Re: Logical FACTS as to why a Honda is not powerful.

Discussion in '2002 Honda Civic Type-R' started by Honda rulez, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. you say that small diplacment cars can't produce power. in the super street magazine. a fwd toyota celica with 4 cylinder makes 1000 hourspower with no nos or funny fuel. sure it's a drag racer but it can compeat
  2. I dont understand these wankers: "WHY ARE YOU HERE???"

    if you "hate imports" and are obviously not here with an open mind, then why do you insist on making ur pathetic apearances in the honda forums??

    I own a stock DOHC VTEC civic which is sweet, i love my car. As the saying goes: "dont knock it till u'v tried it".

    I know that my car is a product of motoring genius and hence have nothing to prove, sure its not the fastest, but its still an excellent little car.

    The fact that V8 toting members are logging on to the NA 4-banger section, and trying to explain to the world why their dinosaur V8 tank is better looking, faster and greater handling than any other car on the road. I assume they are trying to convince themselves that their '70s 'mad ride' is still the best peice of engineering since the bread slicing machine.
  3. the real reason why i started to talk on this forum was becuz of a thread that bashed camaros and transams/firebirds. it wasnt just us that started it you guys start it to. as for vtech civics i have driven them and they are slow dude just get over it. I used to have a Trans Am it wasnt reliable for crap fast as hell though. I know have a 97 GS-T spyder and its tight as hell
  4. HateImports

    Interesting name for someone who appears to make intelligent points.
    I've never met anyone who hates imports and loves muscle, but likes bikes 2. There's some sweet stuff comin' out this year, all new 600s from Japan Inc. But since I don't wish to annoy further the people on this forum, here's my e-mail - [email protected]

    Finally, to my real point -> Weight or to use the more appropriate term, mass, is the enemy of every kind of car performance factor - acceleration, braking, cornering etc. So the imports have an argument that these cars (muscle) are rel. heavy.

    However, their cars aren't liteweights really either so...

    In Britain they have Caterhams based on the old Lotus Sevens that do sub four second 0-60mph dashes for under 40K US. They don't have more than 200 horse tho. Reason for speed: Lack of mass.

  5. I'm gonna have to go with Nihilistic, here folks. Although I don't particularly like american cars, I can safely say that the logic behind nil's facts are unshakable. it's so true, 8 cylinders don't need to rev up so high to plant down the Horses. whoever said that this is proof of "their unreliability", well, no sports car is perfect. every car has it's problem, no matter what. Honda cars blow their engines after being worn out too easily, and american engines simply... break.
    as for performance, well, it depends on the rest of the car, and what's suitable for it's purpose(sic). you're not gonna drop a turbo charged four cylinder into a Ferrari 355, are you? no, not only would that be blasphemy, it would be under-powered, and it would hardly be a ferrari anymore, now would it?
  6. The logical fact why a Honda "Civic" is not powerful is that civic means for the people and by nature is not a powerful car. The Honda NSX is powerful. The reason for a small displacement engine revving very high is a marketing ploy to attract the younger market in buying a mom and pop car that screams.
  7. NSX= made by acura, not honda.
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  9. NSX= Honda is everywhere except north america.
  10. DUMBASS. there is honda in north america. i would know because i live in north america and i can think of about 5 honda dealerships near me. Acura is a division of honda, but is not honda. anyone who calls it a honda NSX is a comple dumbass BECAUSE IT ISNT A HONDA.
  11. That's funny, because the last time I checked, there was an "H" on my neighbors NSX.....
  12. LOL I thought you said you live in the United States. Did he import it from Japan? Why not just buy one here?

    You're full of stories.

  13. I said In north america, NSX is under the Honda's division, Which is acura. IN other places on earth, the NSX is under Honda, whcih is called Honda NSX. And yes, people living in Japan (where the nsx is being made) and Europe call this car Honda NSX,becuz there's no Acura in these places. The reason why Honda created teh Acura division is becuz Honda wants to compete with Lexus, which is a division of Toyota, Infiniti, a division of Nissan and other European car makers (BMW, Benz).
  14. may be his neighbour's NSX is a Type S, Type S Zero, Type R, or he just put a Honda badge on it!
  15. you think your really cool, but the only truth is that your profile is the stupidest thing i have ever seen. You think honda civics and accords are better than vipers. you think mustangs, camaros, and firebirds suck. when the only way you could get your civic to go fast is to put a completly new engine in it and strip it of everything. There is no such thing as a fast civic. If its fast, the only thing origional in it is the frame. whats the fastest you can buy a stock civic? what is it? 200 HP for around 25 grand? lets see... you can get a 310 HP firebird, a 390 HP stock mustang and 325 HP stock camaro. Dont give me this bullshit about how you can modify a civic to be faster for the same price because you could do that with ANY car. and much easier with a mustang camaro or firebird because you dont have do do an engine swap.
  16. so your excuse for having honda NSX on your profile is becuase there is no acura in your places. well in that case shouldnt you have Honda TL instead of Acura TL in your profile?

    now is when i need an owned pic
  17. Yo, i said GOOD, i have never said FAST, plz read carefully. And a good car doesn't mean just fast, but reliability, user-friendly, does it communicate with the driver well, steering feel, response, handling, ride comfort, etc.........

  18. No, it's not called Honda TL, it's called Honda Inspire/Saber, do some research plz, thank you.
  19. then you should have a Honda Inspire/Saber on your profile. after all where your from there is no such thing as acura.your inconsistant. you call it a honda NSX, supposedly because there is no acura and everything made by acura is called honda from where you are, yet you have an "Acura TL" on your profile.

    and all civics are are daily drivers. they are in no means build for performance or luxery. they are the cheapest way to get from point A to point B period.

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