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Discussion in '2001 Pontiac Vibe GT-R Concept' started by mich, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. at least its cleaner than the rageous concept <!-- Signature -->
  2. I want one, sell me one! now!
    I want the Viper Rt/10 more!!!!!
    850 ponies under that hoood *drools*
  3. "if you dont know what i just said then you dont deserve a good system in your car"?

    What the f..k are you talking about? "DESERVE" a system?

    People like Benz_AMG get on my nerves, especially when I have to sit next to them in traffic. You idiots look over and say hmmm... NSX. I got a cooler car and start blasting your radio in your 89 Civic, or 90 Accord, or whatever humpdy dumpty you happen to get for $2,000. I think anybody who pays $2,000 for a stereo whether it's stock or aftermarket is stupid. Save your money and buy a better car.<!-- Signature -->
  4. i can sum up what everyone said in only three words....... JUST ANOTHER PONTIAK.<!-- Signature -->
  5. isnt this just a concept the Z9? ive seen worse concept fact the most concept cars r terrible.... and about standard stereos..... the ones in now lokk terrible....but the companies could work together better so u can choose ur system on ur car and they build it in...but that prolly sounds like star trek, eh?

    and i think its and standard big company attempt to "the fast and the furious" cars..... they just wanna show they they can make a car like that also and they kept it a bit neutral so they can get a bigger positive crowd for it..... but hey.... i have just a 93 civic... so this 1 is better then mine... <IMG SRC="">
  6. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from ViperTDawg</i>
    <b>I want one, sell me one! now!
    I want the Viper Rt/10 more!!!!!
    850 ponies under that hoood *drools*</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->850 hp? i beg to differ. the rt-10 puts out a pathetic 405hp, and dont take me the wrong way when i say pathetic. keep in mind it gets about some of the words hp/litre stats i have ever seen in a car. 405hp out of an 8 LITRE ENGINE??!! THATS PATHETIC, the new bugatti 16 cylider is an 8 litre, and it puts out over 1000hp, and bugatti says its capeable of well over 1300hp!<!-- Signature -->
  7. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Fast01S10</i>
    <b>This is a nice little car. From what I hear, the Vibe will be replacing the Sunfire in the Pontiac lineup, and in the near future, the Chevy Cavalier will have a similar look. And yes, it is the same as a Toyota Matrix, But I do believe Toyota is using the car, just like they sell a Toyota Cavalier in other markets of the world. I can't wait for early 2002 when the Vibe is suppose to hit the showroom.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Toyota is having its own version of the Vibe (appart from the Matrix) its called The Blitz and its a Japan Only product...
    the top engine produces 180hp...
    which is way up from the average I4's 120hp you guys are posting... and remember that its not always about cubic inches, think about the Audi TT, same engine displaccement (1.8 I4) and 225 hp...

    The Vibe is what the Aztek should have been...
    period.<!-- Signature -->
  8. This tells you one thing that mazda had the right idea with the protage 5, this won't even come close to the mazda though<!-- Signature -->
  9. i agree with herton looks like a protege with sweet wheels. Gm u making shit ass cars whos designing them martha stewart.
  10. If this car were to make it into production, a lot of people would buy it. Everybody has their own tastes, so don't knock them for it. I think this a pretty good looking car. I most likely wouldn't buy it, but this is what a lot of car companies are going to be putting out in the future. Also, regarding whoever said that the Protege5 is better than this thing- I hope you're not talking about performance. The Protege5 does 0-60 in 10 seconds. That's pretty sad. You can be sure this thing will easily smoke that.

    <!-- Signature -->
  11. i see what you mean bigvtech, but not everyone that wants a good stereo or has one drives a 89 civic, and you are right that not everyone wants a $2000cnd system. i know lots of people that drive bmws and what not with expensive systems. when you get a good system you dont just get something that is loud you get something that has deep bass with clear vocals. sure it will go loud, but that's not all a good stereo system will do. the systems that you get in cars like these might sound good to you, but wait until you get into a car that has high quality components. plus did you read my last line? "bottom line the manufacturer will charge you $1000 more for a stereo that you can buy for $500-$700".
  12. You made a good point. I don't care for stereos, I spent money on it one time when I was wet behind my ears, and I thought it was a waste of money. I never buy a brand new car, and if somebody wanted more money for a used car because of its stereo I would tell them to keep it. All I want is FM and a CD player or a changer and decent speakers. Shit all I ever listen to is Stern, and if he is not on, I drive the wheels off the car.

    But think about it, if somebody has to put a "bad arse" stereo in a car, what kind of car are you getting? See what I mean?<!-- Signature -->
  13. more like RICE car...if american automakers are gonna take any hints it all, it should be from the Germans, not the japs
  14. this is just a concept car, but when it does come out, i definetly think this car has some potential
  15. what the hell were you guys smokin when you said this was a nicecar. it is a POS. That John N. guy was right, it is a reworked mini-aztek. this car blows.
  16. I think its pretty cool.
  17. First of all, it's a nice looking car, could use more power, but 190 isn't really that bad. In my opinion, they should've used a darker tint though. Secondly, Kenwood? Why? Here's another idea, you should get Sony to do the system for another car while you're at it(Sony car audio sux compared to the competition, if you didn't know). Kenwood amps are shit(Except the Excelons, but that's only what I've heard)! Fucking blow my Alpine Type-Rs from distortion! GAY! Not to mention my friend's brand new Kenwood deck #$%#ing shorts out(Not from improper installation or anything else, but from shotty worksmanship) and then it took Kenwood 4 months to tell him that they couldn't fix it, so he got store credit(Yay! ) Of all the good companies(Rockford, Alpine, Clarion, etc.) out there, they pick Kenwood, a mediocre company w/ shitty amps(.08% THD, now that's sweet. Do you wanna make amps that won't blow my $250+ subs, Kenwood?) I don't really have anything against their subs. Thirdly, 6.5s in the front and rear? They better be the Dual Mag speakers because the rest of their lineup isn't very good compared to the competition in terms of sound clarity and power. Thirdly, a 250-watt amp? They should put in a bigger amp for many reasons including the ability to put another sub in, less distortion when powering the sub(I'm assuming it's a 200 or 250 watt sub), etc. That's all I have to say.
  18. Benz_AMG is right, this system is shit. BigVTec, I don't care if people like us get on your nerves. Go find a retirement home, grandpa. Don't get too upset, you might have a heart attack. You do have to watch your blood pressure, you know? However Benz, why wouldn't you add a 12 or 10? A 15 is too deep to stand alone. You should have some punch. I had(See previous rant) 2 Alpine Type-R 12s, 2 Kenwood 1000W amps(Gayest things on earth), Sony Xplod 6.5s(*Sigh* I know, it's sad), Clarion 3.5s, Panasonic 4s(The good ones), a Clarion 400.4 amp for the speakers, and a Clarion DX715 deck. I don't have the subs or the amps anymore }:*( I should have got the warranty. I'm an idiot. Also, Alpine doesn't recone subs, so if you blow them, you're screwed. Anywayz, it was #$%#in loud. 'Twas the best system I've heard on the street. All in a small hatch. Loud, no annoying rattles like a lot of cars have, clear, so sweet. Everyone envied my system. I shoulda gotten a Rockford 800a4 amp instead of the 2 Kenwoods. I was an idiot but I know better now. Anywayz, what make is the sub? I ask only because 1000 RMS(Root Mean Square for those of you who don't know. AKA continuous average output)is phucking massive and I think you're talking about max. Next, Josheq2 apparently doesn't get why they put a system in the car. Figure it out. Hmmm, this car wouldn't be aimed at 16 to 25-year-olds, would it? And, of course, most people in that demographic don't want a system in their cars. (Rolls eyes)<!-- Signature -->
  19. i like it looks like a cross between Wolksvagen Golf VR6 and Seat Ibitza... very nice. i think i am in love.
  20. The car looks good, I think I might buy it if it comes out, I know I would buy it for sure if it was All Wheel Drive. Whoever said it is an Aztek is a complete jackass, this car is based off of the Toyota Corolla, with a Toyota Celica engine.<!-- Signature -->
  21. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from apexofhumanity</i>
    <b>This tells you one thing that mazda had the right idea with the protage 5, this won't even come close to the mazda though</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    uhhm and the Mazda spawned from the idea of the PT cruiser...
    because it has become a sales smash, every automaker wants one car like this one now.

    From what I've seen the Vibe offers a highly utiliarian interior, its versatile and flexible, perhaps its lacking a3rd row seat, uhhm (Opel Zafira anyone?) but otherwise, this car kicks ass...

    and ... lets face it, it looks way better than the Protege5.<!-- Signature -->

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