Re: Looks Like a Good Lambo

Discussion in '1989 Ferrari Mythos Concept' started by Ferrari4ever, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. No it's not a Lambo!it'a a almighty Ferrari!."Prancing stallion"
    Ferrari's rule!<IMG SRC="">.It looks better then any Lambo ever made,in my preference!.<!-- Signature -->
  2. Um this is not a lamborghini. it is a ferrari, built in 1989, before the diablo so even if it was a lambo, it couldn't be a successor.
  3. Looks nothing like a raging bull.
  4. Looks Like a Good Lambo

    This car looks like a Lamborghini. The Edgy Design reminds me of the Countach and the back is as massive as the Diablo's. This would have been a perfect successor to the mighty Diablo, but...
    Nevertheless I can settle with a Murcielago 580bhp-650 Nm.HAHAHAHA<!-- Signature -->

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