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  1. I would take the BMW. I just trust BMW's reliability, and that it is German, and not Ford owned. Jaguar did a big step up, but still won't convince me over the M5.
  2. Hey marine1 , you are RIGHT on the mark. After seeing and/or driving both the HSV and BMW, I think anyone who would take the Holden must have serious problems. To tell u the truth, the HSV is the LAST performance sedan i'd go for. I am also from Australi, andto tel u the truth wouldnt take either. I'd either have me a Merc E55 or a new Ford T3 TS50 over and other performance sedans right now, no doubt about it.
  3. Wow, check out the mpg highway rating...... 30mpg!! For a car which produces this much power, that is fantastic. Also notice the 6-speed auto, second fiddle only to the BMW 7 series. This car is kinna kewl, but the styling is too......... i need a word, classical.. yea. I don't really like that.
  4. Marine1: you have a good point, but we are comparing the M5 to the Jag. There is no HSV. BUt i do know what u mean, the HSV is sick. I obviously love German cars and they are the best in reliability. Jag is nice, but it is just not the same compared to the M5. I do like how the Jag looks, but the M5 just has classic styling. When it comes to performance, the M5 is there. Now granted, I haven't driven either car, but when I compare stats, the M5 goes all the way.
  5. M5 is the king. Screw those Jags and shit. If a company can beat BMW performance and reliability, then we could compare.
  6. You said Performance and Reliability..... nothing else... okay, i can name a few. SL55AMG, McLarenF1, Lister Storm, Porsche 911 Turbo, Porsche 911 GT2, a couple of Ferarri's. I'm sure those cars are just as reliable, and I'm sure some of ya can name some more.
  7. The topic should be E55 vs S-Type R vs M5. All these cars have their advantages and disadvantages. Just by reading articles I would choose the M5, but if I was on the market to buy one of these cars I would have to test drive all three of them. The 0-60 times are 4.7 for M5, 4.8 for E55, and 5.3 for S-Type. With different drives, track conditions, and various other factors these numbers will change, so I think with all 0-60 times they must be looked at within a .7-.8s range. With that said it is safe to say that these cars have similar 0-60 times. All three of these cars are amazing; therefore the choice is up to the beholder. None of these cars are actual "winners".
  8. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from branng</i>
    <b>You said Performance and Reliability..... nothing else... okay, i can name a few. SL55AMG, McLarenF1, Lister Storm, Porsche 911 Turbo, Porsche 911 GT2, a couple of Ferarri's. I'm sure those cars are just as reliable, and I'm sure some of ya can name some more.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Well, you know what we are talking about so don't look stupid.
  9. its a battle of the names, normally you dont have 70 grand to kick around, so you set a goal. personally im a beemer fan, never driven ANY of these cars. but ive been in beemers, beemers are like a step above the rest, they have an air. its like "yeah im german, im overpriced, and you STILL wish you could afford me."
  10. Well, obviously, the M5, not very many people own an M5. Jaguars became too popular once Ford bought 'em out, why, I don't know, too many peter puffers in this world I guess, but that's besides the point. The M5 is manual, which does step it up above many many other automobiles. BMW's do hold a certain air about them, they give out that aura of prestigness, they make you feel important, I like that.<!-- Signature -->
  11. I'd go for the Jaguar simply because u can go to the extreme with customzing this baby
    I have a 01 XJR and I beat a brand new Benz E55 wid it!
    <!-- Signature -->
  12. The two cars are really mismatched. The M5 has a long heritage as a devoted driver's car among the BMW range, while the Jaguar has a history of providing luxury and pampering both driver and passengers with quality surroundings. Yes, Jaguar did once make out and out drivers cars, such as the E-Type, but it has been a long time since we have seen something to echo this heritage in the modern Jaguar lineup.

    The S-Type R is undermined by its gear box, a fatal flaw throughout the Jaguar range, which detracts from the driving experience and the level of involvement enjoyed by the driver.

    Though it is no faster, I would take the M5, because its a driving machine. Better still, why not take the M3 with a tuned engine from the M5 - the Hartge M3 H50.<!-- Signature -->
  13. Man, that new M3 is going to kick ass. Isn't it going to have cooling problems? Since that big of an engine in the Engine bay. I don't know the displacements but I think the M5's engine has more Liters than the M3's
  14. The JAG is a better car. Not better machine but a better car.

    I have the upmost respect for BMW's they are arguably the best manufactuerer but performance is not as important as I used to believe. It's how the car makes you feel when you look at it or touch it or sit in it thats the most importent (at least to me).

    The Jags styling is unmatched from any German machines inside and out. Just look at this picture! Sit in a Jag look at it!

    If you never herd of either car company and both M5 and S-Type R were parked beside each other, the Jags prowess is much more abundant. In looks, the M5 looks kinda average. The Jag looks like more thought was put into the design.

    In regards to performance the M5 is better no doubt, but If you owned either one how often are you going to do heel-toe shifting? How often are you going to have the engine screaming for relief? Are you going to push this car on a reg?

    As long as my car has a fighting chance, thats all that matters to me cause my driving skill will do the rest. Thats why I can afford to be different. Winning with the better machine is cool yes, but winning with the "inferior car" is that much sweeter.

    Personally, being different rates very very very high when buying a car. If 9 out of 10 people bought the Mercedes, I was the one who bought the Maserati. If the vehicles are similar enough to be compared, exclusivity kicks in Hard core. For these reasons I would take the Jag. I can sacrifice a small performance loss for originality and standing out amongst the crowd.

    Again I understand people who would choose the M5 but for me the Jag takes it no doubt. (mind you I've never driven either one so I'm going only by looks stats,what I know about the 2 cars and my philosophys. To know for sure I'd have to drive both). <!-- Signature -->
  15. very close one, but i think Jag would be the one<!-- Signature -->
  16. id like to bring another car into the equation the australian HSV GTS is goes better than the M5 about half the price you get all the leather interior satnav and what have you and it would be so much more fun to drive than either, and who could give a damn about social prowess, those snobby rich fools will bow before you because of the superiority of your car
  17. There is no comparison. The M5 is far better than that english made thing. BTW TECS7 the saleen S7 is not all that great. There are porshes and ferarris better than it. Take the carrera GT.<!-- Signature -->
  18. I agree w/ Analogic. I love bmw and it can out perform the jag, but the M5 is much more common. cars lose some cool when you see more then 2 in a day just driving around. Plus you have to add in the Poontang variable... ive only driven 1 jag, and i have driven my buds M3 a few times... and girls are much more attracted to the jag.
  19. YO SV300: Like it or not vehicle presence and prowess is an aspect to be considered, thats why youve considered the HSV over both these cars. Your making a statement with your HSV car saying It's not all about how much presence your car has.

    The HSV has prowess without trying to have any.

    All cars make a statement. All driver enthusiasts want to make some sort of a statement with thier cars; Therefore Prowess and presence must be a Factor when buying a car weather you like to believe it or not.

    Does this sound reasonable to you SV300 or not? please reply back. I would like to hear your feelings.<!-- Signature -->
  20. While I would agree about the Jag having more of a statement, I would choose the M as a matter of personal style as much as for performance. As said earlier, I'm a huge fan of less show and more go, anything that is very tastefully done. I like the M5 because it has that understated styling (not that it won't turn heads). The Jag seems too much the flashy car for me. It comes down to the image your trying to project. I would like to project the image that I can afford anything even approaching these two vehicles<IMG SRC=""> <!-- Signature -->
  21. M5. There are too mant S-Types out there. It may be just behind the M5 now but wait until the new M5. It will have a stifer chais and beter engine. Also u would have to lose the Jag after the warinty runs out.
  22. Nitro NSX, your point against the Jaguar is simply that their are too many S-Classes on the road. The 5 Series BMW is amongst the best selling cars of all time. I love to hear you clarify your ideas.<!-- Signature -->
  23. I like this type-R but I think the BMW is better cuz of its manual tranny. And I think Bimmas are more agressive. although I'm a true fan of MB, I've to admit the M5 is one of the best sedans ever.
    Also I think Jag copied the MB E-class with the headlights. When the S-type was released, the merc was one of the rare cars to have four headlights like that.
    But the style of the Jag' is great and more with this type-R.<!-- Signature -->
  24. Any European car sold in the US is good.
  25. m5 hands down. better looks too.<!-- Signature -->

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