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  1. Ok, picture this:
    You're driving down the street in your Arnage T and in front of you is an M5. You hear nothing from your engine or the street outside. You sit on the world's most comfortable seats in a cabin that is furnished better than many millionaires's homes, propelled by the most powerful sedan engine in the world which is connected to the world's smoothest transmission. People see the M5 first and think, "wow, a BMW." Some may think, "Holy shit! It's an M5." Then they see you in the Bentley. "Who's in there? Why is he so important? That's a fu*cking Bentley!"

    The M5 is an amazing car, but in a Bentley you get to be an emperor. Anyone who doesn't own a Bently himself will be jealous.

    Also, if you really felt like it, I'm sure Bentley would install a 6-speed manual or sequential transmission for you. Then you could smoke the M5 in a straight line and probably stay with it around the corners. The Bentley has twice the torque of the BMW and I hear it handles nicely on a track. It isn't a quarter of a million dollars without reason.<!-- Signature -->
  2. M5 over this any day.

    This car is cool, if you're a billionare. For the rest of us the M5 will do just fine. M5 has got better stats, 0-60, and it looks a lot better. The only reason this car costs alot is because of the name BENTLY. M5 anyday!<!-- Signature -->
  3. NO, that ain't true.
    1) the M5 isn't better looking. no way in hell.
    2) you get what u paid for.... the ultimate luxuray sedan... confort, peace, and tranquility in the car...
  4. nicely put.

    To most people (non car lovers- the majority of people that see you in your car on the road) an M5 is just another BMW, if you asked passers by they would probably just think its 'souped up a bit' and lets face it, BMWs arent rare.
    On the other hand, the Bently looks like nothing else except a Bentley, or maybe a Rolls to the ignorant.
    There has never been a cheap Bently- there never will be. you can pick up a new bimmer for £20k.

    yes, it is all about the badge, but this is a big badge!
  5. Re: When will the americans learn how to make engines??????

    I live in Britain and quite recently (about two months ago), 5th Gear drag raced a Bentley Arnage T at the Santa Pod drag strip and even doing something so 'Max Power' like it looked and sounded fantastic! It also performed remarkably well considering that it weighs 2585 Kg! Just to give everybody some equivelant ideas the M5 weighs 1720 Kg. To compare BMW to Bentley is like comparing Nike with Armani......Nice but not in the same league. People could argue with much finger-pointing about which one is the better car, on paper......However 0-60 times mean very little in reality. A Bentley Anarge T could not only give a BMW M5 a run for its money on even very twisty British B-roads. What we all seem to have forgotten here is that hte Bentley can do all of this in much more style and comfort....But more simply it is one of the most ultimate symbols of status.......and who else is going to argue with 654 Lb ft of torque under your right foot?
  6. Re: When will the americans learn how to make engines??????

    Whoooo... BMW m5 over a BENTLY??? hah. NO WAY, first of all two different classes, if your into "fun to drive" then yeah sure, the m5 probably, but if your into lay back and relax, be a pimp, and show off... go for the Bentley. Either way, if i had to choose id take the bentley, sell it, buy a viper, and a chrysler 300 C!, best of both worlds, but in a sense, even better <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> Why have 1 fast luxery car, when you can have a REAL fast car, and a nice luxery? eh... well, if i ever have that kinda money i know id buy a bently regardless, i mean come on its a BENTLEY enough said. Too bad rolls isnt in the business anymore... basically same deal though anyway, im sure they wouldnt be much different.
  7. Re: When will the americans learn how to make engines??????

    Idoit they are at no rate alike.

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