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Discussion in '2002 Jaguar R3' started by Audi Guy, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Nice style and power, bad paint.
  2. Yeah...i agree
  3. Jaguar flaws?

    I don't get as much F1 info as I would like, so I just wanted to know, what is it that has kept Jaguar from being truly competitive?<!-- Signature -->
  4. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Carrera26</i>
    <b>I don't get as much F1 info as I would like, so I just wanted to know, what is it that has kept Jaguar from being truly competitive?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Crap organisation with Bobby Rahal (until Lauda took over)
    Crap 1st driver Eddie Irvine (we need Hakkinen)
    Not so great designers
    Cosworth engine???
    No wind tunnel at the factory (until now)

    In the end I dont know if it was a good choice to take over the Stewart team and go on with that. Starting a brand new team might have been better.

    I dont think in the history of Jaguar they have ever been unsuccesfull in any form of motorsport they participated in. So just wait and see, the good times will come.
    The XJR group C cars in the 80s werent a succes overnight. It took some years to get those world championships and Le-mans victories.
    It takes time to build up a good F1 team but I'm sure Niki Lauda is capable of doing this.

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  5. Hey Irvine is a good driver. he was ripping it up when he dorve for ferrari. but this was after micheal broke his leg. he is good just need to work out the problems with the car. then he can win.
  6. Jag just needs a little more time to get the bug worked out of their cars, I wish i had a chance behind the well of this monster.<!-- Signature -->
  7. give Jaguar a few years, it will be racing against the Ferraris in 2010<!-- Signature -->

  8. I agree with you Audi_guy

    Audi 4EVER!!! <!-- Signature -->
  9. Engine trouble has been a plague to the Jaguar team. I'm not positive if it is the engine components, or just bad luck, but if they improve that, they should be major contenders with BMW. Ferrari however will be on a different level, don't say I said anything but; Ferrari is introducing a clutchless model this year, saving A LOT of weight and this should put them over the top as unstoppable. The new clutch system uses a series of hydrolic pumps and lines to change gears electronically, decreasing shift times and weight while increasing affectiveness. Look for ferrari to run away with it in 2003<!-- Signature -->
  10. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Ferrari F2001</i>
    <b>Hey Irvine is a good driver. he was ripping it up when he dorve for ferrari. but this was after micheal broke his leg. he is good just need to work out the problems with the car. then he can win.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    that my friend is a good comment
    Irvine is a good driver and when he was with Ferrari
    he had some good success with them
    i recal a few wins annd some second placings
    but i have to agree Bobby Rahal was something that jaguar should forget

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  11. I agree with some of the views posted here - Jag's problems stem from management in-fighting, poor design / aero package, and lack of wind tunnel.

    If Rahal had secured Adrian Newey from McLaren, Jag would be title-competitive in 2003/4. I think the driver's a pretty blameless - Irvine somehow stuck the R2 on the podium at Monaco, practically the only place where the playing field was 'levelled' in Jag's advantage. And De La Rosa is a thinking man's driver - in the mould of Prost, exexutionally.

    Let's hope Lauda runs the team better than he drives the modern day car, and better than he ran his airline ;-) Either way, they're in for another tough season...
  12. Ervine was a good driver then, but not now.
  13. MikeyHouse, you are so far off on the Ferrari transmission it's not even funny. For one thing, they're not using the clutchless transmission this year; it's an incredibly tough bit of engineering. This year they are planning to use a new casting process for the engine and trasmission. Instead of having the trasmission bolted to the back of the engine they are casting the engine and transmission as one piece to increase the stress bearing capability of the two structures by making them a single item. This will aso make the whole drivetrain package more compact. Also, the clutchless transmission that they are supposedly still continuing to work on (it's not confirmed but it's most likely true)would not work through any hyrdolic means or anything like that...that's how the clutch works now. Instead of using the clutch to join the engine and transmission, the driveshaft would go straight into the transmission and the two would be continuosly joined. The differential would in turn be the replacement for the clutch. Since the modern F1 car uses a continuously variable differential, it would be possible to completely free up the axles from the driveline making it like the car is in neutral. Then they could turn the turn the differential setting back down and it would be like letting out the clutch. As you can see it's pretty complicated, but that's the jist of how they're going about doing it. But like i said, the Ferrari team has said that technology will not be used this year since it will take a long time for it to be tested and proven reliable enough for track use. After all, they don't want to fall from the top because of over-ambition.
  14. Jaguar has always made history weather with its cars deseigns, or with its cars speeds. Examples of this are the xk-e and the xk 120.
    If we give Jaguar time they will impress the world again, this time in f1. They have already made an awsome come back, with lemans in the 80's. There is no doubt in my mind that they will suprise us again with an awsome come back in f1. With Niki Lauda on team, and the new Jaguar r3, that come back will more than likely be this year.
    Keep your eyes on Jaguar this year, I think we can expect great things from them.
  15. The reason why Jaguar don't do too well is because they have a lot of front wing problems, in both the R3 and the R2 and the R1 had a lot of clutch problems. The R3 front wing is being redesigned at the moment and hopefully they will have more luck this year.
  16. They're just new to F1 it takes time to get a good team and car going. No one, I mean NO ONE, just comes into F1 and starts dominating, Jag even said they feel confident that they could get fourth..not first..fourth. I mean 2000 was Ferrari's first championship since what?the 70's?Its a rough sport.<!-- Signature -->
  17. I think that the Jaguar team needs to invest more money into their R&D, so that they can find out what put teams like Ferrari over the top...maybe they should get a better tuner, considering their engine troubles this past season...<!-- Signature -->
  18. What Jaguar really needs is their own wind tunnell and have it in England. The one they use now is in California. They have pretty good drivers. De la Rosa was getting a little bit faster than Irvine late last year but then Irv came back. They should have tried to grab Mika or JV. Their front wing is the main problem but i think they will have their best year this year.
  19. Jaguar shows signs of quality, but they definitely need to fix their engine flaws. The cars seem to be about as good at breaking down as American cars. What they really need to do is steal a Ferrari and paint it with their ugly color scheme. Then, they can come close to Shuey and Barichello, since only Ferrari's drivers will be better.<!-- Signature -->
  20. the reason why jag is having trouble making it is that they dont spend near what ferrari does in a year in their effort. jag has to use a tunnel out of california where ferraris runs 365 days a year to make them even better. and like was said earlier it takes time look at arrows, on second thought dont look at arrows look at ferrari<!-- Signature -->

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