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Discussion in '1991 Mazda 787B' started by kenmclaren, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Pictures for Everyone

    The Mazda 787B is my favorite car in the world. I was wondering if anyone has the pictures of the other 787B, not with the RENOWN livery or color scheme, but the white one with the blue stripe and white/blue banner, number 18 or number 56. Does anybody have any?<!-- Signature -->
  2. I'd probably be very very hard to find....I mean the Le Mans winning 787B's pic is hard to find enough, the car that did not win will be like finding a needle in the haystack.....<!-- Signature -->
  3. It is quite a challenge, I found a couple of it, but they were tiny bitty small, but is there anyonelse here, have pictures of the white Mazda 787B.<!-- Signature -->
  4. Here I got a couple. Anybody else have pictures of the white 787B?<!-- Signature -->
  5. Hard to find? No way. <IMG SRC=""> Just for you kenmclaren. <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  6. I found another one.<!-- Signature -->
  7. I found 1, by accident because I do not care for this car at all<!-- Signature -->
  8. Atlong last, have found, well, some!
  9. Nice pics!<!-- Signature -->
  10. what pics?
  11. huh?

    Whats up. I dont see any pics. Maybe my browser is messed up, but i tried it on 2 diffrent browsers. wierd.
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    i have some,

    have a look at

    and then under mazda, you should find some soon,

    i'll put them on the site, in the next days...


    B fast
  13. yeah if i were you i would hide my e-mail as well. the only reason a lot of people have honda's is because they are amazing vehicles and thats the bottom line you dumb sh!t

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