit out of the ruf in looks, its fully lowered and has a mad looking spoiler, kinda looks like carrera gt, but obviously not as good peformance. cos carrera gt is the god of all cars
  24. It has a 911 engine in it..... i think
  25. RUF is the stupidest company ever. WTF is the point of taking someone elses car design and improve it or as they say, RUFs are completely original cars. They even say that they build and create everything themselves, i mean what a bunch of bullshitters they probably just buy a fricking boxster remove one part add another and call it their own. and if they do build it themselves they just copy Porsche's blueprints or something.

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