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  1. I'd take the Jaguar. It seems much more original than the BMW.. I see 5 series BMWs every day. Maybe not M5s, but to the untrained eye, they'd look the same.

    I don't see many Jaguars at all on the road.

    Also, whats everyone got against Ford? Why is there such a big 'you either love them or hate them, hope they go bankrupt, hope every descendent of Ford dies' etc etc. I don't like sheep.
  2. i would take the M5. i have one and trust me when it says the car does 0-60 in 4.8 it is more like 4.5 or 4.6. it flys it is the most fun car i have driven it handles very well for a 4000lbs car and the service is great and so is the comfort. when i was shopping a year ago for cars i looked at s-types and was much more pleased with BMw's interior and service because at frst i was looking at a 540 to a 4.0 stype but then drove an m5 an was hooked. the M5 is the shit i love it and look its normaly asperated with 400hp the jag is superchaged. GO BMW no need for turbos or superchargers.
  3. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from SpecGen</i>
    <b>I'd take the Jaguar. It seems much more original than the BMW.. I see 5 series BMWs every day. Maybe not M5s, but to the untrained eye, they'd look the same.

    I don't see many Jaguars at all on the road.

    Also, whats everyone got against Ford? Why is there such a big 'you either love them or hate them, hope they go bankrupt, hope every descendent of Ford dies' etc etc. I don't like sheep.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    to answer your question. think of it as if chevy bought ferrari (which will never happen) any ferrari lover will loath the fact that one of the sexiest, greatest, most dreamed of cars gets its power from 2 camaro V6's stuck together.

    now i got nothing against ford or chevy, but some ppl feel that the soul of a jaguar ceased to exist when ford took over.

    same with the ferrari (if it happened), you've just lost that italian passion for perfection and tradition.........jag just lost what makes british cars classic works of art on wheels. <!-- Signature -->
  4. So who actually has driven these cars?..the only one i havent driven is the jag. The Benz is amazing, but the jag and benz susp feels too smooth. You can barely feel the turns and the roaring acceleration. On the other hand the M5 takes ur breath away, this car is the complete package, my friends father leased one. U feel everything, the stiff sporty susp makes u feel as if ur on the hood of the car. Also jag cant compare techonolgy wise, the M5 had more advances then microsoft, and the E55AMG was just GOOD. I wonder how much there computer central chip costs?, b\c they have alot of computer goodies in those cars.(not jag, there ford stamped chips)
  5. in reference to the rolls royce being the fastest car, comparing a jet engine propelled land speed record car to a regular car powered by an engine from the same company is like comparing a chevy metro to a corvette C5-R
  6. Personally I don't relish the idea of more and more computer assistnace in cars. It makes them much more difficult to repair and offers less reliability.<!-- Signature -->
  7. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 11secdawg</i>
    <b><!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from vizkiz</i>
    <b>First off, everybody needs to stop comparing cars like this.

    Second, I would take an M5, who the f*ck would want this piece of Ford trash?

    The only good cars made by Jaguar are (were) the XKE, D-Type, XJR, and XKR. And most of their race cars.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Thank you, you said it. Jaguar doesn't exist anymore. I used to own an XKR and I now own an XJR, to me this is the only real Jag left. I had the S-Type as a loaner car while mine was for inspection. THE S TYPE SUCKS MY LEFT NUT it handled like a ford, it performed like a fod and it aso felt like a ford. All of this comes from a Jag lover. Unfotunately the S-Type isn't a Jag. I hate the people that drive S-Types because they have no goddamnn idea about cars. Why didn't all you S-Type owners just get a Ford Taurus and rebadged it with some Jag emblems??? YOU WOULD HAVE GOTTEN THE SAME CAR!!!! The only person I could see driving this is my mom. The XJR however is absolutely amazing. I love it and and it offers the same performance as the M5 (ok ok no manual) with wayyyy more luxury and amenities. If I had to choose between the Taurus (cough...S-Type....cough) and the M5 it would most definately be the BMW.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I wuold have to disagree on that. Although Ford does own Jaguar, Jaguar is a seperate division, with its own designers, parts, & so on. For the more expensive Jags (XJ6, XJ12, XJR, XKR, & so on), these are still pure Jags. The only Jag that shares some Ford parts is the new X-Type, only because Ford decided to make an affordable Jag that a lot of people can afford. Even with the X-Type though, this car is still far more technologically advanced than a regular Ford. Car & Driver did a test drive & said that "even though it shares parts from the Ford bin, it's still a pure cat (Jag)"<!-- Signature -->
  8. I'd like to say that these cars are a good comparison, they are competitive in price, performance, and even to a lesser extent luxury. One has a performance slant and the other has a luxury slant, but they are very comparable. It comes down to what style you choose.<!-- Signature -->
  9. i would have to take the M5, even though this is S-type R is quite sweet. Manual tranny required<!-- Signature -->
  10. Dun forget the weigh on this car
    the m5 thinkin would be lighter
    yeah id go wif the m5<!-- Signature -->
  11. If all you people who would take the M5 because of the manual tranny need to know that jag also sell this in a 5 speed manual tranny... So whose whooping some ass now... Jag forever.<!-- Signature -->
  12. M5, thanks a lot for asking. Brits seem like they only make good cars when the cooperate with others(Jag-Ford) (McClaren-Mercedes). In any case, I really want an M5, that's it, I'd still take this for free though?!
  13. **** Ford! Ford is #$%#ing up Jag big time :(<!-- Signature -->
  14. The M5, since it looks a lot better, has more performance, etc. This Jaguar is a Ford, folks. The same people who brought to you the Escort.<!-- Signature -->
  15. ok i am sick and tired of hearing crap about jag and ford. oh and some of you are jus dumb asses, do you do any read up before posting. how the hell do you put 2ford 3liters and get a v12. jesus christ astin martin created that v12, they only used some dimensions and small details, or they wouldn't have that engine. jaguar is the second most reliable car to lexus. bmw is 4th and mercedes is 7th, i don't think ford would create that. just becuase this car is sharing parts with lincoln ls(kick ass car) that doesn't mean jaguar sits for the part to be designed they acually design and coporate together. and for those guys saying the interior is ugly they did the interior for this year compeletly and it is said to be the equal of anycar.
    this is a luxury car (editors that driven this have said this is the car for everyday driving) is jaguar plush with roadhandling of a sports car. not like the bmw5 which will bump you around in bumps.
    read and they have a really good test drive of this car.

    where the hell will jaguar be with out ford, what another long gone name, or a company that can sostain it self now. why do you think ford lost so much money this year, becuase they poored so much money in to their brit companys. and now they are making money for ford.if jaguar has lost its heritage than it would be producing suvs, and 20 grand cars, like mercedes, and audi, and bmw, even porche suv(i don't get that)

    what is the difference between mercedes sharing parts with diamler chrysler. tell me that. i love m5 but i was sick and tired of these people coming here and dissing jaguar because its owned by ford
  16. hey soupedupsupra where the hell will lexus be with out mercedes. think about that.
  17. Ford also brought up the Escort Cosworth *snicker snicker* Suck on that...
    Also, I would take the Jag, reading from me trustworthy Evo Magazine, the M5 and the Jag are decisively close in performance, and the Jag's handling manners are certainly comparable.
  18. Hey mariowrc, thanks for that post. Well done, well said.<!-- Signature -->
  19. Haven't read the rest of this thread but I'll go with the Jag. Better looking, more comfortable and just as fast the M5 on real road. For all those people who say they prefer a manual, why would you buy a big luxurious saloon car but pick the one which takes more effort to drive.

    This car is really up there with the greats from Jaguars history.<!-- Signature -->
  20. Well, you wouldn't know if the Jag is more comfy than the BMW would you? Both cars look very good, but i'd choose the BMW. Also check out the highway fuel economy rating of this Jag...... 30.5mpg.
  21. The Jag
    Just had the good fourtune to make such a choice. The Jag won!
    The M 5 is a blast to drive as a weekend warrior but as a daily driver in traffic and on crappy California roads The Jag wins Hands down as a daily Driver.
  22. thats the domest question. jaguar is known for its exclusivity, all the writers have said that(well that goes for few years ago). but still BMW is known for sport cars with luxury, but jags are known for cars that the queen uses to get around ( you get my drift). i would really like to own the xjr than any other car. my friends dad has one and it just a beautiful car.
  23. I'd take the M5, it's more sporty and looks better. And of course it's the orginal super sedan, always copied but never dupilcated.
  24. Bullshit the M5 is more stylish! The M5 is as plain jane as it gets, inside and out. You obviously don't understand british styling.
  25. JAGUAR STYPE-R. Reasons: Looks far more appealing, The M5 will be the popular choice and I like to be different (as long as the cars are very comparable), I do plan on pushing the car, but not to a point where a manual is absolutly nessacary (however I would opt for manual is they had one, but a 6speed auto will do just fine). Plus I have a soft spot for Jaguar.

    I mean if someone said "yah I own a Bimmer" that is definatly cool!
    But how many young bucks own a JAG!? Even though Jags are not the pinacle of luxury brand names, it is at the same time because Jags just stand out amongst its peers without trying. Far more character than BMW. When it comes down to the style, your not going to beat the Brits. Jags heritage is far more evident in the Stype R than the BMW.

    However the M5 is the standard all other saloons are compared to. And it's hard to agrue with that!

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