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  2. SICK OF NOS!!!!!!!! >:-a

    are you talking about this car or what?? people should stop calling it N.O.S. because that is the name of ONE brand out of a thousand different ones. I'm sick and tired of people who come one here and repeat sayings from the fast and furious to sound like they know sumthing about cars. If anyone knows anything about cars, half of the ones in Fast and furious dont even have nitrous induction or turbo's in them. All's they had was colours sparkplug wires and shiny chrome heads and etc. JUST BECAUSE YOU WATCHED FAST AND FURIOUS DOESNT MEAN YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT CARS. And also i've read aobut people wanting to put nitrous systems in BMW's and other cars. Why would you want to wreck a perfectly good engine all in the name of going faster. (which is what you would do unless you reinforced the engine bigtime.) And no there is no such thing as a 500+horsepower gain JUST from nitrous. Which is what some people think is possible on here. Sorry for bitching but this nitro turbo "lets make it faster by putting a stage 4 n.o.s. and penta-turbo on the lambo!!!' bulsh!t is really getting annoying. Nitrous was made for drag racers like pro street and the cars you see in hot rod megazine. People with nitrous systems in sewing machines (oops i mean asian cars) are plain stupid unless they have about 10 back u engines. Nothing against asian cars ( we have a 200 Accord v6) but i;m sick of f and f crap. Also a motor is electric, an engine is internal combustion. If anyone read all of this, thanxz, and post your replies if u agree or not.<!-- Signature -->
  3. ya i agree. i dont no wut this guy's talking about, it doesn't even have nitrous in it so how can it be counted in the topspeed.
  4. Yeah, I definately agree too. All my friends thought f & f was the sh!t for a movie, but I wasn't all that impressed. As you said, many of the cars in that movie didn't have turbos or nitrous (or is it NOS - haha). Also, the BS that was said about double clutching was glaringly fake. Unbelievable that people think a movie can make them a car god.
  5. Yeah, and it's funny how a 430 bhp Supra runs 10's.<!-- Signature -->
  6. wow, some of you are so touchy about the way others talk about cars, despite the fact that you may be tired of hearing people talk the way they do about cars just because they don't know as much as you may know about them. maybe he isn't referring to the brand specific N.O.S., and rather he is abbreviating the term because its easier than typing out "nitrous oxide." and his question is perfectly valid if he indeed knows as little about cars as you assumed he does. you people are so anal sometimes...

    anyways, this car's top speed was surely achieved without the use of nitrous. as the specifications say, this car utilizes a Lamborghini V12. all Lamborghini engines are naturally aspirated, their performance specs all achieved without nitrous, turbo chargers, super chargers, etc. unless they have been modified in the aftermarket. if a 550 bhp Diablo 6.0 can achieve 210 mph stock, then this concept with a 6 litre, 720 bhp Lamborghini powerplant certainly did 205 mph without nitrous or any other modifications.
  7. all nitrous talk aside, its a very sexy looking car.
  8. Double Clutching

    My understanding with double clutching was to use it for downshifting. When you are in too high of a gear and want to drop a gear to rev the rpms up, but you are going to fast for the car to let you downshift you can double clutch and then downshift. I don't know all that much about cars and that stuff, but that was just my understanding on it. If I am wrong then please tell me.<!-- Signature -->
  9. Double clutching would not be used to downshift. It is used, as someone said earlier, for shifting to a higher gear. You put your foot on the clutch, rev up a little then put it back into gear. Therefore you don't get the rpm loss that is usually associated with a manual. Although it is a way to make you go faster. In most normal cars with stock clutches, most people won't be able to tell a difference. You really need a short throw shifter and an upgraded clutch that can take the faster shifting. That's what I have found out anyways from my experiences<!-- Signature -->
  10. the only thing i dont have against this guy's forum that he started is his name. its true.
  11. double clutching is used when the rpm difference in your shift is really high. IE: going into a corner you drop from 5th to 2nd. You really shouldn't need it, but it helps line up the synchros on your transmission a lot better.

    BTW, the fast and the furious is just a huge advertisment. Example: "You can have any brew you want, as long as it's a Corona."<!-- Signature -->
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    I have no clue what many of you are talking about so i did some research myself...and found the answer. As it turned out most of what you people wrote is just BullShit. Here is a site that shows what it is really about
    I do agree though that the F & the F is a commerciallised piece of crap, but it does have some nice footage once in a while.
    Whoever started this topic, learn to spell to a proper name.
    This is a damn nice car though, no matter what it is...
  13. Re: Best lookin

    For the record puttind nirtous in a car is just stupid. Over the past 10 years of my car-driving life, i have destroyed three cars by putting nirous in them and then running them so hard that the engines "blew up" my total costs of all the repairs and custom jobs i had done on my cars was about $195,000. Thats enough to buy a used 550 Maranello which can go 200 without turbo or nitrous. Currently I have a ferrari 360 and it is much better then any car with nitrous in it.
  14. nos is never counted in tests.... the tests are based on the car being full with gas and running round the track thats it<!-- Signature -->
  15. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from ~Raz~</i>
    <b><!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Porsche 911 993</i>
    <b>Yeah, I definately agree too. All my friends thought f & f was the sh!t for a movie, but I wasn't all that impressed. As you said, many of the cars in that movie didn't have turbos or nitrous (or is it NOS - haha). Also, the BS that was said about double clutching was glaringly fake. Unbelievable that people think a movie can make them a car god.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    ya.. double clutching takes a lot longer, the whole point is just to keep the revs up when you shift. Why not just freakin leave your foot on the gas a bit???? Sounds pretty idiotic to me, am i missing something?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Double-clutching is not just matching revs on a downshift. Its purpose it to get the clutch, layshaft, and gearbox all spinning at the same speed before they are connected. To double clutch you
    1) Disengage clutch
    2) Select neutral
    3) Engage clutch
    4) Tap the throttle to the anticipated level of rpms
    5) Disengage clutch
    6) Select the gear
    7) Engage clutch
    The whole concept of DOUBLE-clutching is that the clutch is utilized twice in one shift to get layshaft and gear box spinning at the same speed. Modern syncromeshes make this unnecessary, but doing it correctly will save the wear on your syncro. I don't bother.
  16. Re: SICK OF NOS!!!!!!!! >:-a

    no u bunch of gayasses N.O.S stands for nitrous oxide system f&f sucked ass. i`m not talkin about this car ether i`m talkin about topspeed in any car!!!!! this car looked like alot of ppl would post so i asked a question that i needed to know
  17. yeah u freak u r missin sumthing -unless of course yer gettin a new trans. soon
  18. hahaha u #%$ the guys right u dn`t have time to double clutch shifting up--ooooo i can seen u in a car now lollmao thats good oh my u poor misguided fool
  19. i`m that same guy -i lost my pass word-yo u wanna tell me wut u got agaist me i asked a perectly sensable question
  20. did u get all 27 of those posts in here?
  21. Hi everybody, I'm jesus lol.
  22. nos is a very good way to get extra power especially with highrevving import engines the only problem is that it can result in danger to the manifold if you use it with a poorly bolted footwell.
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