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  1. Whoever bashed me for "seeing as I'm so good at designing cars," I do design cars. I'm not yet doing it professionally, but I can bet you I could design a Pontiac (or anything else, for that matter) in half an hour, that looks far nicer than this. Take a look around... GM has done far better, even the Bonneville's platform-mate Aurora is better. Research the upcoming Chevy Impala SS and observe what these guys are capable of. Shame they're killing it. Cuz right now Pontiac can really be done without.<!-- Signature -->
  2. The reason GM (pontaic mostly) has been making there cars so ugly is because they think it appeals to the younger markets.. like the aztec is aimed at young people and mabey this new Bonneville is aimed at young people with famlies... i think GM should stop making buick and pontaic along with oldsmobile.. buick sells as many cars total as ford sells f-150's in a year.. but who cares u people get to defensive about stuff.. just let other people have there opinions (sp?) we can learn allot from eachotcher if we open our minds
  3. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Must Tang</i>
    <b>i think GM should stop making buick and pontaic along with oldsmobile..</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Indeed, GM has decided to kill off Oldsmobile. The Bravada SUV is the last new Olds, and the brand will be out of showrooms by 2007. Certainly Buick ought to follow closely in that direction. But I'm glad GM has finally decided to reanalyze the "younger generation" market and bring along some real badass cars like the 2003/4 Impala SS. Maybe they'll resurrect the Camaro as a rebadged Monaro CV8, too. All we can do is hope at this point, but these might be the next glory days of the muscle car world.<!-- Signature -->
  4. PONTIACh8r, enough of your nonsense. Get a few more posts under your belt<!-- Signature -->
  5. I heard that they're makeing a 2004 chevelle I don't know if this is true. Can anyone tell me if this is real.
  6. You idle forum people are a joke. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  7. i agree that pontiac has a recent history of making terrible looking cars (ie-aztek) but they are growing up fast with bob lutz at the head of the company in north america. i think the pontiac solstice is a great looking car, and this one looks much better than the usual ribbed and air intake cursed pontiacs that bedeviled them before. who knows? after time, pontiac may once again, be an american icon.
  8. hahahahahahaah ur funny...
  9. Skyline I agree that Fords are not the greatest cars in the world,and I do not really like Pontiacs either but have you ever driven a vette? By the way, to the people that say drive it first, I drove my friend's '99 Firebird T/A and I hated it. There was just something about not being able to go over 70 without rods knocking that made up my mind.
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  11. All right, this car is pretty gay, but Pontiac has some good cars. The Grand AM GT, Grand Prix, and the Firebird are the good ones. The gay ones are the Bonneville, Aztec, Sunfire, and some of their concept cars.
  12. Anyone who says Pontiac's suck are either one 14 years old kid or people who could never buy one. Everything is nice about a Bonneville are nice. Gas Mileage, luxury, speed, and price. Now a lot of cars will beat it in a race, but guess what its not built to be fast as much as it is to be a luxury car. I would know i have a 2002 SSei.

    Whoever said there homosexual im sure isnt driving a Ferrari or Viper. Hes probably driving his mom's pinto or rabbit.


    America. where would the rest of the world be without us
  13. Ford is the most shitiest car ever made i would pick a pontiac over any ford. GM is a much better car company then ford.
  14. Non sense this post. I think That Pontiac had a problem designing cars but this year they displayed some very exicting models, if they put them on production then a lot of people will change thier views concerning styling but the same can't be said about their quality.
  15. What is this whoe Angle77 talking about what does she know about real cars that look great. I bet she would be happy if Pontiac disinged a minivan or onether Vibe. Stop posting dumb coments an go back to driving your Caravan.
  16. its trash driven by flamers
  17. If what you say is true then you must drive one.
  18. ALL YOU FAGS COME ON THIS SITE AND TALK ABOUT SKYLINES AND SUPRAS. WHAT THE **** ARE YOU ALL TALKING ABOUT?????? THIS CARS ISN'T THE MOST ADVANCED (2/Valves per Cylinder) but isn't the viper as low-tech as this car???????


    My dad has a 240 HP bonniville, and it goes!
  19. Man, your post is the most retarded that I've ever read. I see that you don't like Pontiacs. But have you ever seen a GTO, a Firebird Trans Am, or at least a Sunbird? Who would mistake these cars for a Cadillac? A white guy, a black guy, a chinese guy, or even a guy from Uranus wouldn't think its a Cadillac. So get in your Gremlin, and go to your Klan meetings and get the hell outta here.
  20. If you designed a car it would look like a honda.
  21. this car definately isnt that slow and the cadillac statement, it would be better and cheaper price wise but cadillac wont let them use their 320 or 300 hp v-8s but only their 275 which it has but the site says wrong, so it has good gas mileage and the cheap gas and decent power







  23. This car might not be the greatest, but Pontiac still has many nice cars like Firebirds, GTO's and many more.

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