Re: My Viper can smoke this peice of s***

Discussion in '2000 Honda Accord Euro R' started by Honda rulez, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Japanese supercars, like the NSX and the R390 GT1? Please! This GTS/R would take on both cars.
  2. Waste too much gas? Well, the Corvette ZO6 has a better gas mileage than the NSX. 21 MPG vs. 17 MPG. So don't even think about comparing the cars' gas mileage, you #$%#ing retard. Tell one car Japanese supercar that has ever been as much of a legend like the GT-40 or the Corvette. Don't know? Heh, that's what I thought.
  3. Uhh, news flash, HP/liter does nothing for performance. Learn more about cars before you speak up, you car idiot.
  4. Ha ha! HoNdUh SiVeK! Thats' a good one! I got to remember that one.
  5. Josh and all you other Americans with big egos. The american cars cant handle for shit! They are too heavey. What you idiots call handling is when you take a 4000 pound (supercar!?! my ass) And place it on an oval that is tilted like 20 deegress. Lets see it take corners at 80 90 mph. I read a review and it tested the viper the Z06 and this mustang. The profesional driver nearly crashed the viper since it had an unbalanced weight ratio. I read on this honda magazine. This guy with a Honda Del Sol added a crappy turbo and intercooler. it made 240 hp. and for like probably arround 25,000 american , it ran the 1/4 in 12.8 seconds at 106 mph. All it had was a 1.8 L inline 4 V-TEC with a Turbo and intercooler. So ther it goes for hte guy who said that JAPanes cars need to be souped the #$%# out of them.SHUT UP AMERICAN DICKHEADS, FIRST PICK APPROPRIATE ENGINES AND NOT ANY V-8 YOU FIND IN YOUR BACK YARD AND SECOND BALANCE YOUR WEIGHT YOU OBESE FAGGETS!!!!
  6. nO WONder you dont buy japanese cars, you would break the suspension blow out the tires and bend the rims since your too over weight.!!
  7. Correction you dickheads it was a 1.6L engine. FAtsos.

    A 240hp Del Sol run 12.8 in the 1/4, wheres the nearest mental hospital kid, you are retarted. That's like a Ferrari 360 Modena 1/4 mile. Where'd did you get American cars can't handle for shit? A Z06 beat a Ferrari F355 F1 Spider on a track. American cars can't handle?
    Lay off the pipe kid.
  9. well if your viper couldnt beat this then you dont deserve to have it. and if you have one you dont deserve to have it because you even brought this pointless, yet interesting because of some of the funny comments, topic up.
  10. a 240hp Del Sol can definitely hit that time. Do you understand how light the car is? I bet you never even saw one.
    Anyway, the dude that kept ranting about "american" heritages in racing, have you ever heard of the TOyota GT-One, Nissan R390GT1, and the Mazda 787B? Those cars will outrun the VIper GTS/R and the GT40.
    I have nothing against american cars. I prefer the Corvette Z06 to most Japanese cars that are offered in the USA. Heck, the Vette wastes less gass than the 2.0l S2000
  11. my god you are so #$%#ing stupid! japanese supercars are among the finest in the world! how dare you claim that cars like the Rx-7, Supra and Godzilla are not supercars!
    Godzilla would waste a Z06 like nothing
    an RX-7 is equal if not faster than the Z06
    The Z06 is one of the few american cars i respect and it is a true supercar

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