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Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra' started by elputus2k2, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This car is cool<!-- Signature -->
  2. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from stangman</i>
    <b>vetteman, yes the small block 350 gets 405 hp, but ur comparing the 5.7 to a 4.6, if the 4.6 cobra gets 320hp, i think a 5.4 could get over 400 hp, and still less cubes than a 5.7
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    If chevy put a super charger on a lil 305 it would kill this engine
    if ford could make and engine without that crap and have this much HP i would give it some credit but fords sucks and always will<!-- Signature -->
  3. I wouldn't say that. My friends firebird 305 5.0 has like 180hp and thats pushin it. We're all americans here. Ford doesn't suck, GM doesn't suck. American cars kick ass.
  4. y don't u look at the fr500 hp, has more hp, no turbo or super charger, and its fast, so shut the #$%# up u fukin ass plower
  5. Please don't talk about the Fr500. I hate that damn car. It looks like shit and costs how much? I think it's an embarassment to Ford. I'd rather have a (GASP!!!) Camaro SS. -I'm gonna regret that in the morning, I know I am. Let's just stick to how awesome the 2003 Cobra will be <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  6. Mustang SVT Cobra VS Corvette

    this car comes close in power, but the corvettes slalom times are gorgeous, and would most likely beat this car in a wink.<!-- Signature -->
  7. I must say the new SVT is nice, but it is by no standards up to par with the Vette. The Corvette is in a class all of its own. Four-hundred five horsepower out of a small block 350 naturally aspirated is simply amazing. And the mere thought of pulling almost 1G on the skidpad is absolutely mind-boggling. For a car that can run circles around the Cobra and the $55,000 stereo-less, A/C-less, leather-less Cobra R and can keep right up with the $200,000 360 Modena, a modest asking price of $52,000 is dirt cheap. For my money, I'll cruise around in the best looking, best priced and most reminiscent of old-days Corvette Z06.
  8. the 2003 cobra has the hp/torque advantage over the stock base Corvette, but the Corvette weighs @ 400-500lbs less...<!-- Signature -->

  9. is there any real comparison here. <!-- Signature -->
  10. The corvette will annihilate this car, no contest.<!-- Signature -->
  11. The corvette is projected to fight vipers, ferraris, lamborghinis...

    There's no way to compare Mustangs with Vettes, the problem here is a lot of jealous vette lovers (who don't had his lovely camaro) coming just to say what we already know. Our car (Mustang) is not projected to run on official races.

    Look I had 4 Mustangs (68, 73, 75, 95) and I had a friend who had 2 vetts (78, 91) and another one who had 2 vipers a BMW M3 and a ferrari 355.

    I'll say to you, hear who want. They both had a special service of trucks to transport their cars. There's no way to go with those cars [vettes, ferraris, vipers] on streets, they're very very low. To put the vette on his garage he needs to go backwards. The car is so low that it can't even enter the garage !

    They like races and they use their cars sometimes as a hobby. I may say to you if you some one think they could put a viper or a vette on a street with depressions, ups and downs really high.. if a vette owner [or viper or ferrari or cobra R owner] is doing that he's a stupid don't like his car or is he's a lier.

    These cars are not projected to race on streets... the 2003 Mustang SVT COBRA is.

    But if your city has streets are so beautiful, so good, so plain, no up, no down... very well that's diferent.<!-- Signature -->
  12. i have no idea who will win. the cobra will probably win in a straight line, who knows for around a track. doesnt really matter though since theyre in different classes.
  13. I think this car will make GM sell the Vette by a lower price.<!-- Signature -->
  14. vetteman, yes the small block 350 gets 405 hp, but ur comparing the 5.7 to a 4.6, if the 4.6 cobra gets 320hp, i think a 5.4 could get over 400 hp, and still less cubes than a 5.7
  15. anybody who believes the cobra is faster than a z06 is stupid. but i sure hope it is faster. PEOPLE!...these cars are not in the same class!!!! can actually throw some groceries in the back seats of the cobra, or even have 2 people ride (uncomfortably) in the back. when the cobra switches to a 2 seater roadster, then start comparing the two. you chevy guys are sure defensive for comparing apples and oranges.
  16. Ok ! the look of the FR500 is wrong, but it's a fast car !

    The FR500's idea was prove that you can customise your Mustang.

    Ford make a part's catalog so a Mustang owner can upgrade his car whenever he wants.

    It'll be surely expensive like anything customised by his owner.<!-- Signature -->
  17. can the 305 get 320 hp naturally

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