Re: Just another Peice Of Holden Shit Holden On (He He)

Discussion in '1972 Holden LJ Torana GTR XU1' started by Fear The Lambos, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. OIYE!!!!!!Tories kick arse!Aslong as they are a V8......I agree though, Ford kick Holden arse.....But Holden have alot of good cars
  2. Hey, _M3_GTR, do even read what you post?

    "Geddit?Holden On??Holding on?He He ,Ahh N/m. 2 Hlden=Shit,Ok A Few Good Cars,But Wheres The Design? Wheres the Flair?Right Out There Wind up Windows.Ford Has Much Better Pretty Much Everything Than Holden(They Are As Much Rivals Here As Mercedes And BMW Are In Germany) Im A New Zealander But The Batlle Continues Raging on Here.Long Live Ford"

    Half of it dosen't make sense. What the hell does "Right Out There Wind up Windows.Ford Has Much Better Pretty Much Everything Than Holden" mean?

  3. nah no way man, this car is a classic
    13.5 quarter from a 3.3 litre six in the 70's!!!!
    and only 141kw and an auto box it still made a 13.5
    this car is a classic. try getting a car thesedays with only 141kw that can run under a 14.
  4. This car is a #$%#en legend! we need more aussie cars on, there's hardly any. HOLDEN RULE<!-- Signature -->
  5. yep - bring on the Aussie classics! we've got the LJ (absolute classic in its own right!!) on here now, all we need is perhaps a good old Esky and definitely a GTHO, and while we are at it a Monaro (the original!)

    rock on ozzy (and i don't mean Mr. Ozbourne)<!-- Signature -->
  6. Not a bad car at all for it's time, although most of the Toranas I see these days are rusted-out bog jobs. Living on the coast could explain that though. A good restoration project.<!-- Signature -->
  7. pretty fast in the quarter mile for its horsepower. is this car light?
  8. hmmm.. what's this guy trying to say? (the topic starter)<!-- Signature -->

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