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  1. Murcielago GTR

    when will the GTR version come out, cant wait!!!

    supposed to lightened up by about 300-400lbs,

    supposed to have like 1000bhp off of a modified and twin turboed 7 litre V12 unit,

    i aint quite sure but read around and this is the best i can come up with,

    what do u think the performance will be????
  2. fast<!-- Signature -->
  3. 1000 bhp wow! that will suck every body up it's tailpipes, hell that will blow the doors of it's competiters!! sweeeet
  4. performances would probably be 0-60 in the 2sec zone and topspeed of a least 350KM/H. that's my guess<!-- Signature -->
  5. hey thanx Ferrari F60, i heard that they r going to screw the F60 out of being the fastest production car, that sux!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. hahahhahaha
  7. Maybe they'll use 'Canto' concept car for that.<!-- Signature -->
  8. wow the GTR version of this car will be amazing by what you say. I hope they do come out. Do you know the cost of one? Or what about the performance numbers? Did you read this somewhere? Rumor? Fact? Please give me a little more info on this<!-- Signature -->
  9. it is a combination of info, i think i read it on the internet at Lambo cars, i THINK, too tired to remember, sorry, but it is a read from magazines also, they were going to drop the VTTT in favour of the GTR in the Murcielago version so i dont know about the twin turbos, but definitely that it will be lightened!!!!!!
  10. I doubt it will be twin turbo, Lamborghini's are known to be naturally aspirated. I've heard the Murcielago GTR will have around 800hp naturally
  11. I doubt it will be twin turbo, Lamborghini's are known to be naturally aspirated. I've heard the Murcielago GTR will have around 800hp naturally
  12. I know Lamborghini will be coming out with a 2WD lighter version but a 1000 bhp GTR was not expected in my wildest dreams !!!!!! Lamborghini is thirsty for something like that. The name lamborghini defined what a exotic car should be. Its about time it came out with something to be ahead of the pack !!!

    My only question is it real is this only a rumour ? Will it rival the Bugatti + Mclaren ? And how soon will it be out ? Some questions needs to answered...<!-- Signature -->
  13. Man this car in the GTR is goint to be the bomb
  14. Geeze man. The Diablo GT already rivals the Mclaren F1; even the Diablo 6.0 was compared to the Mclaren F1 in Road and Track. The regular Murcielago will no doubt rival or surpass the Mclaren. And that's not meant to diss Mclaren; But really, Lamborghini doesn't get the credit they deserve.
  15. I doubt it'll be 1000hp or twin turbo if lambourghini makes the mods but if say Koenig, Gemballa, Strosek take over it is quite possible. Personally I love the new design and think Lamboughini is on the right track (excuse the pun).
  16. i hope they start putting turbo's in the Lambo's, they will rip the $#!^ out of everything that comes across them
  17. YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!! good call man
    geez, i thought know one would EVER mention veyron and how the murcielago will eat it alive and spit out the guts.
    <IMG SRC="">
  18. yea, the GTR is gonna be really fast, but we r not sure there will be one rite? and i think the F60 might be faster because they wanted it to be the fastest production car but then the bugatti showed up<!-- Signature -->
  19. Bugatti will kill to keep the fastest production car title. Theyve had a rough go if it over the last couple of years and I reckon the only thing thats going to get them back on track is the Veyron.
    Ferrari have always been known for top of the line, but its too early to make assumptions as to the F60 performance figures.
    But, back on the topic, the Murcielago GTR is sure to kick ass, especially if they get someone like Koenig to do it (it may make 1000hp more than a great dream!).
  20. Wait a minute! Does that mean that Murcielago will have a spoilor?!

    NONONNONONONONO!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  21. <!-- Signature -->
  22. i fink that is arent like that.i fink because of ur name u r talkin bout the BUGATTI VEYRON
  23. <!-- Signature -->
  24. If the car is like some of you say it should be quite amazing. I cant wait too see it.<!-- Signature -->
  25. Okay, if they DO make this thing, they better race it. It's always bullshit when they make this and that and it's all talk no walk. And when I say race it, I meant in real freaking races like the ALMS or even Le Mans 24 hours. Otherwise, this thing will once again be picking up what the Diablo had left off, which is just another show car, or a glorified drag racer.<!-- Signature -->

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