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Discussion in '2002 Jaguar S-Type R' started by stars, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. M5 would smoke the jaguar
  2. M5<!-- Signature -->
  3. I would take the BMW over this slow Jaguar anyday. Lets leave the decision to you guys..which sounds better?
    " Yeah I own a BMW M5 "
    " Yeah I own a Jaguar "
    You do the math<!-- Signature -->
  4. S-Type R vs. M5

    Both these cars are priced quite similarly and offer pretty close performance, as well are in generally the same size class. If the 70 Grand (US) was yours, which one would you have?
  5. for milage its stype, for performance im with bmw m5. at least in 0-60 time.<!-- Signature -->
  6. Quite a close one this. It would come down to if I wanted a maual or auto box. For me I would go with the M5 .<!-- Signature -->
  7. For mileage??? If you had 70 Gs, would you worry about mileage? Anywayz, what you should really look at is performance, comfort, reliability, customer service, fun, luxury, social prowess, etc. The Jag probably has comfort, luxury, & social prowess in its favour, while the M5 has the performance, reliability, & fun in its favour. Since I've never dealt w/ either company(I'm poor), I have no clue who has better customer service. <!-- Signature -->
  8. Forgot to answer. I'd choose the M5 because I think it looks better & I need a stick.<!-- Signature -->
  9. I'd have an M5. This Jaguar looks good, but I fing the M5 much more appealing.
  10. I'd too choose the M5. If i had to choose between a XJR-R and a M5, i could consider a Jag.:p<!-- Signature -->

  11. this is a tough choice, i think i would go wit the Jag however....when it comes to sportiness the BMW takes it, but i'm into a lot of luxury, Jaguar has a history of Being rich and Luxurious like BMW has a history of amazing racing, its tough but i would go with a Fully loaded Jag.
  12. M5 it more stylish and faster<!-- Signature -->
  13. M5 all the way. It looks better, is faster according to the numbers given here, and has a manual tranny. <!-- Signature -->
  14. Are you crazy? I mean the Jag looks to be a respectable car but M5's are immaculate. They are light years ahead in technology (engine wise as well as in other areas) and are gorgeous. While I haven't had the pleasure of sitting in an S-type R, comparing the feel and ergonomics of the M5 to that of an S-type leaves no question as to which is nicer. And throw in the stick verse auto question as well as overall performance stats and the M5 is clearly the better of the two.
  15. Being able to shift for myself would be important, even though the automatic is a 6 speed- rarely seen except in the new 7 series- but the biggest factor would be the handling of the BMW, which the Jaguar couldn't match, even with the big tires.
  16. The Jag. M5 is cool, but sucks dick in front of Jags.
  17. Tough call. I would personally choose the M5 simply because its a bit better performance wise, and I prefer lower key styling. For crusing and night on the town stuff, definitly the Jag.
  18. M5!!!!! the m5 is much more fun than the jag and is faster, handles better, and has a manual! plus, i like cars that are more subtle looking. paytonca give me one reason why the m5 sucks jaguars dicks
  19. I'd take an HSV GTS-R 300 Over both but since it's not allowed here in the U.S. I'll take the M5.
  20. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from payton101ca</i>
    <b>The Jag. M5 is cool, but sucks dick in front of Jags.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    If the M5 suck so much dick then why is it faster and better in every category, not to mention looks 10 times better then a ford owned sedan.
  21. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Lateral4Slide</i>
    <b>I'd take an HSV GTS-R 300 Over both but since it's not allowed here in the U.S. I'll take the M5.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I agree, I'll take the M5 cause I always prefer German over any other European cars. I regards to the HSV GTS 300, I'm from Australia, believe me, contrary to popular belief, this car is a pretty ordinary car underneath the skin. Sure it can outperform an M5, but the only bright side to this car is the Callaway tickled LS1, which itself is crap compared to the sheer technology of the M5's V8. (Also note that the M5's engine pumps out almost the same power (2hp less to be exact) with more that 1L less capacity. To finish off, the HSV has the most shocking reliability and build quality for a car its price. The S-type is a good car, but it looks like a koala from the front and thus I probably won't take one over an M5 but definitely over a crappy HSV!!
  22. I love your professional opinions on which handles better, and what feels so much better. Honestly have you guys driven both vehicles? Granted the M5 is a faster car, this Jag is pretty quick for an auto, 0-60 in 5.3 secs. I don't think 0.6 secs is gonna make a terrible difference. Anyone who owns this car, wouldn't be driving it to its limits as you guys seem to rate it as a better car. I would have to rate these cars the same. BMW has improved so much in the last few years, with the new M models, and Jaguar has done the same, the XKR and XJR are just too cool to leave out. Thats one of the edges Jag has, is styling.
  23. I agree. The jags styling tops the m5. sure the m5 looks good now, but it will look outdated once the new 5 series comes out. the jag has timeless styling that will still look good in the years to come.
  24. this is a great jag. all that power is a great idea, but the m5 is better and has a 6speed manuel which jag should also put in the car-then it would be whoever wins, wins. good idea though.
  25. I would choose the M5 simply because it's has better performance. and when u buy a car like that u may want luxurie and performance. both have luxurie but the M5 has better performance

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