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  1. M.S. and R.B. suck the only reason they do good is because of the car and the reason why M.S. is mad bout the rule change is because he knows that know since they have to downgrade the car and he is scared that he is going to get his assed kicked by a piese of shit Minardi
  2. MS looks bad after RB let him win his races. But then thats racing, team orders are a part and parcel of racing. U can say RB sucks. Why?

    1) He chose to drive for Ferrari knowing that he will be the no.2 driver.

    2) He chose to stay at ferrari for 2001 and 2002 and now 2003.

    3) Its a shame he is such a cry baby. " Wohhohohooooo, Michael stole
    my win, momma help me, sob.. sob....".

    4) If he could build up a good amount of lead like 15 to 25 seconds while running first, he just might have been allowed to win races because Ferrari stated that RB would be allowed to win races and the thought of asking RB to slow down when he was running a fairly large gap to MS would be a very cautious decision for Ferrari to make. They might have been compelled to let RB win.
    But RB is not as talented as MS. Maybe he was just a little bit better in a few races.

    5) RB.. believe in ur self, leave Ferrari.

    Schumacher versus Senna:

    SENNA: He was fast, fast is not the correct degree, he was ballistically fast, there is no one out there who pushes himself to the limit as much as Senna did. His natural talents were supreme. When he drove, he gave it 100%, probably 110%.
    During the 1988 Monaco GP practice and qualifying, Senna broke the lap record 5 or 6 times. And even when he had the pole by a decent margin, he went out there and scorched another record. Prost who was on a similar car was second on the grid 1.427 seconds off!!!!!!!!!!!! and during one of his runs, he was doing another perfect blistering lap when he suddenly just braked and lifted off out of no reason, he had not made a mistake... one of the engineer at the McLAren said that Senna braked because he thought he was going too fast, not that he would make a mistake, Senna had sort of drifted to the subconcious level where he was one with the car, going so fast that when he happen to snap out of it, he slowed down, " oh my god, was i going so fast!!!, got to slow down ".
    Now thats the kind of talent Senna had, look at his wins while at Lotus and later when Williams went almost 'automatic' with their machinery in 1992 and 1993, the McLAren was nowhere in terms of engines and electronics, but still Senna won races and gave Prost a run for his money in 1993 with 5 wins. They did not have a works engine. Benetton had the exculsive Ford deal and McLAren had custom made Ford engines.
    The machinery took quite a bit of stress when Senna was driving, but he could drive around with problems in the car, people attribute his talents to qualifying rather than the race, which i think is silly because he won so many races, the incident with Prost is shameful considering that he could have won the championship while having a decent lead in the championship. Thats the one and only incident for Senna to be labeled as 'bad'. I wish he hadn't done that.

    Schumacher: Take a bit of Prost and a bit of Senna, u have MS. A talent no less than the other two. He may not be the fastest but his average speed is higher than his present day rivals. Consistent and fast. The only guy who can match Senna in the wet. He never had the best machinery till 2000. Look at him now, he decimated his opponents in the best car while others can just scrape through to win the championship. Even in lesser machinery, like 1994 he won against a superior Williams. Forget that 1996 when he jumped to Ferrari, the car was a new design, designed by John Barnard, there was no Rory or Ross Brawn and nowhere near the Benettons and Williams, but hey he won 4 races, which is fantactic, puts him in a league of his own with Senna and Prost. 1997, he takes the championship to JV who is driving a super Williams. MS is one of the last big guns around, well the last one, Mika was one of them. But MS has his bad sides, running into JV, blocking tactics, the JV incident was as good as the senna/prost

    I don't know how u can presume MS was better than Senna, the Williams was still having problems at the beginning of the season, it wasn't till Spain that they got it right, when Damon could score 91, you know Damon Hill... any other driver from the bottom grid could have done the same job. I'm not going to put a 'what if', u decide. Could senna have better job than damon? Could MS have just walked away with the title, after all i feel it was a battle of equals.
  3. MS is not mad about any rule changes...
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